Schlüter, Nadine

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Saads Carvalho, Thiago; Colon, Pierre; Ganss, Carolina; Huysmans, Marie-Charlotte; Lussi, Adrian; Schlüter, Nadine; Schmalz, Gottfried Hans; Shellis, Robert Peter; Björg Tveit, Anne; Wiegand, Annette (2016). Consensus Report of the European Federation of Conservative Dentistry: Erosive tooth wear - diagnosis and management. Swiss dental journal, 126(4), pp. 342-346. Schweizerische Zahnärzte-Gesellschaft SSO

Schlüter, Nadine; Lussi, Adrian; Ganss, Carolina; Gruber, Reinhard (2016). L929 fibroblast bioassay on the in vitro toxicity of SnCl2, H3PO4, Clearfil SE primer and combinations thereof. Swiss dental journal, 126(6), pp. 566-572. Schweizerische Zahnärzte-Gesellschaft SSO

Schlüter, Nadine; Lussi, Adrian; Tolle, Alexandra; Ganss, Carolina (2016). Effects of Erosion Protocol Design on Erosion/Abrasion Study Outcome and on Active Agent (NaF and SnF2) Efficacy. Caries research, 50(2), pp. 170-179. Karger 10.1159/000445169


Schlüter, N.; Klimek, J.; Ganss, C. (2014). Effect of a chitosan additive to a Sn(2+)-containing toothpaste on its anti-erosive/anti-abrasive efficacy-a controlled randomised in situ trial. Clinical oral investigations, 18(1), pp. 107-115. Springer 10.1007/s00784-013-0941-3


Schlüter, Nadine; Peutzfeldt, Anne; Ganss, Carolina; Lussi, Adrian (2013). Does tin pre-treatment enhance the bond strength of adhesive systems to enamel? Journal of dentistry, 41(7), pp. 642-52. Elsevier Science 10.1016/j.jdent.2013.03.009

Schlüter, Nadine; Klimek, J; Ganss, C (2013). Randomised in situ study on the efficacy of a tin/chitosan toothpaste on erosive-abrasive enamel loss. Caries research, 47(6), pp. 574-81. Karger 10.1159/000351654


Schlueter, N; Jaeggi, T; Lussi, A (2012). Is dental erosion really a problem? Advances in dental research, 24(2), pp. 68-71. Washington, D.C.: International Association for Dental Research 10.1177/0022034512449836


Lussi, A; Schlueter, N; Rakhmatullina, E; Ganss, C (2011). Dental erosion--an overview with emphasis on chemical and histopathological aspects. Caries research, 45 Suppl 1, pp. 2-12. Basel: Karger 10.1159/000325915

Schlueter, N; Hara, A; Shellis, R P; Ganss, C (2011). Methods for the measurement and characterization of erosion in enamel and dentine. Caries research, 45 Suppl 1, pp. 13-23. Basel: Karger 10.1159/000326819

Ganss, C; Lussi, A; Grunau, O; Klimek, J; Schlueter, N (2011). Conventional and anti-erosion fluoride toothpastes: effect on enamel erosion and erosion-abrasion. Caries research, 45(6), pp. 581-9. Basel: Karger 10.1159/000334318

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