Gautschi, A.

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Journal Article

McKinley, I. G.; Alexander, W. R.; Gautschi, A.; Waber, Niklaus (1998). An Approach to Validation of Solubility Databases for Performance Assessment. Radiochimica acta, 82(s1), pp. 407-412. OLDENBOURG WISSENSCHAFTSVERLAG 10.1524/ract.1998.82.special-issue.407

Smith, P.A.; Gautschi, A.; Vomvoris, S.; Zuidema, P.; Mazurek, Martin (1997). The development of a safety assessment model of the geosphere for a repository sited in the crystalline basement of northern Switzerland. Journal of contaminant hydrology, 26(1-4), pp. 309-324. Elsevier 10.1016/S0169-7722(96)00078-2

Book Section

Bläsi, H.R.; Matter, Albert (1987). Geologie und Petrographie der Sedimente. In: Peters, Tj.; Matter, Albert; Bläsi, H.R.; Gautschi, A. (eds.) Sondierung Böttstein. Geologie. Textband. Geologische Berichte (pp. 22-66). Landeshydrologie und -geologie


Pearson, F.J.; Arcos, D.; Bath, A.; Boisson, J.Y.; Fernández, A.M.; Gaebler, H.E.; Gaucher, E.; Gautschi, A.; Griffault, L.; Hernan, P.; Waber, Niklaus (2003). Mont Terri Project - Geochemistry of Water in the Opalinus Clay Formation at the Mont Terri Rock Laboratory-Synthesis Report. Geology Series: Vol. 5. Federal Office for Water and Geology, FOWG


Gimmi, T.; Waber, Niklaus; Rübel, A.; Gautschi, A. (2002). Analysis of d18O- and d2H-profiles in Jurassic argillaceous rocks of very low permeability. (Nuclear energy and safety 4). Paul Scherrer Institut, PSI

Conference or Workshop Item

Mazurek, M.; Alt-Epping, P.; Gimmi, T.; Waber, H.N.; Bath, A.; Buschaert, S.; Gautschi, A. (2007). Tracer profiles across argillaceous formations: A tool to constrain transport processes. In: Bullen, T.D.; Wang, Y. (eds.) 12th Internat. Symp. on Water-Rock Interaction WRI-12 1-2 (pp. 767-771). London: Taylor & Francis Group

Mäder, U.K.; Waber, H.N.; Gautschi, A. (2004). New method for porewater extraction from claystone and determination of transport properties with results for Opalinus Clay (Switzerland). In: Wanty, R.B.; Seal, R.R. (eds.) 11th Internat. Symp. on Water-Rock Interaction - WRI-11 1 (pp. 445-449). London: Taylor & Francis Group

Waber, Niklaus; Frape, S.; Gautschi, A. (2001). CI-Isotopes as indicator for a complex paleohydrogeology in jurassic argillaceous rocks, Switzerland. In: Cidu, R. (ed.) Water-Rock Interaction: Proceedings of the 10th International Symposium on Water-Rock Interaction, WRI-10 (pp. 1403-1406). A.A. Balkema

Bath, A.; Pearson, F.J.; Gautschi, A.; Waber, Niklaus (2001). Water-Rock Interactions in Mudstones and similar low-permeability material. In: Cidu, R. (ed.) Water-Rock Interaction: Proceedings of the 10th International Symposium on Water-Rock Interaction, WRI-10 (pp. 3-12). A.A. Balkema

Mazurek, Martin; Waber, H.N.; Gautschi, A. (1998). Hydrocarbon gases and fluid evolution in very low-grade metamorphic terranes: A case study from the Central Swiss Alps. In: Arehart, G.B.; Hulston, J.R. (eds.) 9th Internat. Symposium on Water-Rock Interaction WRI-9 1 (pp. 417-420). New Zealand: A.A. Balkema Publisher

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