Roulin, Alexandre

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Journal Article

Roulin, Alexandre; Altwegg, Res; Jensen, Henrik; Steinsland, Ingelin; Schaub, Michael (2010). Sex-dependent selection on an autosomal melanic female ornament promotes the evolution of sex ratio bias. Ecology Letters, 13(5), pp. 616-626. Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell Publishing 10.1111/j.1461-0248.2010.01459.x

Altwegg, Res; Schaub, Michael; Roulin, Alexandre (2007). Age-Specific Fitness Components and Their Temporal Variation in the Barn Owl. The American naturalist, 169(1), pp. 47-61. Chicago, Ill.: University of Chicago Press 10.1086/510215

Ravussin, Pierre-Alain; Arrigo, D; Schaub, Michael; Roulin, Alexandre (2007). Succès de la reproduction et taux de survie du Gobemouche noir. Nos oiseaux, 54(1), pp. 29-40. Neuchâtel: Société seaux

Saladin, Verena; Ritschard, Mathias; Roulin, Alexandre; Bize, Pierre; Richner, Heinz (2007). Analysis of genetic parentage in the tawny owl (Strix aluco) reveals extra-pair paternity is low. Journal für Ornithologie, 148(1), pp. 113-116. Berlin: Springer-Verlag 10.1007/s10336-006-0109-x

Roulin, Alexandre; Riols, Christian; Dijkstra, Cor; Ducrest, Anne-Lyse (2001). Female plumage spottiness signals parasite resistance in the barn owl (Tyto alba). Behavioral Ecology, 12(1), pp. 103-110. Oxford University Press 10.1093/oxfordjournals.beheco.a000371

Roulin, Alexandre (1999). Nonrandom pairing by male barn owls (Tyto alba) with respect toa female plumage trait. Behavioral Ecology, 10(6), pp. 688-695. Oxford University Press 10.1093/beheco/10.6.688

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