Stallone, Sabrina

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Stallone, Sabrina (2023). Dis/articulating Urban Futures. Promises, Affects and Un/Wanted Bodies on Zurich Land Reserves.” (Unpublished). In: Research Platform “The Challenge of Urban Futures. University of Vienna. 22.03.2023.

Stallone, Sabrina (2023). Future of the city / City of the future” (Unpublished). In: Zethno Talk, Das Gleis. Zürich. 10.05.2023.

Stallone, Sabrina (2023). “Commoning in a Growing City.” Walking tour of Stadionbrache in collaboration with key fieldwork interlocutor Anaju Haugwitz (Unpublished). In: INURA Conference 2023 “The Right to the Planet. Reconsider the Urban Question”. Zürich. 30.05.2023.

Stallone, Sabrina (2023). „On Densification” (Unpublished). In: Tsüri Panel Discussion. Zürich. 01.11.2023.

Stallone, Sabrina (2023). „Wem gehört die Zukunft? Ein Abend zu Wohn- und Bodenpolitik“ (Unpublished). In: Denknetz Panel Discussion. Zürich. 07.12.2023.

Stallone, Sabrina (2023). “Sabrina Stallone discussing urban futures.”. In: Zethno Pod.

Stallone, Sabrina (2023). “Plötzlich muss man sich fragen, ob man das Recht auf ein Leben in der Stadt verdient hat.“ (In Press). Tsüri


Stallone, Sabrina (8 December 2022). Dis/articulating Urban Futures. Promises, Affect and Un/Wanted Bodies on Zurich Land Reserves. (Unpublished). In: Landscape and Urban Studies Doctoral Crit. ETH Zurich. 8 December 2022.

Stallone, Sabrina (2022). Smart Complaints? ‘Wild’ Things and the Promise of (Un)happiness in Urban Crowdsourcing Apps. Urban Transcripts Journal, 5(2)

Stallone, Sabrina (2022). Smart Complaints? «Wilde» Dinge und das Versprechen von (Un-)Glück in urbanen Crowdsourcing-Apps. VIGIA, 2, pp. 104-116.

Stallone, Sabrina (2 September 2022). ’Es wird Eng! Es wird Trist!’ Zurich’s Promised, Threatened and Crowded Futures. (Unpublished). In: Royal Geographical Society, Annual International Conference. University of Newcastle. 2 September 2022.

Stallone, Sabrina (10 May 2022). Aff-active Citizenship: Grounding Inclusion, Exclusion and Participation on Zurich’s Brachen. (Unpublished). In: Research Seminar Public Space Research Group. Graduate Center, City University New York. 10 May 2022.

Stallone, Sabrina (3 May 2022). Aff-active Citizenship: Grounding Inclusion, Exclusion and Participation on Zurich’s Brachen. (Unpublished). In: Commin(ing) Struggles Workshop. Hochschule St. Gallen. 3 May 2022.

Stallone, Sabrina (2022). A future factory for Europe. Positioning the European Pavilion in the quest for a common future. Eurozine : the netmagazine, pp. 1-6. Eurozine

Stallone, Sabrina (24 January 2022). Un/Building Urban Futures: Promise, Affect and Un/Wanted Bodies in Zurich’s Interstices. (Unpublished). In: Research Seminar, Human Geography Department. Humboldt University Berlin. 24.01.2022.

Stallone, Sabrina; Arjona Soberón, Mariana (2022). Interrupted Futures: Transformed Activist and Research Knowledge Practices in Times of ‘Crisis’. Zeitschrift für Ethnologie (ZfE) / Journal for social and cultural anthropology (JSCA), 147(1), pp. 53-74. Reimer

Stallone, Sabrina (2022). A Cocktail of Feminist Fuel: Revisited. PROVENCE Magazine, pp. 182-187.


Bolokan, Dina; Bozdogan, Aysegül; Midvighi, Andreea; Megan, Kelly; Schüpbach, Yvonne; Stallone, Sabrina; Thym, Anika (28 December 2021). Review of the Summer School “Doing Research Otherwise: Politics and Possibilities in Gender Studies” 2021. In: Details. Online: Universität Basel

Stallone, Sabrina (26 November 2021). ’Emancipation instead of fabric prison’? Citizenship, embodied spatial practice and the Swiss public sphere. (Unpublished). In: Swiss Gender Studies Association, Women's Suffrage and Democracy Today: Critique, Memory, Visions / Panel:Critique. 5. Politics of (non) citizenship: Processes of exclusion and the mobilisation of gender/sexualities. University of Zurich. 26-27.11.2021.

Stallone, Sabrina (September 2021). “Un/Building Urban Futures? Counterplanning as a Feminist Future-making/Future-contesting Practice.” (Unpublished). In: SIAC 3rd National Conference “Anthropology of the Future, Future of Anthropology". Rome. 22-25.09.2021.

Stallone, Sabrina; Soberón, Arjona Mariana (23 June 2021). “Interrupted futures: transformed counter-hegemonic knowledge practices in times of crisis” (Unpublished). In: SIEF 15th Congress “Breaking the Rules? Power, Participation, Transgression”. Helsinki (online). 18-24 June 2021.

Stallone, Sabrina (1 April 2021). „Un/Building Urban Futures: Promise and Anticipation in the Interstice.” (Unpublished). In: Research Seminar, Graduate School for Gender Studies (GSGS). University of Bern.. 1. April 2021.

Stallone, Sabrina (10 March 2021). A Cocktail of Feminist Fuel. A chronicle of recent events unfolding in the Swiss public and mediatic spaces, centered around the racist anti-Muslim “face covering” referendum. In: Designing Resistance. Futuress

Stallone, Sabrina; Bialasiewicz, Luiza; McCann, E. (20 January 2021). Focalizing new-Fascism. In: Minor Revisions. SAGE


Stallone, Sabrina (14 October 2020). The promise of (fieldwork) planning. In: Fieldwork meets crisis. Online: Boasblog

Stallone, Sabrina (10 April 2020). Virus and The City: Urban Experiences in Self-Isolation. In: Blogpost. Online: Allegra Laboratory


Stallone, Sabrina (19 December 2019). Building Gendered Futures: Rawabi and Urban Palestinian-ness (Unpublished). In: ACES/ACMES Annual Conference “Mobilizing Cities: Urban Geopolitics in Europe and the Mediterranean”. University of Amsterdam. 19. - 20.12.2019.

Stallone, Sabrina (2019). A White City Turned Pink: Tel Aviv as Israel’s Homonormative LGBTQ+ Flagship. Queer Media and Popular Culture, 4(3), pp. 257-270. Intellect 10.1386/qsmpc_00011_1

Bialasiewicz, Luiza; Stallone, Sabrina (2019). Focalizing new-Fascism: Right Politics and Integralisms in Contemporary Italy. Environment and Planning C: Politics and Space, 38(3), pp. 423-442. Sage 10.1177/2399654419871303

Stallone, Sabrina (21 April 2019). Building Gendered Futures. Rawabi and Urban Palestinian-ness (Unpublished). In: 8th International Conference of Critical Geography (ICCG). Athens, Greece. 19-23 Apr 2019.


Stallone, Sabrina (2018). The Women of Rawabi. In: Sardar, Ziauddin (ed.) Narratives. Critical Muslim: Vol. 28 (pp. 138-148). London, United Kingdom: C Hurst & Co Publishers Ltd

Stallone, Sabrina (5 June 2018). Spaces of Appearance and Epistemic Injustice: Breaking the Silence in the Israeli Media Discourse (Unpublished). In: Zurich Conference on Postcolonial Language Studies – Changes and Challenges (Biennial Conference IACPL),. University of Zurich. 04. - 06.06.2018.

Stallone, Sabrina (5 April 2018). Epistemic Violence and the Epistemology of Violence: Testimony and the Public Secret in Breaking the Silence (Unpublished). In: ASCA International Conference: Dissecting Violence. University of Amsterdam. 04. - 06.04.2018.

Stallone, Sabrina (29 March 2018). Urban Aesthetics and Narratives of Pinkwashing in Tel Aviv (Unpublished). In: Invited Speaker at Film Screening of “Oriented”. Campus The Hague, Leiden University. 29.03.2018.

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