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Teles, Rosane M B; Graeber, Thomas G; Krutzik, Stephan R; Montoya, Dennis; Schenk, Mirjam; Lee, Delphine J; Komisopoulou, Evangelia; Kelly-Scumpia, Kindra; Chun, Rene; Iyer, Shankar S; Sarno, Euzenir N; Rea, Thomas H; Hewison, Martin; Adams, John S; Popper, Stephen J; Relman, David A; Stenger, Steffen; Bloom, Barry R; Cheng, Genhong and Modlin, Robert L (2013). Type I interferon suppresses type II interferon-triggered human anti-mycobacterial responses. Science, 339(6126), pp. 1448-1453. American Association for the Advancement of Science 10.1126/science.1233665

Parvatiyar, Kislay; Zhang, Zhiqiang; Teles, Rosane M; Ouyang, Songying; Jiang, Yan; Iyer, Shankar S; Zaver, Shivam A; Schenk, Mirjam; Zeng, Shang; Zhong, Wenwan; Liu, Zhi-Jie; Modlin, Robert L; Liu, Yong-jun; Cheng, Genhong (2012). The helicase DDX41 recognizes the bacterial secondary messengers cyclic di-GMP and cyclic di-AMP to activate a type I interferon immune response. Nature immunology, 13(12), pp. 1155-1161. Nature Publishing Group 10.1038/ni.2460

Schenk, Mirjam; Krutzik, Stephan R; Sieling, Peter A; Lee, Delphine J; Teles, Rosane M B; Ochoa, Maria Teresa; Komisopoulou, Evangelia; Sarno, Euzenir N; Rea, Thomas H; Graeber, Thomas G; Kim, Soohyun; Cheng, Genhong; Modlin, Robert L (2012). NOD2 triggers an interleukin-32-dependent human dendritic cell program in leprosy. Nature medicine, 18(4), pp. 555-563. Nature Publishing Group 10.1038/nm.2650

Fabri, Mario; Stenger, Steffen; Shin, Dong-Min; Yuk, Jae-Min; Liu, Philip T; Realegeno, Susan; Lee, Hye-Mi; Krutzik, Stephan R; Schenk, Mirjam; Sieling, Peter A; Teles, Rosane; Montoya, Dennis; Iyer, Shankar S; Bruns, Heiko; Lewinsohn, David M; Hollis, Bruce W; Hewison, Martin; Adams, John S; Steinmeyer, Andreas; Zügel, Ulrich; ... (2011). Vitamin D is required for IFN-gamma-mediated antimicrobial activity of human macrophages. Science translational medicine, 3(104), 104ra102. American Association for the Advancement of Science 10.1126/scitranslmed.3003045

Montoya, Dennis; Cruz, Daniel; Teles, Rosane M B; Lee, Delphine J; Ochoa, Maria Teresa; Krutzik, Stephan R; Chun, Rene; Schenk, Mirjam; Zhang, Xiaoran; Ferguson, Benjamin G; Burdick, Anne E; Sarno, Euzenir N; Rea, Thomas H; Hewison, Martin; Adams, John S; Cheng, Genhong; Modlin, Robert L (2009). Divergence of macrophage phagocytic and antimicrobial programs in leprosy. Cell host & microbe, 6(4), pp. 343-353. Cell Press 10.1016/j.chom.2009.09.002

Liu, Philip T; Schenk, Mirjam; Walker, Valencia P; Dempsey, Paul W; Kanchanapoomi, Melissa; Wheelwright, Matthew; Vazirnia, Aria; Zhang, Xiaoran; Steinmeyer, Andreas; Zügel, Ulrich; Hollis, Bruce W; Cheng, Genhong; Modlin, Robert L (2009). Convergence of IL-1beta and VDR activation pathways in human TLR2/1-induced antimicrobial responses. PLoS ONE, 4(6), e5810. Public Library of Science 10.1371/journal.pone.0005810

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