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Wuillemin, Natascha Andrea; Terracciano, Luigi; Beltraminelli, Helmut; Schlapbach, Christoph; Fontana, Stefano; Krähenbühl, Stephan; Pichler, Werner Joseph; Yerly, Daniel (2014). T cells infiltrate the liver and kill hepatocytes in HLA-B(∗)57:01-associated floxacillin-induced liver injury. American journal of pathology, 184(6), pp. 1677-1682. Elsevier 10.1016/j.ajpath.2014.02.018


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Giger-Pabst, Urs; Lange, Jochen; Maurer, Christoph; Bucher, Carine; Schreiber, Vital; Schlumpf, Rolf; Kocher, Thomas; Schweizer, Walter; Krähenbühl, Stephan; Krähenbühl, Lukas (2013). Short-term preoperative supplementation of an immunoenriched diet does not improve clinical outcome in well-nourished patients undergoing abdominal cancer surgery. Nutrition, 29(5), pp. 724-9. New York, N.Y.: Elsevier 10.1016/j.nut.2012.10.007

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Henkel, Verena; Casaulta, Flurina; Seemüller, Florian; Krähenbühl, Stephan; Obermeier, Michael; Hüsler, Jürg; Möller, Hans-Jürgen (2012). Study design features affecting outcome in antidepressant trials. Journal of Affective Disorders, 141(2-3), pp. 160-7. Amsterdam: Elsevier 10.1016/j.jad.2012.03.021

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Joerger, Markus; Ferreri, Andrés J M; Krähenbühl, Stephan; Schellens, Jan H M; Cerny, Thomas; Zucca, Emanuele; Huitema, Alwin D R (2012). Dosing algorithm to target a predefined AUC in patients with primary central nervous system lymphoma receiving high dose methotrexate. British journal of clinical pharmacology, 73(2), pp. 240-7. Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell 10.1111/j.1365-2125.2011.04084.x

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