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Gerber, Marlène; Schaub, Hans-Peter; Müller, Sean (2016). Umfrage zur Landsgemeinde Glarus: Forschungsbericht Bern: Institut for Politikwissenschaft, Universität Bern

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Gerber, Marlène; Müller, Sean (23 October 2015). 4 cool graphs that explain Sunday's Swiss elections. The Monkey Cage The Washington Post

Gerber, Marlène; Müller, Sean (16 October 2015). It's confusing when the Swiss go to the polls. Here are 6 surprising things about their elections. The Monkey Cage Election Report The Washington Post

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Müller, Sean (2007). The Conflict between Basescu and Tariceanu – A Governmental System Viewpoint. Sphere of Politics / Sfera Politicii, 15(126-127), pp. 50-61. Societatea Civila

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