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Schumann, S; Tannast, M; Bergman, Manfred Max; Thali, M; Nolte, LP; Zheng, GA (2012). A hierarchical strategy for reconstruction of 3D acetabular surface models from 2D calibrated x-ray images. Lecture notes in computer science, 7330, pp. 74-83. Berlin: Springer 10.1007/978-3-642-30618-1_8

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Yen, K; Weis, J; Kreis, R; Aghayev, E; Jackowski, C; Thali, M; Boesch, C; Maier, S E; Dirnhofer, R; Lövblad, K O (2006). Line-scan diffusion tensor imaging of the posttraumatic brain stem: changes with neuropathologic correlation. American journal of neuroradiology AJNR, 27(1), pp. 70-3. Oak Brook, Ill.: American Society of Neuroradiology

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