Balmer, Jürg

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Jia, Fei; Staub, Felix; Siegrist, Michael; Balmer, Jürg E. (2014). Analytic study of traveling-wave velocity variation in line-focusing schemes for plasma x-ray lasers. Applied optics, 53(15), pp. 3247-3254. Optical Society of America 10.1364/AO.53.003247

Jia, Fei; Staub, Felix; Balmer, Jürg (2014). Upscaling of X-ray Laser Repetition Rate Using an OPCPA Architecture. In: Sebban, Stéphane; Gautier, Julien; Ros, David; Zeitoun, Philippe (eds.) X-ray Laser 2012. Paris, France. 11.06.–15.06.2012. 10.1007/978-3-319-00696-3_22


Staub, F.; Imesch, C.; Bleiner, D.; Balmer, J.E. (2012). Soft-X-ray lasing in nickel-like barium at 9.2 nm using the grazing-incidence scheme. Optics communications, 285(8), pp. 2118-2121. Amsterdam: Elsevier 10.1016/j.optcom.2011.12.077


Balmer, Jürg E.; Staub, Felix; Imesch, Christoph (2011). Sub-10-nm wavelength Ni-like-ion collisional x-ray laser. In: Dunn, J.; Klisnick, A. (eds.) Conference on X-ray Lasers and Coherent X-ray Sources - Development and Applications IX. Proceedings of SPIE: Vol. 8140 (81400X). SPIE 10.1117/12.893582

Bleiner, Davide; Staub, Felix; Guzenko, Vitaliy; Ekinci, Yasin; Balmer, Jürg (2011). Evaluation of Lab-scale EUV Microscopy using a Table-Top Laser Source. Optics communications, 284(19), pp. 4577-4583. Amsterdam: Elsevier 10.1016/j.optcom.2011.05.047

Bleiner, Davide; Balmer, Jürg (2011). Coulomb versus drag Effects in a Photolectron Bunch for Extreme Ultraviolet Laser Spectroscopy. Applied physics letters, 98(18), p. 181501. Melville, N.Y.: American Institute of Physics 10.1063/1.3586768

Bleiner, Davide; Balmer, Jürg; Staub, Felix (2011). Line focusing for soft x-ray laser-plasma lasing. Applied optics, 50(36), pp. 6689-6696. Washington, D.C.: Optical Society of America 10.1364/AO.50.006689

Aquila, Andrew; Bleiner, Davide; Balmer, Jürg; Bajt, Sasa (2011). Polarization measurements of plasma excited X-ray lasers. In: Dunn, James; Klisnick, Annie (eds.) X-ray Lasers and Coherent X-ray Sources: Development and Applications IX. Proceedings of SPIE: Vol. 8140 (81400Z). Bellingham: SPIE 10.1117/12.893317

Bleiner, Davide; Staub, Felix; Balmer, Jürg (2011). EUV microscopy using a lab-scale X-ray laser source. In: Dunn, James; Klisnick, Annie (eds.) X-ray Lasers and Coherent X-ray Sources: Development and Applications IX. Proceedings of SPIE: Vol. 8140. Bellingham: SPIE


Imesch, Christoph; Staub, F.; Balmer, Jürg E. (2010). Gain-saturated Ni-like antimony laser at 11.4 nm in grazing-incidence pumping geometry. Optics communications, 283(1), pp. 66-70. Amsterdam: Elsevier 10.1016/j.optcom.2009.09.006


Grünig, M.; Imesch, Christoph; Staub, F.; Balmer, Jürg E. (2009). Saturated x-ray lasing in Ni-like Sn at 11.9 nm using the GRIP scheme. Optics communications, 282(2), pp. 267-271. Amsterdam: Elsevier 10.1016/j.optcom.2008.09.079


Imesch, Christoph; Staub, Felix; Balmer, Jürg E. (2008). Time-resolved measurements of the angular distribution of the Ni-like Pd soft-x-ray laser emission. Physical review. A - atomic, molecular, and optical physics, 77(6), 063818-1-5. Ridge, N.Y.: American Physical Society 10.1103/PhysRevA.77.063818


Balmer, Jürg; Grünig, Michael; Imesch, Christoph; Staub, Felix (2007). New results at the Bern x-ray laser facility. In: Tallents, Gregory J.; Dunn, James (eds.) Soft X-Ray Lasers and Applications VII. SPIE proceedings series: Vol. 6702 (p. 670203). Bellingham: SPIE 10.1117/12.740126

Balmer, Jürg; Grünig, Michael; Imesch, Christoph; Staub, Felix (2007). X-Ray Lasing Using the GRIP Scheme. In: Nickles, P.V.; Janulewicz, K.A. (eds.) X-Ray Lasers 2006. Springer Proceedings in Physics: Vol. 115 (pp. 37-43). Heidelberg: Springer Verlag 10.1007/978-1-4020-6018-2_5


Moser, Tobias; Balmer, Jürg; Delbeke, Dana; Muys, Peter; Verstuyft, Steven; Baets, Roel (2006). Intracavity Generation of Radially Polarized CO2 Laser Beams Based on a Simple Binary Dielectric Diffraction Grating. Applied optics, 45(33), pp. 8517-8522. Washington, D.C.: Optical Society of America 10.1364/AO.45.008517


Staub, Felix; Braud, M.; Balmer, Jürg E.; Nilsen, J.; Bajt, S. (2004). Simultaneous imaging of the near- and far-field intensity distributions of the Ni-like Sn X-ray laser. Applied physics. B, Lasers and optics, 78(7-8), pp. 971-974. Springer-Verlag 10.1007/s00340-004-1431-8


Balmer, J. E.; Weber, R.; Cunningham, P. F.; Lädrach, P. (1990). Plasma evolution in laser-irradiated hollow microcylinders. Laser and particle beams, 8(1-2), pp. 327-337. Cambridge University Press 10.1017/S0263034600008077


Lampart, W.; Balmer, J. E. (1986). Time-resolved x-ray emission from laser-produced plasmas with timing fiducial. Laser and particle beams, 4(3-4), pp. 495-498. Cambridge University Press 10.1017/S0263034600002160

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