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Büchi, Annina Elisabeth; Hoffmann, Mario; Zbinden, Stephan; Sendi, Parham (2017). Infective Endocarditis: How Do We Currently Interpret the Duke Minor Criterion "Predisposing Heart Condition" in Native Valves? Cardiology and therapy, 6(1), pp. 121-128. Springer 10.1007/s40119-016-0074-2


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O'Sullivan, Crochan John; Praz, Fabien; Stortecky, Stefan; Pilgrim, Thomas; Büllesfeld, Lutz; Khattab, Ahmed Aziz; Meier, Bernhard; Windecker, Stephan; Wenaweser, Peter Martin; Zbinden, Stephan (2014). Impact of mitral regurgitation on clinical outcomes among patients with low-flow, low-gradient severe aortic stenosis undergoing dobutamine stress echocardiography prior to transcatheter aortic valve implantation. Cardiovascular medicine - supplementum, Suppl23, pp. 64-65. EMH Swiss Medical Publishers Ltd


Chiusa, Manuel; Hool, Sara-Lynn; Truetsch, Petra; Djafarzadeh, Siamak; Jakob, Stephan M; Seifriz, Franziska; Scherer, Stefan J; Suter, Thomas M; Zuppinger, Christian; Zbinden, Stephan (2012). Cancer therapy modulates VEGF signaling and viability in adult rat cardiac microvascular endothelial cells and cardiomyocytes. Journal of molecular and cellular cardiology, 52(5), pp. 1164-75. Oxford: Elsevier 10.1016/j.yjmcc.2012.01.022

Brugger, Nicolas; Saguner, Ardan M; Zbinden, Stephan; Khattab, Ahmed A (2012). LAD dissection following parachute belt trauma during BASE jumping. International journal of cardiology, 159(2), e25-6. Amsterdam: Elsevier 10.1016/j.ijcard.2011.11.060

Eisen, T; Sternberg, C; Robert, C; Mulders, P; Pyle, L; Zbinden, S; Izzedine, H; Escudier, B (2012). Targeted therapies for renal cell carcinoma: review of adverse event management strategies. Journal of the National Cancer Institute JNCI, 104(2), pp. 93-113. Cary, N.C.: Oxford University Press 10.1093/jnci/djr511


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Remondino, A; Seiler, C; Meier, P; Rakhit, R; Wustmann, K; Zbinden, R; Zbinden, S; Windecker, S; Togni, M; Wenaweser, P; Meier, B; Eberli, F (2011). Collateral function changes during primary percutaneous coronary intervention in acute myocardial infarction. Cardiovascular medicine, 14, pp. 119-26. Basel: EMH Swiss Medical Publishers Ltd


Zbinden, S; Bühlmann, M; Aebi, S; Suter, T (2010). Kardiovaskuläre Nebenwirkungen der modernen, medikamentösen Krebstherapie. Schweizerisches Medizin-Forum SMF / Swiss medical forum / Forum médical suisse FMS, pp. 143-147. Basel: EMH Editores Medicorum Helveticorum

Zbinden, S; Wang, J; Adenika, R; Schmidt, M; Tilan, JU; Najafi, AH; Peng, X; Lassance-Soares, RM; Iantorno, M; Morsli, H; Gercenshtein, L; Jang, GJ; Epstein, SE; Burnett, MS (2010). Metallothionein enhances angiogenesis and arteriogenesis by modulating smooth muscle cell and macrophage function. Arteriosclerosis, thrombosis, and vascular biology, 30(3), pp. 477-482. Philadelphia, Pa.: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins 10.1161/ATVBAHA.109.200949


Meier, Pascal; Antonov, Janine; Zbinden, Rainer; Kuhn, Aléxandre; Zbinden, Stephan; Gloekler, Steffen; Delorenzi, Mauro; Jaggi, Rolf; Seiler, Christian (2009). Non-invasive gene-expression-based detection of well-developed collateral function in individuals with and without coronary artery disease. Heart, 95(11), pp. 900-8. London: BMJ Publishing Group 10.1136/hrt.2008.145383

Bandi, Nora; Zbinden, Samuel; Gugger, Mathias; Arnold, Marlene; Kocher, Verena; Hasan, Lara; Kappeler, Andreas; Brunner, Thomas; Vassella, Erik (2009). miR-15a and miR-16 are implicated in cell cycle regulation in a Rb-dependent manner and are frequently deleted or down-regulated in non-small cell lung cancer. Cancer research, 69(13), pp. 5553-9. Birmingham, Ala.: American Association for Cancer Research AACR 10.1158/0008-5472.CAN-08-4277


Kinnaird, Tim; Stabile, Eugenio; Zbinden, Stephan; Burnett, Mary-Susan; Epstein, Stephen E (2008). Cardiovascular risk factors impair native collateral development and may impair efficacy of therapeutic interventions. Cardiovascular research, 78(2), pp. 257-64. Oxford: Oxford University Press 10.1093/cvr/cvm116


Zbinden, Rainer; Zbinden, Stephan; Meier, Pascal; Hutter, Damian; Billinger, Michael; Wahl, Andreas; Schmid, Jean-Paul; Windecker, Stephan; Meier, Bernhard; Seiler, Christian (2007). Coronary collateral flow in response to endurance exercise training. European journal of cardiovascular prevention & rehabilitation, 14(2), pp. 250-7. Los Angeles, Calif.: Sage 10.1097/HJR.0b013e3280565dee

Meier, Pascal; Gloekler, Steffen; Zbinden, Rainer; Beckh, Sarah; de Marchi, Stefano F.; Zbinden, Stephan; Wustmann, Kerstin; Billinger, Michael; Vogel, Rolf; Cook, Stéphane; Wenaweser, Peter; Togni, Mario; Windecker, Stephan; Meier, Bernhard; Seiler, Christian (2007). Beneficial effect of recruitable collaterals: a 10-year follow-up study in patients with stable coronary artery disease undergoing quantitative collateral measurements. Circulation, 116(9), pp. 975-983. Baltimore, Md.: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins 10.1161/CIRCULATIONAHA.107.703959


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Pohl, Tilmann; Wustmann, Kerstin; Zbinden, Stephan; Windecker, Stephan; Mehta, Haresh; Meier, Bernhard; Seiler, Christian (2003). Exercise-induced human coronary collateral function: quantitative assessment during acute coronary occlusions. Cardiology, 100(2), pp. 53-60. Karger 10.1159/000073039

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