Santer, Kiri Olivia

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Santer, Kiri Olivia (19 November 2021). Legal scaffoldings of interdiction in the Central Mediterranean: a socio-legal approach to the emergence of the Libyan Search and Rescue Region. (Unpublished). In: Interdisciplinary conference: Maritime Conflicts and Promises in History and Present.. Online conference hosted by the TU Darmstadt. 19-20 November 2021.

Santer, Kiri (2021). Bordering Responsibility. The Unaccountable Politics of Migration Control in the Central Mediterranean (Unpublished). (Dissertation, Sozial Anthropologie, Philosophisch-historische Fakultät)

Santer, Kiri Olivia (14 October 2021). Assembling Cooperative Interdiction at the EU’s external border: Law and Policy in Practice. (Unpublished). In: International Conference: Alternative Approaches to International Organizations in International Law: Potentials, Complexities, and Pitfalls.. Graduate Institute, Geneva.. 14-15 October 2021.

Santer, Kiri (7 September 2021). Reconceptualising access to territory as a redistributive issue in and around the central Mediterranean. (Unpublished). In: Against structural postponement On the legitimacy and possibilities of new institutions of sharing. Schloss Münchenwiler, Murten. 5–8 September 2021.

Santer, Kiri Olivia (17 July 2021). Limits and possibilities offered by Walter Benjamin’s Critique of Violence for understanding the EU’s contemporary regime of maritime interdiction in the Central Mediterranean Sea (Unpublished). In: Working with Benjamin on Law.. ZfL Berlin. 15-17 July 2021.

Santer, Kiri Olivia (2 April 2021). Causing versus enabling: the juridification of struggles against border externalization in the Central Mediterranean. (Unpublished). In: ASA conference on Responsibility. University of St Andrews. 29 March - 2 April 2021.

Santer, Kiri (29 March 2021). Migrants refoulés en Libye, le naufrage européen. Association Orient XXI

Santer, Kiri Olivia (24 February 2021). Governance assemblages in cooperative deterrence: the case of the Libyan Coast Guard (Unpublished). In: Western Intervention in the Wake of the Arab Uprisings: Political Containment, Neoliberalism, and Imperial Legacies. University of Oxford. 23-25 February 2021.


Santer, Kiri (December 2020). On empty streets and fieldwork limitations. In: Anthro Blog. Institut für Sozialanthropologie, Universität Bern: Universität Bern

Santer, Kiri Olivia (8 September 2020). Introduction: The EU & Italy in Libya. Discussing the politics of complicity in border externalisation (Unpublished). In: The EU & Italy in Libya. Discussing the politics of complicity in border externalisation. Istituto Svizzero di Roma. 08.09.2020.

Santer, Kiri (30 January 2020). À Rome, le regard porté sur la Méditerranée.

Santer, Kiri Olivia (2020). No Go World: how fear is redrawing out maps and infecting our politics by Ruben Andersson. Tsantsa(25), pp. 214-216. Seismo 10.36950/tsantsa.2020.025.26

Santer, Kiri; Dendena, Francesco (2020). A Garden to be Reinvented/Against the Aesthetics of the Garden. In: Orto (pp. 86-107). Roma: Nero

Santer, Kiri Olivia (2020). Indirect Rule and the Politics of Fragmented Responsibility in the Central Mediterranean (Unpublished). In: Institutskolloquium, Institut für Sozialanthropologie. Universität Bern.


Loher, David; Strasser, Sabine; Monterescu, Daniel; Dabagi, Esra; Gallo, Ester; Shore, Cris; Gupta, Akhil; Mathur, Chandana; Anton, Lorena; Zane, Rodica; Lems, Annika; Khosravi, Shahram; Sariaslan, Zeynep; Salazar, Noel B.; Montoya, Ainhoa; Peréz, Marta; Kovac, Uros; Tilche, Alice; Loperfido, Giacomo; Matos, Patricia; ... (2019). On politics and precarity in academia. Social Anthropology, 27(S2), pp. 97-117. Wiley 10.1111/1469-8676.12695

Santer, Kiri Olivia (8 November 2019). Rescue under pressure: criminalisation and the shifting meanings of humanitarianism in the Central Mediterranea (Unpublished). In: The Global as Method: Ethnographic Scales in the 21st century. Geneva. 08. - 09.11.2019.

Santer, Kiri (June 2019). Villes refuges | Exclusions d’État versus inclusions urbaines. Revue Vivre Ensemble. Bulletin de liaison pour la défense du droit d’asile, 173

Santer, Kiri Olivia (24 May 2019). ‘Ownership’ in Contentious Reforms: The Issue of Responsibility in Tunisia’s Security Sector Reform (Unpublished). In: EASA Lawnet Workshop: Concepts, paradigms and slogans: From human rights to human dignity and sustainability. University of Helsinki. 24. May 2019.

Santer, Kiri Olivia (2019). Governing the Central Mediterranean through Indirect Rule: Tracing the Effects of the Recognition of Joint Rescue Coordination Centre Tripoli. European Journal of Migration and Law, 21(2), pp. 141-165. Brill 10.1163/15718166-12340045

Santer, Kiri Olivia (25 April 2019). The Politics of Security Sector Reform: ‘Ownership’ Between The EU And Tunisia (Unpublished). In: Workshop: Security, Borders and International Development: Intersections, Convergence and Challenges.. University of Warwick. 25. - 26.04.2019.


Santer, Kiri Olivia (15 August 2018). The Case of the Sarost 5: black holes of responsibility in the central Mediterranean. Open Democracy OpenDemocracy

Santer, Kiri Olivia (February 2018). Expulsions aux frontières de l'Europe: Lueur d'espoir à la CEDH. Revue Vivre Ensemble(166), pp. 22-25.


Santer, Kiri Olivia (13 December 2017). The Precariat fights back. A Conversation with Dan Hirslund and Carrie Benjamin. Allegra Lab: Anthropology, Law, Art, World

Santer, Kiri Olivia; Wriedt, Vera (2017). (De-)Constructing Borders: Contestations in and around the Balkan Corridor in 2015/16. Movements : journal for critical migration and border regime studies, 3(1), pp. 141-150. Transcript

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