Stickler, Alexander Nicolas

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Brönnimann, Stefan; Allan, Rob; Atkinson, Christopher; Buizza, Roberto; Bulygina, Olga; Dahlgren, Per; Dee, Dick; Dunn, Robert; Gomes, Pedro; John, Viju O.; Jourdain, Sylvie; Haimberger, Leopold; Hersbach, Hans; Kennedy, John; Poli, Paul; Pulliainen, Jouni; Rayner, Nick; Saunders, Roger; Schulz, Jörg; Sterin, Alexander; ... (2018). Observations for Reanalyses. Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, 99(9), pp. 1851-1866. American Meteorological Society 10.1175/BAMS-D-17-0229.1


Malik, Abdul; Brönnimann, Stefan; Stickler, Alexander Nicolas; Raible, Christoph; Muthers, Stefan; Anet, Julien; Rozanov, Eugene; Schmutz, Werner (2017). Decadal to multi-decadal scale variability of Indian summer monsoon rainfall in the coupled ocean-atmosphere-chemistry climate model SOCOL-MPIOM. Climate dynamics, 49(9-10), pp. 3551-3572. Springer 10.1007/s00382-017-3529-9


Stickler, Alexander Nicolas; Storz, Samuel; Wartenburger, Richard; Hersbach, Hans; Compo, Gilbert P.; Poli, Paul; Dee, Dick; Brönnimann, Stefan (2015). Upper-air observations from the German Atlantic Expedition (1925–27) and comparison with the Twentieth Century and ERA-20C reanalyses. Meteorologische Zeitschrift, 24(5), pp. 525-544. Borntraeger 10.1127/metz/2015/0683


Stickler, Alexander; Brönnimann, Stefan; Jourdain, S.; Roucaute, E.; Sterin, A.; Nikolaev, D.; Valente, M. A.; Wartenburger, Richard; Hersbach, H.; Ramella-Pralungo, L.; Dee, D. (2014). Description of the ERA-CLIM historical upper-air data. Earth System Science Data, 6(1), pp. 29-48. Copernicus Publications 10.5194/essd-6-29-2014

Pralungo, Ramella L.; Haimberger, L.; Stickler, Alexander; Brönnimann, Stefan (2014). A global radiosonde and tracked balloon archive on 16 pressure levels (GRASP) back to 1905 – Part 1: Merging and interpolation to 00:00 and 12:00 GMT. Earth System Science Data, 6(1), pp. 185-200. Copernicus Publications 10.5194/essd-6-185-2014

Stickler, Alexander; Brönnimann, Stefan; Valente, M. A.; Bethke, J.; Sterin, A.; Jourdain, S.; Roucaute, E.; Vasquez, M. V.; Reyes, D. A.; Allan, R.; Dee, D. (2014). ERA-CLIM: Historical Surface and Upper-Air Data for Future Reanalyses. Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, 95(9), pp. 1419-1430. American Meteorological Society 10.1175/BAMS-D-13-00147.1


Wartenburger, Richard; Brönnimann, Stefan; Stickler, Alexander (2013). Observation errors in early historical upper-air observations. Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres, 118(21), pp. 12012-12028. American Geophysical Union 10.1002/2013JD020156

Brönnimann, Stefan; Martius, Olivia; Franke, Jörg; Stickler, Alexander; Auchmann, Renate (2013). Historical weather extremes in the “Twentieth Century Reanalysis”. In: Brönnimann, Stefan; Martius, Olivia (eds.) Weather extremes during the past 140 years. Reihe G Grundlagenforschung: Vol. G89 (pp. 7-17). Bern: Geographica Bernensia 10.4480/GB2013.G89.01

Neff, Basil; Kummerli, Claudio; Stickler, Alexander; Franke, Jörg; Brönnimann, Stefan (2013). An analysis of the Galveston Hurricane using the 20CR data set. In: Brönnimann, Stefan; Martius, Olivia (eds.) Weather extremes during the past 140 years. Reihe G Grundlagenforschung: Vol. G89 (pp. 27-34). Bern: Geographica Bernensia 10.4480/GB2013.G89.03

Brönnimann, Stefan; Wegmann, Martin; Wartenburger, Richard; Stickler, Alexander (2013). Arctic Winds in the “Twentieth Century Reanalysis”. In: Brönnimann, Stefan; Martius, Olivia (eds.) Weather extremes during the past 140 years. Reihe G Grundlagenforschung: Vol. G89 (pp. 59-67). Bern: Geographica Bernensia 10.4480/GB2013.G89.07

Brönnimann, Stefan; Stickler, Alexander (2013). Aerological observations in the Tropics in the Early Twentieth Century. Meteorologische Zeitschrift, 22(3), pp. 349-358. Borntraeger 10.1127/0941-2948/2013/0458

Fischer, Manuel; Lenggenhager, Sina; Auchmann, Renate; Stickler, Alexander (2013). Synoptic Analysis of the New York March 1888 Blizzard. In: Brönnimann, Stefan; Martius, Olivia (eds.) Weather extremes during the past 140 years. Reihe G Grundlagenforschung: Vol. G89 (pp. 45-52). Bern: Geographica Bernensia 10.4480/GB2013.G89.05


Auchmann, Renate; Brönnimann, Stefan; Breda, L.; Bühler, M.; Spadin, R.; Stickler, Alexander (2012). Extreme climate, not extreme weather: the summer of 1816 in Geneva, Switzerland. Climate of the past, 8(1), pp. 325-335. Göttingen: Copernicus Publications 10.5194/cp-8-325-2012

Brönnimann, Stefan; Grant, Andrea N.; Compo, Gilbert P.; Ewen, Tracy; Griesser, Thomas; Fischer, Andreas M.; Schraner, Martin; Stickler, Alexander (2012). A multi-data set comparison of the vertical structure of temperature variability and change over the Arctic during the past 100 years. Climate dynamics, 39(7-8), pp. 1577-1598. Heidelberg: Springer-Verlag 10.1007/s00382-012-1291-6


Klippel, Tim; Fischer, Horst; Bozem, Heiko; Lawrence, Mark G.; Butler, Tim; Jöckel, Patrick; Tost, Holger; Martinez, Monica; Harder, Hartwig; Regelin, Eric; Sander, Rolf; Schiller, Corinne L.; Stickler, Alexander; Lelieveld, Jos (2011). Distribution of hydrogen peroxide, methyl hydroperoxide and formaldehyde over central Europe during the HOOVER project. Atmospheric chemistry and physics, 11(9), pp. 4391-4410. Katlenburg-Lindau (D): European Geosciences Union 10.5194/acp-11-4391-2011

Stickler, Alexander; Brönnimann, Stefan (2011). Significant bias of the NCEP/NCAR and twentieth-century reanalyses relative to pilot balloon observations over the West African Monsoon region (1940-1957). Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society, 137(659), pp. 1400-1416. Reading, UK: Royal Meteorological Society 10.1002/qj.854

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