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Journal Article

Schindelwig, I.; Akçar, N.; Kubik, P.W.; Schlüchter, C. (2012). Lateglacial and early Holocene dynamics of adjacent valley glaciers in the Western Swiss Alps. Journal of quaternary science JQS, 27(1), pp. 114-124. Chichester: John Wiley & Sons, Ltd. 10.1002/jqs.1523

Akçar, N.; Deline, P.; Ivy-Ochs, S.; Alfimov, V.; Hajdas, I.; Kunik, P.W.; Christl, M.; Schlüchter, C. (2012). The AD 1717 rock avalanche deposits in the upper Ferret Valley (Italy): a dating approach with cosmogenic Be-10. Journal of quaternary science JQS, 27(4), pp. 383-392. Chichester: Wiley 10.1002/jqs.1558

Van den Berg, F.; Schlunegger, F.; Akçar, N.; Kubik, P. (2012). 10Be-derived assessment of accelerated erosion in a glacially conditioned inner gorge, Entlebuch, Central Alps of Switzerland. Earth surface processes and landforms, 37(11), pp. 1176-1188. New York, N.Y.: Wiley 10.1002/esp.3237

Schimmelpfennnig, I.; Schaefer, J.M.; Akçar, N.; Ivy-Ochs, S.; Finkel, R.C.; Schlüchter, C. (2012). Holocene glacier culminations in the Western Alps and their hemispheric relevance. Geology, 40(10), pp. 891-894. Boulder, Colo.: Geological Society of America 10.1130/G33169.1

Akçar, N.; Tikhomirov, D.; Özkaymak, C.; Ivy-Ochs, S.; Alfimov, V.; Sözbilir, H.; Uzel, B.; Schlüchter, C. (2012). Cl-36 exposure dating of paleoearthquakes in the Eastern Mediterranean: First results from the western Anatolian Extensional Province, Manisa fault zone, Turkey. Geological Society of America bulletin, 124(11-12), pp. 1724-1735. Boulder, Colo.: Geological Society of America 10.1130/B30614.1

Di Nicola, L.; Baroni, C.; Strasky, S.; Salvatore, M.C.; Schlüchter, C.; Akçar, N.; Kubik, P.W.; Wieler, R. (2012). Multiple cosmogenic nuclides document the stability of the East Antarctic Ice Sheet in northern Victoria Land since the Late Miocene (5-7 Ma). Quaternary Science Reviews, 57, pp. 85-94. Oxford: Pergamon 10.1016/j.quascirev.2012.09.026

Goehring, B.; Schaefer, J.; Schlüchter, C.; Lifton, N.; Finkel, R.; Jull, T.; Akçar, N.; Alley, R. (2011). The Rhone Glacier was smaller than today for most of the Holocene. Geology, 39(7), pp. 679-682. Boulder, Colo.: Geological Society of America 10.1130/G32145.1

Hormes, A.; Akçar, N.; Kubik, P. (2011). Cosmogenic radionuclide dating indicates ice-sheet configuration during MIS 2 on Nordaustlandet, Svalbard. Boreas, 40(4), pp. 636-649. Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell 10.1111/j.1502-3885.2011.00215.x

Dehnert, A.; Kracht, O.; Preusser, F.; Akçar, N.; Kemna, H.A.; Kubik, P.W.; Schlüchter, C. (2011). Cosmogenic isotope burial dating of fluvial sediments from the Lower Rhine Embayment, Germany. Quaternary geochronology, 6(3-4), pp. 313-325. Amsterdam: Elsevier 10.1016/j.quageo.2011.03.005

Zahno, Conradin; Akçar, N.; Yavuz, V.; Kubik, P.W.; Schlüchter, Christian (2007). Surface expossure of paleoglacial records in Anatolia. Quaternary International, 167-168, p. 469. Elsevier

Conference or Workshop Item

Schlüchter, C.; Akçar, N.; Yavuz, V.; Leuenberger, M.; Ivy-Ochs, S.; Reber, R.; Tikhomirov, D.; Yesilyurt, S.; Kubik, Zahno C. & P.W. (2014). Quaternary Glaciations in Anatolia. Potential Correlations and Implications. In: The 8th Symposium on Eastern Mediterranean Geology, Volume of Abstracts. Mugla Sitki Koçman University. 13-17 October 2014.

Akçar, N.; Yavuz, V.; Ivy-Ochs, S.; Yesilyurt, S.; Reber, R.; Tikhomirov, D.; Kubik, P.W.; Vockenhuber, C.; Schlüchter, C. (2014). Extensive glaciations in Anatolian Mountains during the global Last Glacial Maximum. Geophysical research abstracts, 16. Copernicus Publications

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