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Alkadhi, Hatem; Runge, Val (2023). The Future Arrived: Photon-Counting Detector CT. Investigative radiology, 58(7), pp. 439-440. Wolters Kluwer Health 10.1097/RLI.0000000000000985

Bütikofer, Simon; Greutmann-Yantiri, Mehtap; Gubler, Christoph; Reiner, Cecilia; Alkadhi, Hatem; Pfammatter, Thomas; Puippe, Gilbert; Santos Lopes, Bruno; Possner, Mathias; Bonassin, Francesca; Meier, Lukas; Babic, Daniela; Attenhofer Jost, Christine; Jüngst, Christoph; Müllhaupt, Beat; Bernsmeier, Christine; Schwerzmann, Markus; Tobler, Daniel; Lenggenhager, Daniela; Marques Maggio, Ewerton; ... (2023). Determinants of advanced liver fibrosis in adult patients after Fontan-palliation: Usefulness of ultrasound transient elastography. (In Press). Canadian journal of cardiology Elsevier 10.1016/j.cjca.2023.04.019

Grkovski, Risto; Acu, Leyla; Ahmadli, Uzeyir; Terziev, Robert; Schubert, Tilman; Wegener, Susanne; Kulcsar, Zsolt; Husain, Shakir; Alkadhi, Hatem; Winklhofer, Sebastian (2023). A Novel Dual-Energy CT Method for Detection and Differentiation of Intracerebral Hemorrhage From Contrast Extravasation in Stroke Patients After Endovascular Thrombectomy : Feasibility and First Results. Clinical neuroradiology, 33(1), pp. 171-177. Springer-Verlag 10.1007/s00062-022-01198-3

Nevesny, Franck; Rotzinger, David C; Sauter, Alexander W; Löbelenz, Laura I; Schmuelling, Lena; Alkadhi, Hatem; Ebner, Lukas; Christe, Andreas; Platon, Alexandra; Poletti, Pierre-Alexandre; Qanadli, Salah D (2022). Acute Pulmonary Embolism in COVID-19: A Potential Connection between Venous Congestion and Thrombus Distribution. Biomedicines, 10(6) MDPI 10.3390/biomedicines10061300

Qanadli, Salah D; Sauter, Alexander W; Alkadhi, Hatem; Christe, Andreas; Poletti, Pierre-Alexandre; Ebner, Lukas; Rotzinger, David C (2021). Vascular Abnormalities Detected with Chest CT in COVID-19: Spectrum, Association with Parenchymal Lesions, Cardiac Changes, and Correlation with Clinical Severity (COVID-CAVA Study). Diagnostics, 11(4) MDPI 10.3390/diagnostics11040606

Hinzpeter, R; Boehm, T; Boll, D; Constantin, C; Del Grande, F; Fretz, V; Leschka, S; Ohletz, T; Brönnimann, Michael; Schmidt, S; Treumann, T; Poletti, P-A; Alkadhi, Hatem (2017). Imaging algorithms and CT protocols in trauma patients: survey of Swiss emergency centers. European radiology, 27(5), pp. 1922-1928. Springer 10.1007/s00330-016-4574-1

Higashigaito, Kai; Angst, Florian; Runge, Val Murray; Alkadhi, Hatem; Donati, Olivio F (2015). Metal Artifact Reduction in Pelvic Computed Tomography With Hip Prostheses: Comparison of Virtual Monoenergetic Extrapolations From Dual-Energy Computed Tomography and an Iterative Metal Artifact Reduction Algorithm in a Phantom Study. Investigative radiology, 50(12), pp. 828-834. Lippincott Williams & Wilkins 10.1097/RLI.0000000000000191

Winklhofer, Sebastian; Stolzmann, Paul; Meier, Andreas; Schweitzer, Wolf; Morsbach, Fabian; Flach, Patricia; Kneubühl, Beat P.; Alkadhi, Hatem; Thali, Michael; Ruder, Thomas (2014). Added value of dual-energy computed tomography versus single-energy computed tomography in assessing ferromagnetic properties of ballistic projectiles: implications for magnetic resonance imaging of gunshot victims. Investigative radiology, 49(6), pp. 431-437. Lippincott Williams & Wilkins 10.1097/RLI.0000000000000032

Winklhofer, Sebastian; Surer, Eddie; Ampanozi, Garyfalia; Ruder, Thomas; Stolzmann, Paul; Elliott, Marina; Oestreich, Andrea; Kraemer, Thomas; Thali, Michael; Alkadhi, Hatem; Schweitzer, Wolf (2014). Post-mortem whole body computed tomography of opioid (heroin and methadone) fatalities: frequent findings and comparison to autopsy. European radiology, 24(6), pp. 1276-1282. Springer 10.1007/s00330-014-3128-7

Winklhofer, Sebastian; Berger, Nicole; Ruder, Thomas; Elliott, Marina; Stolzmann, Paul; Thali, Michael; Alkadhi, Hatem; Ampanozi, Garyfalia (2014). Cardiothoracic ratio in postmortem computed tomography: reliability and threshold for the diagnosis of cardiomegaly. Forensic science, medicine and pathology, 10(1), pp. 44-49. Springer 10.1007/s12024-013-9504-9

Dettmer, Matthias; Glaser-Gallion, Nicola; Stolzmann, Paul; Glaser-Gallion, Florian; Fornaro, Juergen; Feuchtner, Gudrun; Jochum, Wolfram; Alkadhi, Hatem; Wildermuth, Simon; Leschka, Sebastian (2013). Quantification of coronary artery stenosis with high-resolution CT in comparison with histopathology in an ex vivo study. European journal of radiology, 82(2), pp. 264-269. Elsevier 10.1016/j.ejrad.2012.09.021

Stolzmann, Paul; Winklhofer, Sebastian; Schwendener, Nicole; Alkadhi, Hatem; Thali, Michael J.; Ruder, Thomas D. (2013). Monoenergetic computed tomography reconstructions reduce beam hardening artifacts from dental restorations. Forensic science, medicine and pathology, 9(3), pp. 327-332. Springer 10.1007/s12024-013-9420-z

Ruder, Thomas; Stolzmann, Paul; Thali, Yannick A.; Hatch, Gary M.; Somaini, Sandra; Bucher, Matthias; Alkadhi, Hatem; Thali, Michael J.; Ampanozi, Garyfalia (2013). Estimation of heart weight by post-mortem cardiac magnetic resonance imaging. Journal of Forensic Radioloy and Imaging, 1(1), pp. 15-18. Elsevier 10.1016/j.jofri.2012.11.001

Fischer, Michael A; Raptis, Dimitri A; Montani, Matteo; Graf, Rolf; Clavien, Pierre-Alain; Nanz, Daniel; Alkadhi, Hatem; Scheffel, Hans (2012). Liver fat quantification by dual-echo MR imaging outperforms traditional histopathological analysis. Academic radiology, 19(10), pp. 1208-14. Philadelphia, Pa.: Elsevier 10.1016/j.acra.2012.05.009

Alkadhi, Hatem; Schindera, Sebastian T (2011). State of the art low-dose CT angiography of the body. European journal of radiology, 80(1), pp. 36-40. Stuttgart: Thieme 10.1016/j.ejrad.2010.12.099

von Ballmoos, Moritz Wyler; Haring, Bernhard; Juillerat, Pascal; Alkadhi, Hatem (2011). Meta-analysis: diagnostic performance of low-radiation-dose coronary computed tomography angiography. Annals of internal medicine, 154(6), pp. 413-20. Philadelphia, Pa.: American College of Physicians 10.1059/0003-4819-154-6-201103150-00007

Leschka, Sebastian; Seitun, Sara; Dettmer, Matthias; Baumüller, Stephan; Stolzmann, Paul; Goetti, Robert; Scheffel, Hans; Feuchtner, Gudrun; Wunnicke, Kathrin; Wildermuth, Simon; Oehlschlegel, Christian; Marincek, Borut; Jochum, Wolfram; Alkadhi, Hatem (2010). Ex vivo evaluation of coronary atherosclerotic plaques: characterization with dual-source CT in comparison with histopathology. Journal of cardiovascular computed tomography, 4(5), pp. 301-308. Elsevier 10.1016/j.jcct.2010.05.016

Fischer, Michael A; Nanz, Daniel; Reiner, Caecilia S; Montani, Matteo; Breitenstein, Stefan; Leschka, Sebastian; Alkadhi, Hatem; Stolzmann, Paul; Marincek, Borut; Scheffel, Hans (2010). Diagnostic performance and accuracy of 3-D spoiled gradient-dual-echo MRI with water- and fat-signal separation in liver-fat quantification: comparison to liver biopsy. Investigative radiology, 45(8), pp. 465-70. Philadelphia, Pa.: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins 10.1097/RLI.0b013e3181da1343

Plass, Andre; Schepis, Tiziano; Scheffel, Hans; Eberli, Franz; Kaufmann, Philipp; Alkadhi, Hatem; Pretre, Rene; Grünenfelder, Jürg (2008). Multimodality Preoperative Planning and Postoperative Follow-up of a Hybrid Cardiac Intervention. Heart surgery forum, 11(6), E375-7. Charlottesville, Va.: Forum Multimedia Pub. 10.1532/HSF98.20081061

Gaemperli, Oliver; Schepis, Tiziano; Valenta, Ines; Koepfli, Pascal; Husmann, Lars; Scheffel, Hans; Leschka, Sebastian; Eberli, Franz R; Luscher, Thomas F; Alkadhi, Hatem; Kaufmann, Philipp A (2008). Functionally relevant coronary artery disease: comparison of 64-section CT angiography with myocardial perfusion SPECT. Radiology, 248(2), pp. 414-23. Oak Brook, Ill.: Radiological Society of North America RSNA 10.1148/radiol.2482071307

Leschka, Sebastian; Koepfli, Pascal; Husmann, Lars; Plass, André; Vachenauer, Robert; Gaemperli, Oliver; Schepis, Tiziano; Genoni, Michele; Marincek, Borut; Eberli, Franz R; Kaufmann, Philipp A; Alkadhi, Hatem (2008). Myocardial bridging: depiction rate and morphology at CT coronary angiography--comparison with conventional coronary angiography. Radiology, 246(3), pp. 754-62. Oak Brook, Ill.: Radiological Society of North America RSNA 10.1148/radiol.2463062071

Schepis, Tiziano; Gaemperli, Oliver; Koepfli, Pascal; Namdar, Mehdi; Valenta, Ines; Scheffel, Hans; Leschka, Sebastian; Husmann, Lars; Eberli, Franz R; Luscher, Thomas F; Alkadhi, Hatem; Kaufmann, Philipp A (2007). Added value of coronary artery calcium score as an adjunct to gated SPECT for the evaluation of coronary artery disease in an intermediate-risk population. Journal of nuclear medicine, 48(9), pp. 1424-30. New York, N.Y.: Society of Nuclear Medicine 10.2967/jnumed.107.040758

Gaemperli, Oliver; Schepis, Tiziano; Valenta, Ines; Husmann, Lars; Scheffel, Hans; Duerst, Victor; Eberli, Franz R; Luscher, Thomas F; Alkadhi, Hatem; Kaufmann, Philipp A (2007). Cardiac image fusion from stand-alone SPECT and CT: clinical experience. Journal of nuclear medicine, 48(5), pp. 696-703. New York, N.Y.: Society of Nuclear Medicine 10.2967/jnumed.106.037606

Schepis, Tiziano; Koepfli, Pascal; Leschka, Sebastian; Desbiolles, Lotus; Husmann, Lars; Gaemperli, Oliver; Eberli, Franz R; Wildermuth, Simon; Marincek, Borut; Lüscher, Thomas F; Alkadhi, Hatem; Kaufmann, Philipp A (2007). Coronary artery stent geometry and in-stent contrast attenuation with 64-slice computed tomography. European radiology, 17(6), pp. 1464-73. Berlin: Springer 10.1007/s00330-006-0502-0

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