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Lam, K W F; Cabrera, J; Hooton, M J; Alibert, Y; Bonfanti, A; Beck, M; Deline, A; Florén, H-G; Simon, Attila; Fossati, L; Persson, C M; Fridlund, M; Salmon, S; Hoyer, S; Osborn, H P; Wilson, T G; Georgieva, I Y; Nowak, Gr; Luque, R; Egger, J A; ... (2023). Discovery of TOI-1260d and the characterization of the multiplanet system. Monthly notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 519(1), pp. 1437-1451. Oxford University Press 10.1093/mnras/stac3639

Maxted, P F L; Miller, N J; Hoyer, S; Adibekyan, V; Sousa, S G; Billot, N; Fortier, A; Simon, A E; Cameron, A Collier; Swayne, M I; Gutermann, P; Triaud, A H M J; Southworth, J; Alibert, Y; Alonso, R; Anglada, G; Bárczy, T; Navascues, D Barrado y; Barros, S C C; Baumjohann, W; ... (2022). Fundamental effective temperature measurements for eclipsing binary stars – III. SPIRou near-infrared spectroscopy and CHEOPS photometry of the benchmark G0V star EBLM J0113+31. Monthly notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 513(4), pp. 6042-6057. Wiley 10.1093/mnras/stac1270

Lacedelli, G; Wilson, T G; Malavolta, L; Hooton, M. J.; Collier Cameron, A; Alibert, Y.; Mortier, A; Bonfanti, A; Haywood, R D; Hoyer, S; Piotto, G; Bekkelien, A; Vanderburg, A M; Benz, W.; Dumusque, X; Deline, A; López-Morales, M; Borsato, L; Rice, K; Fossati, L; ... (2022). Investigating the architecture and internal structure of the TOI-561 system planets with CHEOPS, HARPS-N, and TESS. Monthly notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 511(3), pp. 4551-4571. Oxford University Press 10.1093/mnras/stac199

Mortier, A; Zapatero Osorio, M R; Malavolta, L; Alibert, Yann; Rice, K; Lillo-Box, J; Vanderburg, A; Oshagh, M; Buchhave, L; Adibekyan, V; Delgado Mena, E; Lopez-Morales, M; Charbonneau, D; Sousa, S G; Lovis, C; Affer, L; Allende Prieto, C; Barros, S C C; Benatti, S; Bonomo, A S; ... (2020). K2-111: an old system with two planets in near-resonance†. Monthly notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 499(4), pp. 5004-5021. Blackwell Publishing Ltd 10.1093/mnras/staa3144

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