Suzuki, Yumi

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Suzuki, Yumi (September 2023). Plants and Animals in Early China. A comparative study with the Greek views of the natural world (Unpublished). In: Philosophy in Greece and China. University of Patras.

Suzuki, Yumi (2023). Nature (zi ran 自然) of Technological and Economic Development in Early Daoism (In Press). Philosophy East and West: A Quarterly of Comparative Philosophy Univ. of Hawaii Press

Suzuki, Yumi (May 2023). The Natural Philosophy of Wang Chong (Unpublished). In: The International Society for Chinese Philosophy (23rd Biennial Conference).

Suzuki, Yumi (April 2023). Sino-Hellenic Environmental Philosophy: How did ancient Chinese and Greek philosophers think about the environment differently? (Unpublished). In: Warwick Chinese Philosophy Seminar Series. University of Warwick.


Suzuki, Yumi (July 2022). Xunzi and Aristotle on Human Responsibility for the Environment (Unpublished). In: Workshop: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Challenges. The Academy of Athens, Greece.

Suzuki, Yumi (20 February 2022). Animals and Plants in Early Confucianism (Conflicts and harmonies between the human and non-human realms in the Mengzi, the Xunzi, and beyond) (Unpublished). In: NRI seminar. Needham Research Institute, University of Cambridge. 20.02.22.


Suzuki, Yumi (27 August 2021). Environmental Philosophy in Early Confucianism: Plants and Animals (Unpublished). In: 23RD BIENNIAL CONFERENCE OF THE EUROPEAN ASSOCIATION. Leipzig. 24.-27.08.21.

Suzuki, Yumi (2021). Míng (名) in the Laozi Daodejing (老子道德經): Interpretations and Translations of the Opening Verse (In Press). Philosophy East and West: A Quarterly of Comparative Philosophy, 71(3), pp. 747-766. Univ. of Hawaii Press

Suzuki, Yumi (2021). Nelson, Eric S., Daoism and Environmental Philosophy: Nourishing Life (London and New York: Routledge, 2021). Dao : a journal of comparative philosophy, 20(2), pp. 335-340. Springer 10.1007/s11712-021-09780-1


Suzuki, Yumi (23 May 2020). Does Plato attempt to define “philosopher” in the Lysis? (Unpublished). In: West Coast Plato Workshop. Lewis & Clark College, Oregon, US. 22.-24.05.2020.


Suzuki, Yumi (4 October 2019). ‘Climate Crisis’ and Political Responsibility in Early Confucianism (Unpublished). In: Climate Change and Asian Philosophy: A Dialogue in Environmental Ethics. Universität Bergen. 04. - 05.10.2019.

Suzuki, Yumi (2 July 2019). Is Mengzi’s biàn 辯 philosophy or rhetorical persuasion?: Undermining an argument through its own reasoning (Unpublished). In: ISCP - International Society for Chinese Philosophy. University of Bern. 02.-05.07.2020.

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