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Book Section

Straub, Julia; Etter, Lukas (2017). Introduction. In: Etter, Lukas; Straub, Julia (eds.) American Communities: Between the Popular and the Political. Swiss Papers in English Language and Literature (SPELL): Vol. 35 (pp. 11-17). Narr

Behluli, Sofie (2017). Bonding in Bonden: A Post-Postmodernist Female Community in Siri Hustvedt’s The Summer Without Men. In: Straub, Julia; Etter, Lukas (eds.) American Communities: Between the Popular and the Political. SPELL: Vol. 35 (pp. 43-60). Tübingen: Narr Verlag

Nehrlich, Thomas Philip; Nowotny, Joanna Julia (2017). „We’re not fighting for the people anymore… We’re just fighting.“ US-American Super-hero Comics Between Criticisms of Community and Critical Communities. In: Etter, Lukas; Straub, Julia (eds.) American Communities. Between the Popular and the Political. Spell: Vol. 35 (pp. 223-241). Tübingen: Narr

Rippl, Gabriele; Etter, Lukas (2013). "Don't laugh - this ain't the funny pages": Comics und bildende Kunst (Alain Séchas, Raymond Pettibon). In: Isekenmeier, Guido (ed.) Interpiktorialität. Theorie und Geschichte der Bild-Bild-Bezüge (pp. 261-278). Bielefeld: transcript

Rippl, Gabriele; Etter, Lukas (2013). Intermediality, Transmediality, and Graphic Narrative. In: Stein, Daniel; Thon, Jan-Noël (eds.) From Comic Strips to Graphic Novels. Contributions to the Theory and History of Graphic Narrative (pp. 157-179). Berlin-New York: De Gruyter

Etter, Lukas (2013). The 'Big Picture' as a Multitude of Fragments: Jason Lutes's Depiction of Weimar Republic Berlin. In: Denson, Shane; Meyer, Christina; Stein, Daniel (eds.) Transnational Perspectives on Graphic Narratives: Comics at the Crossroads (pp. 229-241). London: Bloomsbury

Etter, Lukas (2013). Autobiographische Graphic Novels: Das Beispiel von Alison Bechdels Fun Home. In: Baumann, Uwe; Neuhausen, Karl A. (eds.) Autobiographie: Eine interdisziplinäre Gattung zwischen klassischer Tradition und (post-)moderner Variation. Super alta perennis. Studien zur Wirkung der Klassischen Antike 14: Vol. 14 (pp. 533-545). Göttingen: V & R Unipress

Etter, Lukas (2013). On the Drawing Board: The Many Autobiographical 'Wedges' of Alison Bechdel. In: Hornung, Alfred (ed.) American Lives. American Studies Monograph Series: Vol. 234 (pp. 313-326). Heidelberg: Winter

Hoppeler, Stephanie; Etter, Lukas; Rippl, Gabriele (2009). Intermedialität in Comics: Neil Gaimans The Sandman. In: Ditschke, Stephan; Kroucheva, Katerina; Stein, Daniel (eds.) Comics. Zur Geschichte und Theorie eines populärkulturellen Mediums. Kultur- und Medientheorie (pp. 53-79). Bielefeld: Transcript


Etter, Lukas; Nehrlich, Thomas Philip; Nowotny, Joanna Julia (eds.) (2018). Reader Superhelden. Theorie – Geschichte – Medien. Edition Kulturwissenschaft: Vol. 133. Bielefeld: transcript

Etter, Lukas; Straub, Julia (eds.) (2017). American Communities: Between the Popular and the Political. Swiss Papers in English Language and Literature (SPELL): Vol. 35. Narr

Conference or Workshop Item

Etter, Lukas (October 2014). Text-Image Combination as an Aspect of Artistic Style in Alternative Comics/Graphic Narratives (Unpublished). In: Workshop "Theories of Intermediality", Conférence Universitaire de Suisse Occidentale (CUSO). Brienz. 17.-18.10.2014.

Etter, Lukas (26 September 2014). Die Grenzen der Panelgrenzen: Zur Verbindung von mathematischen ‘Beweisen ohne Worte’ und Comics (Unpublished). In: Drawing Boundaries, Crossing Borders. 9th Annual Conference of the Gesellschaft für Comicforschung. Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. 25.-28.9.2014.

Etter, Lukas (October 2013). Aesthetic Aspects of Serial Recognition in Alternative Graphic Narratives (Unpublished). In: Interdisziplinärer Studientag. Université de Fribourg. Oktober 2013.

Etter, Lukas (April 2013). Seria(s)lly Episodic: Gradual Formal Variations in Alison Bechdel’s Feminist Comic Strip Dykes to Watch Out For (1983-2008) (Unpublished). In: Illustration, Comics, and Animation Conference. Dartmouth College, Hanover, New Hampshire. April 2013.

Etter, Lukas (October 2012). Entertaining Persuasion? On Political Radicalism, Meta-Reflection and the Aesthetics of Seriality in Alison Bechdel’s Comic Strip Series ‘Dykes to Watch Out For’ (Unpublished). In: Ethos / Pathos / Logos. The Sense and Place of Persuasiveness in Linguistic, Literary and Philosophical Discourse. Ploieşti, Rumänien. 18.-20.10.2012.

Etter, Lukas (October 2012). Reihenweise Bücher. Formen der Serialität in alternativen Graphic Novels (Unpublished). In: Vortragsreihe 'Buch am Mittag'. Universitätsbibliothek Bern. Oktober 2012.

Etter, Lukas (September 2012). The Many Wedges of Alison Bechdel (Unpublished). In: The Graphic Novel. University of Oxford. September 2012.

Etter, Lukas (July 2012). Aesthetics of Seriality in Alternative Graphic Novels (Unpublished). In: Workshop 'Interdisciplinary Methodology – A Follow-Up'. University of the Arts London (Central Saint Martins College). Juli 2012.

Etter, Lukas (June 2012). What Rhythm for the Blues? Réflexions sur l’esthétique intermédiale dans LINT de Chris Ware (Unpublished). In: Conference 'Lex-ICON'. Université H.-A. Mulhouse. Juni 2012.

Etter, Lukas (June 2012). The Many Wedges of Alison Bechdel. In: American Lives (Jahrestagung DGfA). Johannes-Gutenberg-Universität Mainz. Juni 2012.

Rippl, Gabriele; Etter, Lukas (2012). Media in Conflict? Text-Picture Interactions in Comics/Graphic Narratives (Unpublished). In: SANAS/AAAS Joint Conference “Cultures in Conflict/Conflicting Cultures”. Universität Zürich. November 2012.

Etter, Lukas (2012). Aesthetic Aspects of Seriality in Alternative Graphic Narratives (Bechdel, Lutes, Ware) (Unpublished). In: Oberseminar Amerikanistik. Georg-August-Universität Göttingen. 2012.

Etter, Lukas (2011). The "Big Picture" as a Multitude of Fragments: Jason Lute's Depiction of Weimar Republic Berlin with an Effect of Plurality, Transnational American Studies, DGfA-Jahrestagung, Universität Regensburg, 18.6.2011.

Etter, Lukas (2011). From the Sequential to the Serial: Some Methodological Reflections on the Analysis of the Last Panel of a Page, Workshop Interdisciplinary Methodology: The Case of Comics Studies, Universität Bern, 14.-15.10.2011 (Workshop organisiert von Stephanie Hoppeler und Lukas Etter).

Etter, Lukas (2011). "Our Story Thus Far"? Elements of Parody in Chris Ware's Jimmy Corrigan? The Smartest Kid on Earth. 'Who's laughing now?', Humor as Resistance and Oppression in US-American Culture, Graduate Conference, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, 10.-12.11.2011.

Etter, Lukas (2011). Überlegungen zum Begriff der "Zeit" in Graphic Novels, Kolloquium "Zeit" der Graduiertenschule am Institute of Advanced Study in the Humanities and the Social Sciences (IASH), Universität Bern, 11.-12.5.2011.


Etter, Lukas (2014). Auteurgraphy: Distinctiveness Styles in Alternative Graphic Narratives (Unpublished). (Dissertation, Department of English)

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