Saunders, Krystyna

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Kaufman, Darrell; McKay, Nicholas; Routson, Cody; Erb, Michael; Davis, Basil; Heiri, Oliver; Jaccard, Samuel; Tierney, Jessica; Dätwyler, Christoph; Axford, Yarrow; Brussel, Thomas; Cartapanis, Olivier; Chase, Brian; Dawson, Andria; de Vernal, Anne; Engels, Stefan; Jonkers, Lukas; Marsicek, Jeremiah; Moffa-Sánchez, Paola; Morrill, Carrie; ... (2020). Publisher Correction: A global database of Holocene paleotemperature records. Scientific data, 7(1) Springer Nature 10.1038/s41597-020-0515-6


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Saunders, Krystyna; Harrison, J.J.; Hodgson, D.A.; de Jong, Rixt; Mauchle, Fabian; McMinn, A. (2013). Ecosystem impacts of feral rabbits on World Heritage sub-Antarctic Macquarie Island: A palaeoecological perspective. Anthropocene, 3, pp. 1-8. Elsevier 10.1016/j.ancene.2014.01.001

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Saunders, Krystyna; Hodgson, Dominic A.; Harrison, Jennifer; McMinn, Andrew (2008). Palaeoecological tools for improving the management of coastal ecosystems: a case study from Lake King (Gippsland Lakes) Australia. Journal of Paleolimnology, 40(1), pp. 33-47. Kluwer Academic 10.1007/s10933-007-9132-z

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