Seehafer, Michèle

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Seehafer, Michèle (21 August 2019). Representing Privacy: Art – Showing and Concealing (Unpublished). In: Vortrag im Rahmen des Privacy IARU Summer Course „Privacy Challenged in Past, Present, and Future: A Multi-Disciplinary Approach“. Universität Kopenhagen.

Seehafer, Michèle (3 December 2018). Room, Materiality, Immersion: Spatial Conceptions at the Court in Copenhagen During the Seventeenth Century (Unpublished). In: Vortrag im Rahmen des Center for Privacy Studies. Universität Kopenhagen.

Seehafer, Michèle (13 June 2018). Interview with Marta Ajmar. In: Materialized Identities. Objects, Affects and Effects in Early Modern Culture 1450-1750. SNF

Seehafer, Michèle (24 May 2018). Transformation and Imitation: Spaces and Materiality in the Early Modern Danish Kunstkammer (Unpublished). In: Präsentation im Rahmen des Forums der Graduate School of the Arts and Humanities GSAH, organisiert vom Walter Benjamin Kolleg. Bern. 24.05.2018.

Seehafer, Michèle (22 March 2018). A Collection without an Inventory? The Emergence of the Royal Danish Collection at Rosenborg Castle (Unpublished). In: 64. Konferenz der Renaissance Society of America (RSA). New Orleans. 22.–24. März 2018.

Seehafer, Michèle (20 February 2018). Transformation und Imitation: Aspekte von Materialität in der frühneuzeitlichen dänischen Kunstkammer (Unpublished). In: Workshop vom „Netzwerk Neuzeit (Bern-Konstanz-Zürich)“. Berner Fachhochschule. 20. Februar 2018.

Seehafer, Michèle (19 January 2018). Imitation of the Unknown: ,The Princess's Lacquered Chamber' at Rosenborg Castle (Unpublished). In: ELinC2018: European Lacquer in Context. Brüssel, Belgien. 18.-19. Jan. 2018.

Seehafer, Michèle (14 December 2017). Transforming Landscapes: ,The Winter Room' at Copenhagen's Rosenborg Castle (Unpublished). In: Unruly Landscapes: Producing, Picturing, and Embodying Nature in Early Modernity.

Seehafer, Michèle (1 December 2017). Interview with Pamela H. Smith.

Seehafer, Michèle; Hanß, Stefan; Scuro, Rachele (7 November 2017). Third Workshop of the Materialized Identities Group, Basel, 27th-29th September 2017.

Seehafer, Michèle (6 October 2017). Deceiving the Eyes of the Beholder: Cornelis Gijsbrechts' Paintings as a New Perspective on the Royal Danish Kunstkammer (Unpublished)

Seehafer, Michèle (2 August 2017). Workshop Knowledge: Formation and Perception of Art. Conference Report ,WerkStattWissen - The Work of Art. Material and Technology in Sources and Workshop Practice'.

Seehafer, Michèle (2 August 2017). Interview with Ann-Sophie Lehmann.

Seehafer, Michèle (2 August 2017). Interview with Sven Dupré.

Seehafer, Michèle (20 July 2017). Lacquered Chambers at Rosenborg Castle (Unpublished). In: Bodensee-Gespräche über Kunst.

Seehafer, Michèle (13 December 2016). Conference Report ‘The Materialities of Knowledge in Early Modern Cities.

Seehafer, Michèle (1 December 2016). Imitation of the Unknown: ‘The Princess’s Lacquered Chamber’ at Rosenborg Castle (Unpublished)

Seehafer, Michèle; Calvi, Sonia; Hanß, Stefan; Scuro, Rachele (26 October 2016). First Workshop of the Materialized Identitites group, Cambridge, 6th – 7th October 2016.


Seehafer, Michèle (3 February 2017). Shell Gold – Production, Usage, and Handling of a Historical Artisanal Technique (including a hands-on experiment). In: Materialized Identities. Objects, Affects and Effects in Early Modern Culture.

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