Waber, H.N.

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Journal Article

Waber, H.N.; Gimmi, T.; Smellie, J.A.T. (2011). Effects of drilling and stress release on hydraulic properties and porewater chemistry of crystalline rocks. Journal of hydrology, 405(3-4), pp. 316-332. Amsterdam: Elsevier 10.1016/j.jhydrol.2011.05.029

Tolstikhin, I.N.; Waber, H.N.; Kamensky, I.L.; Loosli, H.H.; Skiba, V.I.; Gannibal, M.A. (2011). Production, redistribution and loss of helium and argon isotopes in a thick sedimentary aquitard-aquifer system (Molasse Basin, Switzerland). Chemical geology, 286(1-2), pp. 48-58. Amsterdam: Elsevier 10.1016/j.chemgeo.2011.04.017

Pekala, M.; Kramers, J.; Waber, H.N. (2010). (234)U/(238)U activity ratio disequilibrium technique for studying uranium mobility in the Opalinus Clay at Mont Terri, Switzerland. Applied radiation and isotopes, 68(6), pp. 984-992. Oxford: Elsevier 10.1016/j.apradiso.2010.02.009

Altinier, M. V.; Savoye, S.; Michelot, J.-L.; Beaucaire, C.; Massault, M.; Tessier, D.; Waber, H.N. (2007). The isotopic composition of pore-water from Tournemire argillite (France): An inter-comparison study. Physics and chemistry of the earth, 32(1-7), pp. 209-218. Elsevier 10.1016/j.pce.2006.02.047

Matter, J.M.; Waber, H.N.; Loew, S.; Matter, A. (2005). Recharge Areas and Geochemical Evolution of Groundwater in an Alluvial Aquifer System in the Sultanate of Oman. Hydrogeology journal, 14(1-2), pp. 203-224. Verlag Heinz Heise 10.1007/s10040-004-0425-2

Tolstikhin, I.; Gannibal, M.; Tarakanov, S.; Pevzner, B.; Lehmann, B.E.; Ihly, B.; Waber, H.N. (2005). Helium transfer from water into quartz crystals: A new approach for porewater dating. Earth and planetary science letters, 238(1-2), pp. 31-41. Elsevier 10.1016/j.epsl.2005.07.017


Laaksoharju, M.; Smellie, J.A.T.; Tullborg, E.-L.; Wallin, B.; Drake, H.; Gascoyne, M.; Gimeno, M.; Gurban, I.; Hallbeck, L.; Molinero, J.; Nilsson, A.C.; Waber, H.N. (2009). Bedrock hydrogeochemistry Laxemar. Site descriptive modelling SDM Site Laxemar. (SKB R-Report SKB R-08-93). Stockholm, Sweden: Svensk Kärnbränslehantering AB

Laaksoharju, M.; Smellie, J.A.T.; Tullborg, E.-L.; Gimeno, M.; Hallbeck, L.; Molinero, J.; Waber, H.N. (2008). Bedrock hydrogeochemistry Forsmark. Site descriptive modelling SDM Site Forsmark. (SKB R-Report SKB R-08-47). Stockholm, Sweden: Svensk Kärnbränslehantering AB

Smellie, J.A.T.; Tullborg, E.-L.; Nilsson, A.C.; Sandström, B.; Waber, H.N.; Gimeno, M.; Gascoyne, M. (2008). Explorative analyses of major components and isotopes. Site descriptive modelling SDM Site Forsmark. (SKB R-Report SKB R-08-84). Stockholm, Sweden: Svensk Kärnbränslehantering AB

Smellie, J.A.T.; Waber, H.N.; Frape, S.K. (2003). Matrix fluid chemistry experiment. Final Report (SKB Technical Report TR-03-18). Stockholm, Sweden: Svensk Kärnbränslehantering AB

Waber, H.N.; Clark, I.D.; Salameh, E.; Savage, D.; Smellie, J.A.T. (1998). Hydrogeochemistry of the Maqarin Area (SKB Technical Report SKB TR-98-04). Stockholm, Sweden: Svensk Kärnbränslehantering AB

Conference or Workshop Item

Mazurek, M.; Alt-Epping, P.; Gimmi, T.; Waber, H.N.; Bath, A.; Buschaert, S.; Gautschi, A. (2007). Tracer profiles across argillaceous formations: A tool to constrain transport processes. In: Bullen, T.D.; Wang, Y. (eds.) 12th Internat. Symp. on Water-Rock Interaction WRI-12 1-2 (pp. 767-771). London: Taylor & Francis Group

Mäder, U.K.; Waber, H.N.; Gautschi, A. (2004). New method for porewater extraction from claystone and determination of transport properties with results for Opalinus Clay (Switzerland). In: Wanty, R.B.; Seal, R.R. (eds.) 11th Internat. Symp. on Water-Rock Interaction - WRI-11 1 (pp. 445-449). London: Taylor & Francis Group

Pearson, F. J.; Waber, H.N.; Scholtis, A. (1998). Modelling the chemical evolution of porewater in the Palfris Marl, Wellenberg, central Switzerland. In: McKinley, I.G.; McCombie, C. (eds.) 21st International Symposium on the Scientific Basis for Nuclear Waste Management. Materials Research Society Symposium Proceedings: Vol. 506 (pp. 789-796). Davos, Switzerland: Materials Research Society

Mazurek, Martin; Waber, H.N.; Gautschi, A. (1998). Hydrocarbon gases and fluid evolution in very low-grade metamorphic terranes: A case study from the Central Swiss Alps. In: Arehart, G.B.; Hulston, J.R. (eds.) 9th Internat. Symposium on Water-Rock Interaction WRI-9 1 (pp. 417-420). New Zealand: A.A. Balkema Publisher

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