Zumthurm, Tizian

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Zumthurm, Tizian (8 September 2015). Les pratiques médicales de l'hôpital Albert Schweitzer au contexte Africain, 1913-1965 (Unpublished). In: Colloque "Dr. Albert Schweitzer au Gabon : L'homme, son temps et le respect de la vie". Libreville, Gabon. 08.09.2015.

Zumthurm, Tizian (21 July 2015). Medical Practices at Albert Schweitzer's Hospital in Lambarene, Gabon, 1913-1965 (Unpublished). In: Postgraduate Medical Humanities Conference. Exeter. 21.07.2015.

Zumthurm, Tizian (8 July 2015). Contradictions of Ethics and Aesthetics in Medical Practices at Albert Schweitzer's Hospital in Lambarene, Gabon, 1913-1965 (Unpublished). In: European Conference for African Studies. Paris. 08.07.2015.

Zumthurm, Tizian; Mabika, Hines (2 May 2015). Medical Practice and Networks at the Albert Schweitzer Hospital of Lambarene, 1913-1965 (Unpublished). In: Annual Meeting of the American Association for the History of Medicine. New Haven. 02.05.2015.


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Grab, Stefan; Zumthurm, Tizian (2018). The land and its climate knows no transition, no middle ground, everywhere too much or too little: a documentary‐based climate chronology for central Namibia, 1845–1900. International journal of climatology, 38(S1), e643-e659. Wiley 10.1002/joc.5397

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