Dehais, Joachim Blaise

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Tripyla, Afroditi; Herzig, David; Dehais, Joachim; Nakas, Christos T.; Amiet, Franziska; Andreou, Andreas; Gloor, Beat; Vogt, Andreas; Bally, Lia (2020). Performance of a factory‐calibrated, real‐time continuous glucose monitoring system during elective abdominal surgery. Diabetes, obesity & metabolism, 22(9), pp. 1678-1682. Wiley 10.1111/dom.14073

Herzig, David; Dehais, Joachim; Prost, Jean-Christophe; Nakas, Christos T.; Stettler, Christoph; Bally, Lia; Hovorka, Roman (2020). Pharmacokinetics of Faster and Standard Insulin Aspart During Fully Closed-Loop Insulin Delivery in Type 2 Diabetes. Diabetes technology & therapeutics, 22(9), pp. 691-696. Mary Ann Liebert 10.1089/dia.2019.0477

Herzig, David; Nakas, Christos T; Stalder, Janine; Kosinski, Christophe; Laesser, Céline; Dehais, Joachim; Jäggi, Raphael; Leichtle, Alexander Benedikt; Dahlweid, Fried-Michael; Stettler, Christoph; Bally, Lia (2020). Volumetric Food Quantification Using Computer Vision on a Depth-Sensing Smartphone: Preclinical Study. JMIR mHealth and uHealth, 8(3), e15294. JMIR Publications 10.2196/15294


Dehais, Joachim Blaise; Anthimopoulos, Marios; Shevchik, Sergey; Mougiakakou, Stavroula (2017). Two-view 3D Reconstruction for Food Volume Estimation. IEEE transactions on multimedia, 19(5), pp. 1090-1099. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers 10.1109/TMM.2016.2642792


Bally, Lia; Dehais, Joachim Blaise; Nakas, Christos T.; Anthimopoulos, Marios; Laimer, Markus; Rhyner, Daniel Kaspar; Rosenberg, George; Züger, Thomas; Diem, Peter; Mougiakakou, Stavroula; Stettler, Christoph (2016). Carbohydrate Estimation Supported by the GoCARB system in Individuals With Type 1 Diabetes: A Randomized Prospective Pilot Study. Diabetes care, 40(2), dc162173. American Diabetes Association 10.2337/dc16-2173

Rhyner, Daniel Kaspar; Loher, Hannah; Dehais, Joachim Blaise; Anthimopoulos, Marios; Shevchik, Sergey; Botwey, Ransford Henry; Duke, David; Stettler, Christoph; Diem, Peter; Mougiakakou, Stavroula (2016). Carbohydrate Estimation by a Mobile Phone-Based System Versus Self-Estimations of Individuals With Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus: A Comparative Study. Journal of medical internet research, 18(5), e101. Centre of Global eHealth Innovation 10.2196/jmir.5567


Dehais, Joachim Blaise; Anthimopoulos, Marios; Mougiakakou, Stavroula (21 August 2015). Dish Detection and Segmentation for Dietary Assessment on Smartphones. In: Murino, Vittorio; Puppo, Enrico; Sona, Diego; Cristani, Marco; Sansone, Carlo (eds.) ICIAP 2015 Workshops. New Trends in Image Analysis and Processing. Lecture Notes in Computer Science: Vol. 9281 (pp. 433-440). Springer 10.1007/978-3-319-23222-5_53

Anthimopoulos, Marios; Dehais, Joachim Blaise; Shevchik, Sergey; Botwey, Ransford Henry; Duke, David; Diem, Peter; Mougiakakou, Stavroula (2015). Computer Vision-Based Carbohydrate Estimation for Type 1 Diabetic Patients Using Smartphones. Journal of diabetes science and technology, 9(3), pp. 507-515. Diabetes Technology Society 10.1177/1932296815580159


Anthimopoulos, Marios; Dehais, Joachim Blaise; Diem, Peter; Mougiakakou, Stavroula (November 2013). Segmentation and Recognition of Multi-Food Meal Images for Carbohydrate Counting. In: 13th IEEE International Conference on BioInformatics and BioEngineering system (IEEE BIBE2013). Chania, Greece. 10.-13.11.2013.

Dehais, Joachim Blaise; Shevchik, Sergey; Diem, Peter; Mougiakakou, Stavroula (November 2013). Food Volume Computation for Self Dietary Assessment Applications. In: 2013 IEEE 13th International Conference on Bioinformatics and Bioengineering (BIBE). Chania, Greece. 10.-13.11.2013.

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