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Journal Article

Joncourt, Raphael; Eberle, Andrea; Rufener, Simone; Mühlemann, Oliver; Song, Haiwei (2014). Eukaryotic Initiation Factor 4G Suppresses Nonsense-Mediated mRNA Decay by Two Genetically Separable Mechanisms. PLoS ONE, 9(8), e104391. Public Library of Science 10.1371/journal.pone.0104391

Eberle, Andrea; Herrmann, Kai; Jäck, Hans-Martin; Mühlemann, Oliver (2009). Equal transcription rates of productively and nonproductively rearranged immunoglobulin mu heavy chain alleles in a pro-B cell line. RNA - a publication of the RNA Society, 15(6), pp. 1021-1028. Woodbury, N.Y.: Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press 10.1261/rna.1516409

Mühlemann, Oliver; Eberle, Andrea; Stalder, Lukas; Zamudio Orozco, Rodolfo (2008). Recognition and elimination of nonsense mRNA. Biochimica et biophysica acta - gene regulatory mechanisms, 1779(9), pp. 538-549. New York, N.Y.: Elsevier 10.1016/j.bbagrm.2008.06.012

Stalder, Lukas; Eberle, Andrea; Mühlemann, Oliver (2007). Quality control of gene expression: recognition of nonsense mRNAs prevents synthesis of truncated proteins. BioForum Europe(3), pp. 21-23. Darmstadt: GIT-Verlag

Book Section

Eberle, Andrea; Lykke-Andersen, Søren; Stalder, Lukas; Jensen, Torben Heick; Mühlemann, Oliver (2009). SMG6-mediated endonucleolytic cleavage of nonsense mRNA in human cells. In: EMBO conference on "Protein synthesis and translational control", Heidelberg (Germany), September 9-13, 2009. European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL)

Conference or Workshop Item

Joncourt, Raphael; Eberle, Andrea; Mühlemann, Oliver (2011). mRNP components involved in PTC-recognition. In: Swiss RNA Workshop January 2011 (p. 1). Bern: Universität Bern

Joncourt, Raphael; Eberle, Andrea; Mühlemann, Oliver (2011). Investigation of premature termination codon recognition in nonsense mediated mRNA decay. In: EMBO Conference Series on Protein Synthesis and Translational Control, Heidelberg 7-11 September 2011 (p. 1). European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL)

Nicholson, Pamela; Stalder, Lukas; Eberle, Andrea; Bühler, Marc; Mühlemann, Oliver (2010). Investigating nonsense-mediated transcriptional gene silencing: a novel quality-control mechanism. In: Abstract Swiss RNA workshop January 2010 (p. 1). Bern: Universität Bern

Stalder, Lukas; Eberle, Andrea; Bühler, Marc; Nicholson, Pamela; Mühlemann, Oliver (2009). Nonsense-mediated transcriptional gene silencing: a puzzle far from being solved. In: Workshop "RNA Quality 2009", Gif sur Yvette, France, 13-15 May 2009. Strasbourg: European Science Foundation

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