Thies, Alexander

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Thies, Alexander (2022). Rezension von: Mary T. Boatwright: Imperial Women of Rome. Power, Gender, Context, Oxford: Oxford University Press 2021. Sehepunkte. Rezensionsjournal für die Geschichtswissenschaften, 22 Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität

Thies, Alexander (28 October 2022). For the Good of the Empire – “Ritualised Rape Culture” in the Late Antique Court (Unpublished). In: Ancient Rape Cultures: Greek, Roman, Jewish, and Christian. Institutum Romanum Finlandiae (Rom). 27-28. Oktober 2022.

Thies, Alexander (6 October 2022). More valuable than Gold - Roman Imperial Women as Prisoners of War of the Barbarians (Unpublished). In: XVII ciclo di seminari Ricerche a Confronto: 'Si misero in marcia con loro: donne e guerra'. Università degli Studi di Messina. 06.10.2022.

Thies, Alexander (7 July 2022). Relics for the Royals. Holy Objects and the Ruling Families between the Eastern Roman and the Sasanian Empire (Unpublished). In: Neighbouring Cultures & Beyond – Interconnectedness and Divergence in the Mediterranean and the Near East. Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster, Landhaus Rothenberge. 06.-08.07.2022.

Thies, Alexander (14 June 2022). Historical Positivism, Queer Identities, and Non-Monogamous Sexualities in the Roman and Byzantine World - Problematising a historiographical Dead End (Unpublished). In: Gender and Sexuality History Workshop. University of Cambridge. 14.06.2022.

Thies, Alexander (27 May 2022). The New Jezebels - Christian Critiques to Christian Empresses in Late Antiquity (Unpublished). In: Graduate Interdisciplinary Seminar, Faculty of Classics. University of Cambridge. 27.05.2022.

Thies, Alexander (11 May 2022). The Augusta's excessive care. Ritual dynamics between empresses and bishops in Late Antiquity (Unpublished). In: (En)tangled? Gender and Religion throughout History. Universität Zürich. 10.-11.05.2022.

Thies, Alexander; Borsch, Jonas (3 February 2022). Ruler Bodies in the Long Late Antiquity: Rome, Persia and early Islam – The Body of Female Rulers and Rulers Wives in Rome and the Early Islamic Caliphate (Unpublished). In: Middle Eastern Studies Public Talks Seminar Series. University of Cambridge. 03.02.2022.


Thies, Alexander (1 October 2021). Vertrau’ einer Frau – Vertrauen und Weiblichkeit in römischer Kaiserzeit und Spätantike (Unpublished). In: Weiblichkeit – Macht – Männlichkeit? Perspektiven für die Antike. Bern. 30.09.-01.10.2021.

Thies, Alexander (21 September 2021). The Bodies of female Rulers in the Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages [2nd to 8th Centuries AD] (Unpublished). In: Workshop on Sources to Late Antique and Early Medieval Ruler-Bodies (2nd to 8th Century AD) [Quellen zu spätantiken und frühmittelalterlichenHerrscherkörpern (2. bis 8. Jh. n. Chr.)]. Bern. 20-21.09.2021.

Thies, Alexander (2021). François Chausson/Sylvain Destephen (Eds.), Augusta, Regina, Basilissa. La souveraine de l’Empire romain au Moyen Âge. Entre héritages et métamorphoses. Paris: Éditions de Boccard 2018. Plekos - elektronische Zeitschrift für Rezensionen und Berichte zur Erforschung der Spätantike, 23, pp. 195-206. Plekos

Thies, Alexander (6 May 2021). Mütter und Monde – Herrscherinnenkörper im ‚langen 3. Jahrhundert' (Unpublished). In: Althistorisches Kolloquium. Bern. 06.05.2021.

Thies, Alexander (16 March 2021). Challenging Discourses on Female Ruler Sexualities in Late Antiquity (Unpublished). In: Sexuality in History. Universität zu Köln. 16.03.2021.


Thies, Alexander (2020). Peter Van Nuffelen, Penser la tolérance durant l'Antiquité tardive, Paris: Éditions du CERF 2018. H-Soz-Kult (Internetpublikation) Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Thies, Alexander (14 January 2020). Buchdiskussion zu: Peter Van Nuffelen, Penser la tolérance durant l’Antiquité tardive, Paris 2018 (Unpublished). In: Forschungskolloquium der Spätantike und des Frühmittelalters. Freie Universität zu Berlin. 14.01.2020.

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