Seehafer, Michèle

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Seehafer, Michèle (21 August 2019). Representing Privacy: Art – Showing and Concealing (Unpublished). In: Vortrag im Rahmen des Privacy IARU Summer Course „Privacy Challenged in Past, Present, and Future: A Multi-Disciplinary Approach“. Universität Kopenhagen.


Seehafer, Michèle (3 December 2018). Room, Materiality, Immersion: Spatial Conceptions at the Court in Copenhagen During the Seventeenth Century (Unpublished). In: Vortrag im Rahmen des Center for Privacy Studies. Universität Kopenhagen.

Seehafer, Michèle (13 June 2018). Interview with Marta Ajmar. In: Materialized Identities. Objects, Affects and Effects in Early Modern Culture 1450-1750. SNF

Seehafer, Michèle (24 May 2018). Transformation and Imitation: Spaces and Materiality in the Early Modern Danish Kunstkammer (Unpublished). In: Präsentation im Rahmen des Forums der Graduate School of the Arts and Humanities GSAH, organisiert vom Walter Benjamin Kolleg. Bern. 24.05.2018.

Seehafer, Michèle (22 March 2018). A Collection without an Inventory? The Emergence of the Royal Danish Collection at Rosenborg Castle (Unpublished). In: 64. Konferenz der Renaissance Society of America (RSA). New Orleans. 22.–24. März 2018.

Seehafer, Michèle (20 February 2018). Transformation und Imitation: Aspekte von Materialität in der frühneuzeitlichen dänischen Kunstkammer (Unpublished). In: Workshop vom „Netzwerk Neuzeit (Bern-Konstanz-Zürich)“. Berner Fachhochschule. 20. Februar 2018.

Seehafer, Michèle (19 January 2018). Imitation of the Unknown: ,The Princess's Lacquered Chamber' at Rosenborg Castle (Unpublished). In: ELinC2018: European Lacquer in Context. Brüssel, Belgien. 18.-19. Jan. 2018.


Seehafer, Michèle (14 December 2017). Transforming Landscapes: ,The Winter Room' at Copenhagen's Rosenborg Castle (Unpublished). In: Unruly Landscapes: Producing, Picturing, and Embodying Nature in Early Modernity.

Seehafer, Michèle (1 December 2017). Interview with Pamela H. Smith.

Seehafer, Michèle; Hanß, Stefan; Scuro, Rachele (7 November 2017). Third Workshop of the Materialized Identities Group, Basel, 27th-29th September 2017.

Seehafer, Michèle (6 October 2017). Deceiving the Eyes of the Beholder: Cornelis Gijsbrechts' Paintings as a New Perspective on the Royal Danish Kunstkammer (Unpublished)

Seehafer, Michèle (2 August 2017). Workshop Knowledge: Formation and Perception of Art. Conference Report ,WerkStattWissen - The Work of Art. Material and Technology in Sources and Workshop Practice'.

Seehafer, Michèle (2 August 2017). Interview with Ann-Sophie Lehmann.

Seehafer, Michèle (2 August 2017). Interview with Sven Dupré.

Seehafer, Michèle (20 July 2017). Lacquered Chambers at Rosenborg Castle (Unpublished). In: Bodensee-Gespräche über Kunst.

Seehafer, Michèle (3 February 2017). Shell Gold – Production, Usage, and Handling of a Historical Artisanal Technique (including a hands-on experiment). In: Materialized Identities. Objects, Affects and Effects in Early Modern Culture.


Seehafer, Michèle (13 December 2016). Conference Report ‘The Materialities of Knowledge in Early Modern Cities.

Seehafer, Michèle (1 December 2016). Imitation of the Unknown: ‘The Princess’s Lacquered Chamber’ at Rosenborg Castle (Unpublished)

Seehafer, Michèle; Calvi, Sonia; Hanß, Stefan; Scuro, Rachele (26 October 2016). First Workshop of the Materialized Identitites group, Cambridge, 6th – 7th October 2016.

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