Vock, Michael Peter

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Ackermann-Gäumann, Rahel; Eyer, Claudia; Vock, Michael; Gowland, Peter; Tinguely, Caroline; Leib, Stephen L; Bori, Mauro; Buser, Andreas; Fontana, Stefano; Thierbach, Jutta; Weingand, Tina; Niederhauser, Christoph (2023). Prevalence of anti-tick-borne encephalitis virus (TBEV) antibodies in Swiss blood donors in 2014-2015. Blood transfusion, 21(2), pp. 100-109. SIMTI Servizi Srl 10.2450/2022.0099-22


Niederhauser, Christoph; Tinguely, Caroline; Stolz, Martin; Vock, Michael; Amar El Dusouqui, Soraya; Gowland, Peter (2022). Evolution of Blood Safety in Switzerland over the Last 25 years for HIV, HCV, HBV and Treponema pallidum. Viruses, 14(12), pp. 1-17. Molecular Diversity Preservation International MDPI 10.3390/v14122611


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