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Yang, Haitang; Gao, Yanyun; Xu, Duo; Xu, Ke; Shun-Qing, Liang; Yang, Zhang; Scherz, Amina; Hall, Sean R R; Forster, Stefan; Berezowska, Sabina; Yao, Feng; Ochsenbein, Adrian F; Marti, Thomas M; Kocher, Gregor J; Schmid, Ralph A; Dorn, Patrick; Peng, Ren-Wang (2023). MEK1 drives oncogenic signaling and interacts with PARP1 for genomic and metabolic homeostasis in malignant pleural mesothelioma. Cell death discovery, 9(1), p. 55. Nature 10.1038/s41420-023-01307-2

Xu, Ke; Ma, Jie; Hall, Sean R R; Peng, Ren-Wang; Yang, Haitang; Yao, Feng (2023). Battles against aberrant KEAP1-NRF2 signaling in lung cancer: intertwined metabolic and immune networks. Theranostics, 13(2), pp. 704-723. Ivyspring International 10.7150/thno.80184

Yang, Haitang; Sun, Beibei; Fan, Liwen; Ma, Wenyan; Xu, Ke; Hall, Sean R R; Wang, Zhexin; Schmid, Ralph A; Peng, Ren-Wang; Marti, Thomas M; Gao, Wen; Xu, Jianlin; Yang, Weiwei; Yao, Feng (2022). Multi-scale integrative analyses identify THBS2+ cancer-associated fibroblasts as a key orchestrator promoting aggressiveness in early-stage lung adenocarcinoma. Theranostics, 12(7), pp. 3104-3130. Ivyspring International 10.7150/thno.69590

Xu, Ke; Yang, Haitang; Ma, Wenyan; Fan, Liwen; Sun, Beibei; Wang, Zhexin; Al-Hurani, Mohammad Faisal; Schmid, Ralph A.; Yao, Feng (2021). Neoadjuvant immunotherapy facilitates resection of surgically-challenging lung squamous cell cancer. Journal of thoracic disease, 13(12), pp. 6816-6826. Pioneer Bioscience Publishing 10.21037/jtd-21-1195

Yang, Haitang; Ma, Wenyan; Sun, Beibei; Fan, Liwen; Xu, Ke; Hall, Sean; Al-Hurani, Mohammad; Schmid, Ralph A.; Peng, Ren-Wang; Hida, Toyoaki; Wang, Zhexin; Yao, Feng (2021). Smoking signature is superior to programmed death-ligand 1 expression in predicting pathological response to neoadjuvant immunotherapy in lung cancer patients. Translational lung cancer research, 10(9), pp. 3807-3822. AME Publishing 10.21037/tlcr-21-734

Yang, Haitang; Sun, Beibei; Xu, Ke; He, Yunfei; Zhang, Tuo; Hall, Sean; Tan, Swee T; Schmid, Ralph A.; Peng, Ren-Wang; Hu, Guohong; Yao, Feng (2021). Pharmaco-transcriptomic correlation analysis reveals novel responsive signatures to HDAC inhibitors and identifies Dasatinib as a synergistic interactor in small-cell lung cancer. EBioMedicine, 69(103457), p. 103457. Elsevier 10.1016/j.ebiom.2021.103457

Zhang, Tuo; Sun, Beibei; Zhong, Chenxi; Xu, Ke; Wang, Zhexin; Hofman, Paul; Nagano, Tatsuya; Legras, Antoine; Breadner, Daniel; Ricciuti, Biagio; Divisi, Duilio; Schmid, Ralph A.; Peng, Ren-Wang; Yang, Haitang; Yao, Feng (2021). Targeting histone deacetylase enhances the therapeutic effect of Erastin-induced ferroptosis in EGFR-activating mutant lung adenocarcinoma. Translational lung cancer research, 10(4), pp. 1857-1872. AME Publishing 10.21037/tlcr-21-303

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