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Journal Article

Alexandra, Darcy (2019). Society for Humanistic Anthropology 2018 Writing Awards Poetry First Prize (tie). Anthropology and Humanism, 44(1), pp. 166-168. Wiley 10.1111/anhu.12233

Book Section

Alexandra, Darcy (2017). More Than Words: Co-Creative Visual Ethnography. In: Deep Stories: Practicing, Teaching and Learning Anthropology with Digital Storytelling (pp. 113-131). DeGruyter 10.1515/9783110539356-010

Alexandra, Darcy (2017). Implicating Practice: Engaged Scholarship Through Co-creative Media. In: Digital Storytelling in Higher Education (pp. 335-353). Palgrave MacMillan 10.1007/978-3-319-51058-3_23

Alexandra, Darcy (2017). Reconceptualising Digital Storytelling: Thinking Through Audiovisual Inquiry. In: Digital Storytelling: Form and Content (pp. 167-182). Palgrave MacMillan 10.1057/978-1-137-59152-4_14

Conference or Workshop Item

Alexandra, Darcy (2023). Water Poetics and Competing Futurities: Borderlands Landscape Ethnography. (Unpublished). In: RAI Film Festival Conference. 7-8 March, 2023.

Alexandra, Darcy (2023). Multimodal Proximities and Practices: Where the Monsoon Waters Will (Unpublished). In: Researching Otherwise. LUS Methodology Seminar, ETH, Zurich. 6 October, 2023.

Alexandra, Darcy (2023). Ecological Practices of Care (Unpublished). In: Sensing Technologies Symposium: Imaginaries, Futurities, Practices of Control and Care. University of Bern. Bern. 21 October, 2023.

Alexandra, Darcy (2023). Anthropological Poetry (Unpublished). In: Anthropological Poetry. University of Basel. 15 November, 2023.

Alexandra, Darcy (2023). Settler Ontologies and Hybrid Assemblages (Unpublished). In: Amitav Ghosh: Imagining Worlds public reading an conversation. Buehnen Bern. 06 November, 2023.

Alexandra, Darcy (2023). Multimodal Engagement as Accompaniment (Unpublished). In: Multimodal Interventions: Critical and Creative Engagements with Migration, Borders and Violence. Lisboa, Portugal. 28 November, 2023.

Schäuble, Michaela; Alexandra, Darcy (10 September 2022). Multimodale Herangehensweisen in Forschung und Lehre & Einblicke in aktuelle Forschungsprojekte (Unpublished). In: Lange Nacht der Forschung. Universität Bern. 10. September 2022.

Alexandra, Darcy (24 June 2021). Water Poetics: Practices of Care in a Carceral Landscape. (Unpublished). In: SIEF 15th Congress “Breaking the Rules? Power, Participation, Transgression”. Helsinki (online). 18-24 June 2021.

Alexandra, Darcy (27 April 2021). Against Purity: Audiovisual evocations and landscapes of extraction (Unpublished). In: Mediating the Ecological Imperative Lecture Series. University of Bern. April 27, 2021.

Alexandra, Darcy (9 December 2020). Smartphone Anthropology (Unpublished). In: Smartphone Anthropology. University of Fribourg. December 9, 2020.

Alexandra, Darcy (29 September 2020). Against a Virtual Wall: Surveillance and Futurity in US Mexico Borderlands. (Unpublished). In: Research Seminar. Institute of Social Anthropology, University of Bern. September 29, 2020.

Alexandra, Darcy (10 September 2020). Writing as a Practice of Care (Unpublished). In: Situating Knowledge Summer School. Center Gender Studies, University of Basel. September 10, 2020.

Alexandra, Darcy (September 2019). Mattering Stories (Unpublished). In: Salient Stories: Debates on (re) presentation and communication of Hydro-social research. University of Cologne. September 25-27th 2019.

Alexandra, Darcy (17 July 2019). Reflective Community Practice through Audiovisual Montage (Unpublished). In: International Summer School. University of Zurich. July 17th 2019.

Alexandra, Darcy (1 May 2019). Designing Collaboration (Unpublished). In: Flucht und Migration Seminar. Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Design & Kunst. May 1st 2019.

Alexandra, Darcy (14 January 2019). Digital Storytelling as Engaged Research: Visual Anthropology in Governmental, University and Community Contexts (Unpublished). In: The Art of Scientific Storytelling Conference. Zürcher Hochschule der Künste. January 14th 2019.


Alexandra, Darcy (December 2020). Not the Apocalypse. In: Treibhaus. Der Klimapodcast, 14. Online:

Alexandra, Darcy; Zia, Ather (27 October 2020). What does anthropology sound like? Poetry. In: André-Johnson, Cory-Alice (ed.), anthropod. The podcast of the Society for Cultural Anthropology. Online: Society for Cultural Anthropology

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