Suter, Claudia

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Journal Article

Suter, Claudia E. (2018). The Victory Stele of Dadusha of Eshnunna: A New Look at its Unusual Culminating Scene. Ash-sharq. Bulletin of the Ancient Near East, 2(2), pp. 1-29. Archaeopress Publishing

Suter, Claudia E. (2018). Feasting and Elite Women in Early Mesopotamia: A Contribution from the Visual Record. KASKAL, 15, pp. 139-154. LoGisma editore

Suter, Claudia E. (2015). Classifying Iron Age Levantine Ivories: Impracticalities and a New Approach. Altorientalische Forschungen, 42(1), pp. 31-45. AKADEMIE VERLAG 10.1515/aofo-2015-0007

Suter, Claudia E. (2015). Preface to "Levantine Ivories of the Iron Age: New Perspectives - Proceedings of the Workshop Levantine Ivories of the Iron Age: Production, Consumption, and Style held during the 61e Rencontre Assyriologique Internationale 2015". Altorientalische Forschungen, 42(1), pp. 27-30. De Gruyter 10.1515/aofo-2015-0011

Book Section

Suter, Claudia E. (2020). The Play with Throne Designs in Third Millennium BCE Mesopotamia. In: Naeh, Liat; Brostowsky Gilboa, Dana (eds.) The Ancient Throne: The Mediterranean, Near East, and Beyond, from the 3rd Millennium BCE to the 14th Century CE. Proceedings of the Workshop held at the 10th ICAANE in Vienna, April 2016. Oriental and European Archaeology OREA: Vol. 14 (pp. 21-36). Vienna: Austrian Academy of Sciences Press

Suter, Claudia E. (2019). Statuary and Reliefs. In: Gunter, Ann C. (ed.) A Companion to Ancient Near Eastern Art (pp. 385-410). Hoboken: Wiley-Blackwell

Suter, Claudia E. (2019). A Recycled Ivory Panel from Samaria. In: Pieńkowska, A.; Szelag, D.; Zych, I. (eds.) Stories told around the fountain. Papers offered to Piotr Bieliński on His 70th Birthday (pp. 671-686). Warsaw: University of Warsaw Press

Suter, Claudia E. (2018). Imágenes, visibilidad y agencia de las mujeres de la realeza en la Mesopotamia arcaica. In: Justel, Josué J.; Garcia-Ventura, Agnès (eds.) Las mujeres en el Oriente cuneiforme (pp. 331-345). Alcalá de Henares: Universidad de Alcalá

Suter, Claudia E. (2017). On Images, Visibility, and Agency of Early Mesopotamian Royal Women. In: Feliu, Lluís; Karahashi, Fumi; Rubio, Gonzalo (eds.) The First 90 Years: A Sumerian Celebration in Honor of Miguel Civil. Studies in ancient Near Eastern records: Vol. 12 (pp. 337-362). Boston: Walter de Gruyter

Suter, Claudia E. (2015). Gudea’s Kingship and Divinity. In: Gruber, Mayer I.; Machinist, Peter; Greenstein, Edward L.; Yona, Shamir (eds.) Marbeh Hokma: Studies in the Bible and the Ancient Near East in Loving Memory of Victor Avigdor Hurowitz (pp. 499-523). Winona Lake, IN: Eisenbrauns

Suter, Claudia E. (2014). The Samaria Ivories. In: Aruz, Joan; Graff, Sarah B.; Rakic, Yelena (eds.) Assyria to Iberia at the Dawn of the Classical Age (pp. 176-177). New York / New Haven: The Metropolitan Museum / Yale University Press

Suter, Claudia E. (2014). Human, Divine or Both? The Uruk Vase and the Problem of Ambiguity in Early Mesopotamian Visual Arts. In: Feldman, Marian; Brown, Brian (eds.) Critical Approaches to Ancient Near Eastern Art (pp. 545-568). Boston / Berlin: Walter de Gruyter

Journal or Series

Novák, Mirko; Suter, Claudia; Mittermayer, Catherine; Hazenbos, Joost (eds.) (2017). Altorientalische Forschungen, 44. DeGruyter

Novák, Mirko; Suter, Claudia; Mittermayer, Catherine; Hazenbos, Joost (eds.) (2016). Altorientalische Forschungen, 43. Akademie Verlag

Novák, Mirko; Suter, Claudia; Mittermayer, Catherine; Hazenbos, Joost (eds.) (2015). Altorientalische Forschungen, 2015(42). Akademie Verlag

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