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Journal Article

Zufferey, Pauline; Caspar, Franz; Kramer, Ueli (2019). The Role of Interactional Agreeableness in Responsive Treatments for Patients With Borderline Personality Disorder. Journal of personality disorders, 33(5), pp. 691-706. Guilford Press 10.1521/pedi_2019_33_367

Berthoud, Laurent; Pascual-Leone, Antonio; Caspar, Franz; Tissot, Hervé; Keller, Sabine; Rohde, Kristina Barbara; de Roten, Yves; Despland, Jean-Nicolas; Kramer, Ueli (2017). Leaving distress behind: A randomized controlled study on change in emotional processing in borderline personality disorder. Psychiatry, 80(2), pp. 139-154. Taylor & Francis 10.1080/00332747.2016.1220230

Kramer, Ueli; Keller, Sabine; Caspar, Franz; de Roten, Yves; Despland, Jean-Nicolas; Kolly, Stéphane (2017). Early change in coping strategies in responsive treatments for borderline personality disorder: A mediation analysis. Journal of consulting and clinical psychology, 85(5), pp. 530-535. American Psychological Association 10.1037/ccp0000196

Keller, Sabine; Page, Dominique; de Roten, Yves; Despland, Jean-Nicolas; Caspar, Franz; Kramer, Ueli (2017). Adaptation of the Motive-Oriented Therapeutic Relationship Scale to group setting in dialectical-behaviour therapy for borderline personality disorder. Journal of psychotherapy integration, 27(1), pp. 47-58. American Psychological Association 10.1037/int0000061

Kramer, Ueli; Pascual-Leone, Antonio; Rohde, Kristina Barbara; Sachse, Rainer (2016). Emotional processing, interaction process, and outcome in clarification-oriented psychotherapy for personality disorders: A process-outcome analysis. Journal of personality disorders, 30(3), pp. 373-394. Guilford Press 10.1521/pedi_2015_29_204

Kramer, Ueli; Stulz, Niklaus; Berthoud, Laurent; Caspar, Franz; Marquet, Pierre; Kolly, Stéphane; De Roten, Yves; Despland, Jean-Nicolas (2015). The shorter the better? A follow-up analysis of 10-session psychiatric treatment including the motive-oriented therapeutic relationship for borderline personality disorder. Psychotherapy research, 27(3), pp. 362-370. Routledge 10.1080/10503307.2015.1110635

Berthoud, Laurent; Kramer, Ueli; Caspar, Franz; Pascual-Leone, Antonio (2015). Emotional processing in a ten-session general psychiatric treatment for borderline personality disorder: a case study. Personality and Mental Health, 9(1), pp. 73-78. Wiley 10.1002/pmh.1287

Kramer, Ueli; Flückiger, Christoph; Kolly, Stépahne; Caspar, Franz; Marquet, Pierre; Despland, Jean-Nicolas; de Roten, Yves (2014). Unpacking the Effects of Therapist Responsiveness in Borderline Personality Disorder: Motive-Oriented Therapeutic Relationship, Patient In-Session Experience, and the Therapeutic Alliance (Letter to the Editor). Psychotherapy and psychosomatics, 83(6), 386 -387. Karger 10.1159/000365400

Kramer, Ueli; Berthoud, Laurent; Keller, Sabine; Caspar, Franz (2014). Motive-Oriented Psychotherapeutic Relationship Facing a Patient Presenting with Narcissistic Personality Disorder: A Case Study. Journal of Contemporary Psychotherapy, 44(2), pp. 71-82. Springer 10.1007/s10879-013-9249-5

Kramer, Ueli; Kolly, Stéphane; Berthoud, Laurent; Keller, Sabine; Preisig, Martin; Caspar, Franz; Berger, Thomas; de Roten, Yves; Marquet, Pierre; Despland, Jean-Nicolas (2014). Effects of Motive-Oriented Therapeutic Relationship in a Ten-Session General Psychiatric Treatment of Borderline Personality Disorder: A Randomized Controlled Trial. Psychotherapy and psychosomatics, 83(3), pp. 176-186. Karger 10.1159/000358528

Kramer, Ueli; Berger, Thomas; Kolly, Stephane; Marquet, Pierre; Preisig, Marcel; de Roten, Yves; Despland, Jean-Nicolas; Caspar, Franz (2011). Effects of motive-oriented therapeutic relationship in early-phase treatment of borderline personality disorder: a pilot study of a randomized trial. Journal of nervous and mental disease, 199(4), pp. 244-250. Baltimore, Md.: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins 10.1097/NMD.0b013e3182125d19

Kramer, Ueli; Belz, Martina; Pomini, Valentino; Follack, Christian; Caspar, Franz (2010). Usefulness of Plan analysis in psychotherapeutic practice: Case studies. Revue francophone de clinique comportementale et cognitive RFCCC, 15(3), pp. 19-32. Rumilly: Afforthecc

Kramer, Ueli; Berger, Thomas; Caspar, Franz (2009). Psychotherapeutic case conceptualization using plan analysis for bipolar affective disorder. Journal of clinical psychology, 65(4), pp. 352-367. Hoboken, N.J.: Wiley 10.1002/jclp.20557

Zorn, Peter; Roder, Volker; Kramer, Ueli; Pomini, Valentino (2007). [Emotion activation in personality disorders]. Santé mentale au Québec, 32(1), pp. 181-94. Montréal: Revue Santé Mentale au Québec

Book Section

Caspar, Franz (2019). Plan Analysis and the Motive-Oriented Therapeutic Relationship. In: Kramer, Ueli (ed.) Case formulation for personality disorders: Tailoring Psychotherapy to the Individual Client (pp. 265-290). London: Academic Press 10.1016/B978-0-12-813521-1.00014-X

Conference or Workshop Item

Berthoud, Laurent; Pascual-Leone, Antonio; Caspar, Franz; Tissot, Hervé; Keller, Sabine; Rohde, Kristina Barbara; de Roten, Yves; Despland, Jean-Nicolas; Kramer, Ueli (3 February 2016). Leaving Distress Behind: A Randomized Controlled Study on Therapist Responsiveness and Client Emotional Processing in Borderline Personality Disorder (Unpublished). In: Mechanisms of Change in Treatments of Personality Disorders: State of the Art. Lausanne. 03.02.-05.02.2016.

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