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Sutter, Malaika; Behluli, Sofie (7 December 2023). Revealing and Filling Gaps through Ekphrasis (Guest Lecture) (Unpublished). In: “Lücken – Wie schreibe ich Kunstgeschichte?”. Department of Art History, University of Bern.

Behluli, Sofie; Sutter, Malaika (7 December 2023). Revealing and Filling Gaps through Ekphrasis (Unpublished). In: Fricke, Beate (ed.) Lecture Series Lücken – Wie schreibe ich Kunstgeschichte?. University of Bern. 07.12.2023.

Sutter, Malaika (27 October 2023). Intersectional Intermediality in Faith Ringgold’s Jo Baker’s Birthday (1993) and Claudia Rankine’s Citizen (2014) (Unpublished). In: Literature and Politics. University of Bern. October 26-28.

Rippl, Gabriele; Neumann, Birgit; Sutter, Malaika; Collé, Nathalie; Guilbard, Anne-Cécile; Krauss, Charlotte; Georgi, Claudia; Büttler, Emmanuel; Louvel, Liliane; Stokes-Aymes, Sophie (26 October 2023). Literature and Politics Intermedial Perspectives (Unpublished). In: Literature and Politics: Intermedial Perspectives. Bern. 26.10-28.10.2023.

Sutter, Malaika (20 October 2023). Intersectional Intermediality? A Close Reading of Faith Ringgold’s Intersectional Intermedial Story Quilts (Unpublished). In: GSAH Workshop on Intersectionality with Prof. Dr. Jennifer C. Nash. Walter Benjamin Kolleg, University of Bern. October 20.

Sutter, Malaika (16 June 2023). A Textile Comic: Text(ile)-Image Combinations in Esther Nisenthal Krinitz’s Memories of Survival (1977-1998) (Unpublished). In: HistorioGraphics: Framing the Past in Comics. LMU Munich. June 15-17.

Sutter, Malaika (11 June 2023). Project-based presentation: Crafting Communities and Stitching Stories: Text(ile)-Image Constellations in Contemporary North American Fiction and Art (Unpublished). In: Summer school, JGU Mainz. JGU Mainz. July 10-12.

Sutter, Malaika (2 June 2023). Quilting African American Women’s Heritage in Alice Walker’s “Everyday Use” (1973) and Faith Ringgold’s The Sunflowers Quilting Bee at Arles (1991) (Unpublished). In: Text and Techne: Textile Poetics, Poetic Textiles. Trinity College Dublin (Virtual). June 2-3, 2023.

Behluli, Sofie; Sutter, Malaika (26 May 2023). Contemporary Reading Practices (Unpublished). In: SANAS Symposium Reading Reading: Contemporary Reading Practices. University of Bern. 26.05.2023.

Sutter, Malaika (25 March 2023). The Woman as Artist and Author: Elaine Reichek’s Sampler Art and Ekphrases (Unpublished). In: 54th NeMLA Convention, University of Buffalo. Niagara Falls, NY, USA. March 23-26.

Sutter, Malaika (4 November 2022). “Text(ile)-Image Constellations in Diana Weymar’s Tiny Pricks Project (2018–) (Unpublished). In: GSAH Workshop on Mediality. Walter Benjamin Kolleg, University of Bern.

Sutter, Malaika (4 November 2022). Presentation of dissertation chapter (Unpublished). In: Research in Progress Workshop. Visual and Cultural Studies, University of Rochester.

Sutter, Malaika (19 October 2022). Project-based presentation (Unpublished). In: Graduate Research Day. University of Rochester.

Sutter, Malaika (7 April 2022). Der Quilt in den USA (Unpublished). In: Thuner Quilters. Thun.

Sutter, Malaika (11 March 2022). A Textile Language: Ekphrases of Textile Artworks in Margaret Atwood’s Alias Grace (1996) (Unpublished). In: 53rd NeMLA Convention. Baltimore, Maryland (University at Buffalo and Johns Hopkins University).

Sutter, Malaika (2 March 2022). Piecing together a Self: African American Women’s Communities in Faith Ringgold’s The Picnic at Giverny (1991) and Alice Walker’s The Color Purple (1983) (Unpublished). In: PhD Symposium on Fragile Selves. Ca’ Foscari University of Venice.

Sutter, Malaika (11 December 2021). Stitching and Posting a Resistance: An Introduction to the Tiny Pricks Project created and curated by Diana Weymar (2018-) (Unpublished). In: Fabrics, clothes, hairstyles, shoes and ornaments: adornment and textile evidence in diachrony. University of Fribourg, Swissuniversities. 09. - 11.12.2021.

Sutter, Malaika (15 November 2021). Fragmentation in Toni Morrison’s Beloved: Exploring African-American Quilt-Culture (Unpublished). In: The Measures of our Lives: Reading Toni Morrison (Seminar by Sabine von Rütte). University of Bern. 15.11.2021.

Sutter, Malaika (7 September 2021). Crafting the Needle: Texti(ile)-Image Constellations in Contemporary North American Fiction and Art (Unpublished). In: TransHumanities Summer School 2021: Materialities and Subjectivities. GSAH, Walter Benjamin Kolleg, University of Bern. 06.-10.09.2021.

Sutter, Malaika (28 May 2021). Admiring Quilts: (In)Visible Resistance Through ‘Textile Language’ in Margaret Atwood’s Alias Grace (1996) (Unpublished). In: Visual Art in Narrative Fiction: An RAI Event with Amy Sackville. University of Oxford (Online). 28.05.2021.

Sutter, Malaika (12 May 2021). Inserting Black Women into the Western Art Scene: Faith Ringgold’s The French Collection (1991–97) (Unpublished). In: Unlearning Racism: Literary and Linguistic Perspectives (Lecture Series). University of Bern (Online). 12.05.2021.

Sutter, Malaika (13 October 2020). Faith Ringgold’s Story Quilts (Unpublished). In: AH 398/598 Senior and Graduate Seminar: Textiles and Texts Across Cultures. University of Rochester, NY, USA. 13.10.20.


Sutter, Malaika (2023). “To Couple the Beauty of the Place and the Harsh Realities of Its Racist History”: Piecing Together African American Citizenship in Faith Ringgold’s Flag Story Quilt and Coming to Jones Road. In: Cultures of Citizenship in the Twenty-First Century: Literary and Cultural Perspectives on a Legal Concept (pp. 251-267). Bielefeld: transcript

Sutter, Malaika (2023). Hate Speech in Threads: Stitching and Posting a Resistance in the Tiny Pricks Project. Discourse : journal for theoretical studies in media and culture, 45(1), pp. 170-198. Wayne State Univ. Press

Sutter, Malaika (2020). Beyond Objecthood: The Exhibition as a Critical Form Since 1968. Invisible culture: an electronic journal for visual culture(31) University of Rochester

Sutter, Malaika (2020). Review of James Voorhies, Beyond Objecthood: The Exhibition as Critical Form Since 1968, Cambridge, MA: The MIT Press, 2017. Invisible culture: an electronic journal for visual culture University of Rochester

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