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Knuth, Dennis; Gai, Lingtong; Silva, Vera; Harkes, Paula; Hofman, Jakub; Šudoma, Marek; Bílková, Zuzana; Alaoui, Abdallah; Mandrioli, Daniele; Pasković, Igor; Polić Pasković, Marija; Baldi, Isabelle; Bureau, Mathilde; Alcon, Francisco; Contreras, Josefa; Glavan, Matjaž; Abrantes, Nelson; Campos, Isabel; Norgaard, Trine; Huerta Lwanga, Esperanza; ... (2024). Pesticide Residues in Organic and Conventional Agricultural Soils across Europe: Measured and Predicted Concentrations. Environmental science & technology, 58(15), pp. 6744-6752. ACS Publications 10.1021/acs.est.3c09059

Navarro, Irene; de la Torre, Adrián; Sanz, Paloma; Abrantes, Nelson; Campos, Isabel; Alaoui, Abdallah; Christ, Florian; Alcon, Francisco; Contreras, Josefina; Glavan, Matjaž; Pasković, Igor; Polić Pasković, Marija; Nørgaard, Trine; Mandrioli, Daniele; Sgargi, Daria; Hofman, Jakub; Aparicio, Virginia; Baldi, Isabelle; Bureau, Mathilde; Vested, Anne; ... (2024). Assessing pesticide residues occurrence and risks in water systems: A Pan-European and Argentina perspective. Water research, 254(121419), pp. 1-11. Elsevier 10.1016/j.watres.2024.121419

Navarro, Irene; de la Torre, Adrián; Sanz, Paloma; Baldi, Isabelle; Harkes, Paula; Huerta-Lwanga, Esperanza; Nørgaard, Trine; Glavan, Matjaž; Pasković, Igor; Pasković, Marija Polić; Abrantes, Nelson; Campos, Isabel; Alcon, Francisco; Contreras, Josefina; Alaoui, Abdallah; Hofman, Jakub; Vested, Anne; Bureau, Mathilde; Aparicio, Virginia; Mandrioli, Daniele; ... (2023). Occurrence of pesticide residues in indoor dust of farmworker households across Europe and Argentina. The Science of the total environment, 905, p. 167797. Elsevier 10.1016/j.scitotenv.2023.167797

Silva, Vera; Gai, Lingtong; Harkes, Paula; Tan, Gaowei; Ritsema, Coen J.; Alcon, Francisco; Contreras, Josefa; Abrantes, Nelson; Campos, Isabel; Baldi, Isabelle; Bureau, Mathilde; Christ, Florian; Mandrioli, Daniele; Sgargi, Daria; Pasković, Igor; Polić Pasković, Marija; Glavan, Matjaž; Hofman, Jakub; Huerta Lwanga, Esperanza; Norgaard, Trine; ... (2023). Pesticide residues with hazard classifications relevant to non-target species including humans are omnipresent in the environment and farmer residences. Environment International, 181(108280), pp. 1-21. Elsevier 10.1016/j.envint.2023.108280

Silva, Vera; Alaoui, Abdallah; Schlünssen, Vivi; Vested, Anne; Graumans, Martien; van Dael, Maurice; Trevisan, Marco; Suciu, Nicoleta; Mol, Hans; Beekmann, Karsten; Figueiredo, Daniel; Harkes, Paula; Hofman, Jakub; Kandeler, Ellen; Abrantes, Nelson; Campos, Isabel; Ángeles Martínez, María; Luísa Pereira, Joana; Goossens, Dirk; Gandrass, Juergen; ... (2021). Collection of human and environmental data on pesticide use in Europe and Argentina: Field study protocol for the SPRINT project. PLoS ONE, 16(11), e0259748. Public Library of Science 10.1371/journal.pone.0259748

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