Wetzel, Alexander

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Zurbriggen, Roger; Bühler, Theo; Wetzel, Alexander; Huwiler, Lukas; Heini, Urs; Pieles, Uwe; Herwegh, Marco (2019). Skin and crust formation at mortar surfaces-mechanisms and influencing factors (Part 2). ZKG International, 2019(6) Bauverlag


Herwegh, Marco; Zurbriggen, R.; Mettier, Ralph; Winnefeld, F.; Kaufmann, J.; Wetzel, Alexander (2015). Hygrical shrinkage stresses in tiling systems: Numerical modeling combined with field studies. Cement & concrete composites, 55, pp. 1-10. Elsevier 10.1016/j.cemconcomp.2014.06.016


Wetzel, A.; Zurbriggen, R.; Herwegh, M.; Trindler, W.; Winnefeld, F. (2011). Adhesion between tile adhesive and modified rear sides of porcelain tiles. ZKG International(11), pp. 40-50. Gütersloh: Bauverlag

Winnefeld, F.; Kaufmann, J.; Hack, E.; Harzer, S.; Wetzel, Alexander; Zurbriggen, R. (2011). Moisture induced length changes of tile adhesive mortars and their impact on adhesion strength. Construction & building materials, 30, pp. 426-438. Elsevier 10.1016/j.conbuildmat.2011.12.023


Wetzel, Alexander; Zurbriggen, R.; Herwegh, Marco (2010). Spatially resolved evolution of adhesion properties of large porcelain tiles. Cement & concrete composites, 32(5), pp. 327-338. Barking, UK: Elsevier 10.1016/j.cemconcomp.2010.02.002

Dresmann, H.; Keulen, N.; Timar-Geng, Z.; Fügenschuh, B.; Wetzel, A.; Stünitz, H. (2010). The south-western Black Forest and the Upper Rhine Graben Main Border Fault: thermal history and hydrothermal fluid flow. International journal of earth sciences, 99(2), pp. 285-297. Springer-Verlag 10.1007/s00531-008-0391-3


Kock, S.; Huggenberger, P.; Preusser, Frank; Rentzel, P.; Wetzel, Alexander (2009). Formation and evolution of the Lower Terrace of the Rhine River in the area of Basel. Swiss journal of geosciences, 102(2), pp. 307-321. Basel: Birkhäuser 10.1007/s00015-009-1325-1

Kock, S.; Kramers, Jan D.; Preusser, Frank; Wetzel, Alexander (2009). Dating of Late Pleistocene deposits of River Rhine using Uranium series and luminescence methods: potential and limitations. Quaternary geochronology, 4(5), pp. 363-373. Amsterdam: Elsevier 10.1016/j.quageo.2009.04.002

Wetzel, Alexander; Uchmann, A.; Blechschmidt, Ingo; Matter, Albert (2009). Omanichnus and Vitichnus - Two New Graphoglyptid Ichnogenera from Upper Triassic Deep-Sea Fan Deposits in Oman. Ichnos - an international journal for plant and animal traces, 16(3), pp. 179-185. Chur: Harwood Academic 10.1080/10420940802686004

Pass, K.; Zurbriggen, R.; Waser, H.; Wetzel, Alexander; Greminger, Andrea; Herwegh, Marco; Kaufmann, J. (2009). Mit Mikrorissen fängt es an. Fliesen und Platten(10), pp. 26-31. Köln: Müller

Wetzel, Alexander; Zurbriggen, R.; Herwegh, Marco; Kaufmann, B.; Kaufmann, J. (2009). Wenn der Haftverbund versagt. Schadenmechanismen bei grossformatigen Feinsteinzeugfliesen. Farbe und Lack, 115(3), pp. 98-101. Hannover: Vincentz Network


Zurbriggen, R.; Pass, K.; Waser, H.; Wetzel, Alexander; Herwegh, Marco; Greminger, A.; Harzer, S.; Kaufmann, J.; Winnefeld, F. (2008). Failure mechanisms of outdoor applied large sized fully-vitrified tiles. In: Middle East Drymix Mortar Association MEDMA conference. Dubai. 24.11.08.


Wetzel, Alexander; BLECHSCHMIDT, I.; UCHMAN, A.; Matter, Albert (2007). A HIGHLY DIVERSE ICHNOFAUNA IN LATE TRIASSIC DEEP-SEA FAN DEPOSITS OF OMAN. Palaios, 22(5), pp. 567-576. Society of Economic Paleontologists and Mineralogists SEPM 10.2110/palo.2006.p06-098r


Giamboni, M.; Ustaszewski, K.; Schmid, S. M.; Schumacher, M. E.; Wetzel, Alexander (2004). Plio-Pleistocene transpressional reactivation of Paleozoic and Paleogene structures in the Rhine-Bresse transform zone (northern Switzerland and eastern France). International journal of earth sciences, 93(2), pp. 207-223. Springer-Verlag 10.1007/s00531-003-0375-2


Mazurek, Martin; Wetzel, Alexander; MacKenzie, Angus B. (1996). Contaminant retardation in fractured shales: matrix diffusion and redox front entrapment. Journal of contaminant hydrology, 21(1-4), pp. 71-84. Elsevier 10.1016/0169-7722(95)00034-8

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