Fliedner, Monika

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Fliedner, Monica (September 2018). Mit Palliative Care die Lebenssituation stabilisieren. Competence, 9/2018, pp. 4-5. ea Medien AG

Fliedner, MC; Zambrano, S; Lohrmann, C; Schols, JMGA; Halfens, R; Eychmüller, S (2018). Cancer patients’ experiences with an early palliative care conversation: A qualitative study of an intervention based on the SENS-structure (Unpublished). In: Support Care Cancer 2018.


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Fliedner, M.C.; Eychmüller, S.; Zambrano, S.; Lohrmann, C.; Schols, J.M.G.A.; Halfens, R.J.G (2017). How Do Cancer Patients in Early Palliative Care Experience a Structured Advance Care Planning Intervention? A Qualitative Study. In: 115th World Congress of the European Association for Palliative Care. Madrid, Spain. 18-20 May 2017.

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