Zeman, Andreas

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Zeman, Andreas (11 February 2021). Caught between the ‘guerilla’ and the colonial state: refugee life in Northern Mozambique during the Independence War (1964-1974) (Unpublished). In: On the Social History of Persecution. Bern. 11.-12. Feb. 2021.


Zeman, Andreas (24 September 2019). "Aquilo que mobilizam não é aquilo que fazem": propaganda política e realidades sociais no norte de Moçambique nos primeiros anos depois da independência (Unpublished). In: Viver as independências: experiências, conflitos e oposições nas sociedades africanas descolonizadas, 1960-1990. Paúl, Santo Antão, Cabo Verde. 24.-25.09.2019.

Zeman, Andreas (2019). From Slave Trade to War and Tourism: The Many Faces of a Small Village in Africa, c. 1880-2016 (Unpublished). (Dissertation, Historisches Institut, Philosophisch-historische Fakultät)


Zeman, Andreas (14 December 2018). "Iiih, even I was afraid": the Moment of Independence in the History of a Mozambican Village (Unpublished). In: Workshop Cuso "Indépendances et trajectoires postcoloniales en Afrique: Des enjeux sociaux et culturels aux indépendances comme fait transnational". Genève. 13.-14.12.2018.

Zeman, Andreas (15 June 2018). The Regional/Local Archives of Niassa (Unpublished). In: Roundtable "Writing the History of Postcolonial Societies Through Regional Archives", 4th Biennial CRG African History Conference. Pilsen. 14.-15.06.2018.


Zeman, Andreas (20 October 2017). "Maybe, the government knows [what changed]": decolonization in Northern Mozambique from a microhistorical perspective (Unpublished). In: The Fields of Decolonisation: the (post)colonial African cases and dynamics of the Portuguese Empire. Coimbra, Portugal. 19.-20.10.2017.

Zeman, Andreas (14 March 2017). Von der Geschichte eines Dorfes am Malawisee (Unpublished). In: Geschichtskontor. Universität Zürich. 14.03.2017.


Zeman, Andreas (28 October 2016). What about the water? Towards a social history of the war in Mozambique, 1964-1974 (Unpublished). In: Violence, Migration, Cooperation, and Gender: Late Portuguese and Spanish Colonialism in Africa reconsidered. Universität Bern.

Zeman, Andreas (24 March 2016). História duma Aldeia na Margem Oriental do Lago Niassa, ca. 1850-2014 (Unpublished). In: Seminário « História, Arquivos e Memória ». Maputo.


Zeman, Andreas (25 April 2015). First came the Anglicans, then the Muslims': the spread of Islam on the eastern shore of Lake Malawi from a microhistorical perspective (Unpublished). In: Islam in Africa: historical and contemporary processes of Islamisation and re-Islamisations in Africa. Bern, Schweiz. 23.-25.04.2015.

Zeman, Andreas (15 April 2015). Die Geschichte eines Dorfes am Malawisee, ca. 1850-2014 (Unpublished). In: Forschungskolloquium zur Geschichte nach 1800. Universität Bern. 15.04.2015.

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