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Parviainen, H.; Wilson, T. G.; Lendl, M.; Kitzmann, D.; Pallé, E.; Serrano, L. M.; Meier Valdes, E.; Benz, W.; Deline, A.; Ehrenreich, D.; Guterman, P.; Heng, K.; Demangeon, O. D. S.; Bonfanti, A.; Salmon, S.; Singh, V.; Santos, N. C.; Sousa, S. G.; Alibert, Y.; Alonso, R.; ... (2022). CHEOPS finds KELT-1b darker than expected in visible light. Astronomy and astrophysics, 668, A93. EDP Sciences 10.1051/0004-6361/202244117

Scandariato, G.; Singh, V.; Kitzmann, D.; Lendl, M.; Brandeker, A.; Bruno, G.; Bekkelien, A.; Benz, W.; Gutermann, P.; Maxted, P. F. L.; Bonfanti, A.; Charnoz, S.; Fridlund, M.; Heng, Kevin; Hoyer, S.; Pagano, I.; Persson, C. M.; Salmon, S.; Van Grootel, V.; Wilson, T. G.; ... (2022). Phase curve and geometric albedo of WASP-43b measured with CHEOPS, TESS, and HST WFC3/UVIS. Astronomy and astrophysics, 668, A17. EDP Sciences 10.1051/0004-6361/202243974

Jones, K.; Morris, B. M.; Demory, B.-O.; Heng, K.; Hooton, M. J.; Billot, N.; Ehrenreich, D.; Hoyer, S.; Simon, A. E.; Lendl, M.; Demangeon, O. D. S.; Sousa, S. G.; Bonfanti, A.; Wilson, T. G.; Salmon, S.; Csizmadia, Sz.; Parviainen, H.; Bruno, G.; Alibert, Y.; Alonso, R.; ... (2022). The stable climate of KELT-9b,. Astronomy and astrophysics, 666, A118. EDP Sciences 10.1051/0004-6361/202243823

Barros, S. C. C.; Akinsanmi, B.; Boué, G.; Smith, A. M. S.; Laskar, J.; Ulmer-Moll, S.; Lillo-Box, J.; Queloz, D.; Cameron, A. Collier; Sousa, S. G.; Ehrenreich, D.; Hooton, M. J.; Bruno, G.; Demory, B.-O.; Correia, A. C. M.; Demangeon, O. D. S.; Wilson, T. G.; Bonfanti, A.; Hoyer, S.; Alibert, Y.; ... (2022). Detection of the tidal deformation of WASP-103b at 3 σ with CHEOPS. Astronomy and astrophysics, 657, A52. EDP Sciences 10.1051/0004-6361/202142196

Wilson, Thomas G; Goffo, Elisa; Alibert, Yann; Gandolfi, Davide; Bonfanti, Andrea; Persson, Carina M; Collier Cameron, Andrew; Fridlund, Malcolm; Fossati, Luca; Korth, Judith; Benz, Willy; Deline, Adrien; Florén, Hans-Gustav; Guterman, Pascal; Adibekyan, Vardan; Hooton, Matthew J; Hoyer, Sergio; Leleu, Adrien; Mustill, Alexander James; Salmon, Sébastien; ... (2022). A pair of sub-Neptunes transiting the bright K-dwarf TOI-1064 characterized with CHEOPS. Monthly notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 511(1), pp. 1043-1071. Oxford University Press 10.1093/mnras/stab3799

Hooton, M. J.; Hoyer, S.; Kitzmann, D.; Morris, B. M.; Smith, A. M. S.; Collier Cameron, A.; Futyan, D.; Maxted, P. F. L.; Queloz, D.; Demory, B.-O.; Heng, K.; Lendl, M.; Cabrera, J.; Csizmadia, Sz.; Deline, A.; Parviainen, H.; Salmon, S.; Sulis, S.; Wilson, T. G.; Bonfanti, A.; ... (2022). Spi-OPS: Spitzer and CHEOPS confirm the near-polar orbit of MASCARA-1 b and reveal a hint of dayside reflection. Astronomy and astrophysics, 658, A75. EDP Sciences 10.1051/0004-6361/202141645

Lacedelli, G; Wilson, T G; Malavolta, L; Hooton, M. J.; Collier Cameron, A; Alibert, Y.; Mortier, A; Bonfanti, A; Haywood, R D; Hoyer, S; Piotto, G; Bekkelien, A; Vanderburg, A M; Benz, W.; Dumusque, X; Deline, A; López-Morales, M; Borsato, L; Rice, K; Fossati, L; ... (2022). Investigating the architecture and internal structure of the TOI-561 system planets with CHEOPS, HARPS-N, and TESS. Monthly notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 511(3), pp. 4551-4571. Oxford University Press 10.1093/mnras/stac199

Szabó, Gy. M.; Garai, Z.; Brandeker, A.; Gandolfi, D.; Wilson, T. G.; Deline, A.; Olofsson, G.; Fortier, A.; Queloz, D.; Borsato, L.; Kiefer, F.; Lecavelier des Etangs, A.; Lendl, M.; Serrano, L. M.; Sulis, S.; Ulmer Moll, S.; Van Grootel, V.; Alibert, Y.; Alonso, R.; Anglada, G.; ... (2022). Transit timing variations of AU Microscopii b and c. Astronomy and astrophysics, 659, L7. EDP Sciences 10.1051/0004-6361/202243076

Brandeker, A.; Heng, K.; Lendl, M.; Patel, J. A.; Morris, B. M.; Broeg, C.; Guterman, P.; Beck, M.; Maxted, P. F. L.; Demangeon, O.; Delrez, L.; Demory, B.-O.; Kitzmann, D.; Santos, N. C.; Singh, V.; Alibert, Y.; Alonso, R.; Anglada, G.; Bárczy, T.; Barrado y Navascues, D.; ... (2022). CHEOPS geometric albedo of the hot Jupiter HD 209458 b. Astronomy and astrophysics, 659, L4. EDP Sciences 10.1051/0004-6361/202243082

Deline, A.; Hooton, M. J.; Lendl, M.; Morris, B.; Salmon, S.; Olofsson, G.; Broeg, C.; Ehrenreich, D.; Beck, M.; Brandeker, A.; Hoyer, S.; Sulis, S.; Van Grootel, V.; Bourrier, V.; Demangeon, O.; Demory, B.-O.; Heng, K.; Parviainen, H.; Serrano, L. M.; Singh, V.; ... (2022). The atmosphere and architecture of WASP-189 b probed by its CHEOPS phase curve. Astronomy and astrophysics, 659, A74. EDP Sciences 10.1051/0004-6361/202142400

Barros, S. C. C.; Akinsanmi, B.; Boué, G.; Smith, A. M. S.; Laskar, J.; Ulmer-Moll, S.; Lillo-Box, J.; Queloz, D.; Collier Cameron, A.; Sousa, S. G.; Ehrenreich, D.; Hooton, M. J.; Bruno, G.; Demory, B.-O.; Correia, A. C. M.; Demangeon, O. D. S.; Wilson, T. G.; Bonfanti, A.; Hoyer, S.; Alibert, Y.; ... (2022). Detection of the tidal deformation of WASP-103b at 3 σ with CHEOPS (Corrigendum). Astronomy and astrophysics, 658, C1. EDP Sciences 10.1051/0004-6361/202142196e

Hoyer, S.; Bonfanti, A.; Leleu, A.; Acuña, L.; Serrano, L. M.; Deleuil, M.; Bekkelien, A.; Broeg, C.; Florén, H.-G.; Queloz, D.; Wilson, T. G.; Sousa, S. G.; Hooton, M. J.; Adibekyan, V.; Alibert, Y.; Alonso, R.; Anglada, G.; Asquier, J.; Bárczy, T.; Barrado, D.; ... (2022). Characterization of the HD 108236 system with CHEOPS and TESS Confirmation of a fifth transiting planet. Astronomy and astrophysics, 668, A117. EDP Sciences 10.1051/0004-6361/202243720


Borsato, L; Piotto, G; Gandolfi, D; Nascimbeni, V; Lacedelli, G; Marzari, F; Billot, N; Maxted, P F L; Sousa, S; Cameron, A C; Bonfanti, A; Wilson, T G; Serrano, L M; Garai, Z; Alibert, Y; Alonso, R; Asquier, J; Bárczy, T; Bandy, T; Barrado, D; ... (2021). Exploiting timing capabilities of the CHEOPS mission with warm-Jupiter planets. Monthly notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 506(3), pp. 3810-3830. Oxford University Press 10.1093/mnras/stab1782

Van Grootel, V.; Pozuelos, F. J.; Thuillier, A.; Charpinet, S.; Delrez, L.; Beck, M.; Fortier, A.; Hoyer, S.; Sousa, S. G.; Barlow, B. N.; Billot, N.; Dévora-Pajares, M.; Østensen, R. H.; Alibert, Y.; Alonso, R.; Anglada Escudé, G.; Asquier, J.; Barrado, D.; Barros, S. C. C.; Baumjohann, W.; ... (2021). A search for transiting planets around hot subdwarfs. Astronomy and astrophysics, 650(A205), A205. EDP Sciences 10.1051/0004-6361/202140381

Benz, W.; Broeg, C.; Fortier, A.; Rando, N.; Beck, T.; Beck, M.; Queloz, D.; Ehrenreich, D.; Maxted, P. F. L.; Isaak, K. G.; Billot, N.; Alibert, Y.; Alonso, R.; António, C.; Asquier, J.; Bandy, T.; Bárczy, T.; Barrado, D.; Barros, S. C. C.; Baumjohann, W.; ... (2021). The CHEOPS mission. Experimental astronomy, 51(1), pp. 109-151. Springer 10.1007/s10686-020-09679-4

Szabó, Gy. M.; Gandolfi, D.; Brandeker, A.; Csizmadia, Sz.; Garai, Z.; Billot, N.; Broeg, C.; Ehrenreich, D.; Fortier, A.; Fossati, L.; Hoyer, S.; Kiss, L.; des Etangs, A. Lecavelier; Maxted, P. F. L.; Ribas, I.; Alibert, Y.; Alonso, R.; Anglada Escudé, G.; Bárczy, T.; Barros, S. C. C.; ... (2021). The changing face of AU Mic b: stellar spots, spin-orbit commensurability, and transit timing variations as seen by CHEOPS and TESS. Astronomy and astrophysics, 654(A159), A159. EDP Sciences 10.1051/0004-6361/202140345

Swayne, M I; Maxted, P F L; Triaud, A H M J; Sousa, S G; Broeg, C; Florén, H-G; Guterman, P; Simon, A E; Boisse, I; Bonfanti, A; Martin, D; Santerne, A; Salmon, S; Standing, M R; Van Grootel, V; Wilson, T G; Alibert, Y; Alonso, R; Anglada Escudé, G; Asquier, J; ... (2021). The EBLM project – VIII. First results for M-dwarf mass, radius, and effective temperature measurements using CHEOPS light curves. Monthly notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 506(1), pp. 306-322. Oxford University Press 10.1093/mnras/stab1687

Morris, B. M.; Delrez, L.; Brandeker, A.; Cameron, A. C.; Simon, A. E.; Futyan, D.; Olofsson, G.; Hoyer, S.; Fortier, A.; Demory, B.-O.; Lendl, M.; Wilson, T. G.; Oshagh, M.; Heng, K.; Ehrenreich, D.; Sulis, S.; Alibert, Y.; Alonso, R.; Anglada Escudé, G.; Barrado, D.; ... (2021). CHEOPS precision phase curve of the Super-Earth 55 Cancri e. Astronomy and astrophysics, 653(A173), A173. EDP Sciences 10.1051/0004-6361/202140892

Delrez, Laetitia; Ehrenreich, David; Alibert, Yann; Bonfanti, Andrea; Borsato, Luca; Fossati, Luca; Hooton, Matthew J.; Hoyer, Sergio; Pozuelos, Francisco J.; Salmon, Sébastien; Sulis, Sophia; Wilson, Thomas G.; Adibekyan, Vardan; Bourrier, Vincent; Brandeker, Alexis; Charnoz, Sébastien; Deline, Adrien; Guterman, Pascal; Haldemann, Jonas; Hara, Nathan; ... (2021). Transit detection of the long-period volatile-rich super-Earth ν2 Lupi d with CHEOPS. Nature astronomy, 5(8), pp. 775-787. Nature Publishing Group 10.1038/s41550-021-01381-5

Leleu, A.; Alibert, Y.; Hara, N. C.; Hooton, M. J.; Wilson, T. G.; Robutel, P.; Delisle, J.-B.; Laskar, J.; Hoyer, S.; Lovis, C.; Bryant, E. M.; Ducrot, E.; Cabrera, J.; Delrez, L.; Acton, J. S.; Adibekyan, V.; Allart, R.; Allende Prieto, C.; Alonso, R.; Alves, D.; ... (2021). Six transiting planets and a chain of Laplace resonances in TOI-178. Astronomy and astrophysics, 649(A26), A26. EDP Sciences 10.1051/0004-6361/202039767

Maxted, P F L; Ehrenreich, D; Wilson, T G; Alibert, Y.; Cameron, A Collier; Hoyer, S; Sousa, S G; Olofsson, G; Bekkelien, A; Deline, A; Delrez, L; Bonfanti, A; Borsato, L; Alonso, R; Escudé, G Anglada; Barrado, D; Barros, S C C; Baumjohann, W; Beck, M; Beck, T.; ... (2021). Analysis of Early Science observations with the CHaracterising ExOPlanets Satellite ( CHEOPS ) using pycheops. Monthly notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 514(1), pp. 77-104. Oxford University Press 10.1093/mnras/stab3371


Lendl, M.; Csizmadia, Sz.; Deline, A.; Fossati, L.; Kitzmann, D.; Heng, K.; Hoyer, S.; Salmon, S.; Benz, W.; Broeg, C.; Ehrenreich, D.; Fortier, A.; Queloz, D.; Bonfanti, A.; Brandeker, A.; Collier Cameron, A.; Delrez, L.; Garcia Muñoz, A.; Hooton, M. J.; Maxted, P. F. L.; ... (2020). The hot dayside and asymmetric transit of WASP-189 b seen by CHEOPS. Astronomy and astrophysics, 643(A94), A94. EDP Sciences 10.1051/0004-6361/202038677


Beck, Thomas; Broeg, Christopher; Fortier, Andrea; Cessa, Virginie; Malvasio, L.; Piazza, Daniele; Benz, Willy; Thomas, Nicolas; Magrin, D.; Viotto, V.; Bergomi, M.; Ragazzoni, R.; Pagano, I.; Peter, G.; Buder, M.; Plesseria, J. Y.; Steller, M.; Ottensamer, R.; Ehrenreich, D.; Isaak, K.; ... (29 July 2016). CHEOPS: status summary of the instrument development. In: MacEwen, Howard A.; Fazio, Giovanni G.; Lystrup, Makenzie; Batalha, Natalie; Siegler, Nicholas; Tong, Edward C. (eds.) Space Telescopes and Instrumentation 2016: Optical, Infrared, and Millimeter Wave. Proceedings of SPIE: Vol. 9904 (99042A). SPIE 10.1117/12.2234562


Simon, A. E.; Szabo, Gy M.; Kiss, L. L.; Fortier, Andrea; Benz, Willy (2015). CHEOPS Performance for Exomoons: The Detectability of Exomoons by Using Optimal Decision Algorithm. Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, 127(956), pp. 1084-1095. The Astronomical Society of the Pacific 10.1086/683392


Magrin, Demetrio; Farinato, Jacopo; Umbriaco, Gabriele; Kumar Radhakrishnan Santhakumari, Kalyan; Bergomi, Maria; Dima, Marco; Greggio, Davide; Marafatto, Luca; Ragazzoni, Roberto; Viotto, Valentina; Munari, Matteo; Pagano, Isabella; Scandariato, Gaetano; Scuderi, Salvatore; Piotto, Giampaolo; Beck, Thomas; Benz, Willy; Broeg, Christopher; Cessa, Virginie; Fortier, Andrea; ... (2 August 2014). Shaping the PSF to nearly top-hat profile: CHEOPS laboratory results. In: Oschmann, Jacobus M.; Clampin, Mark; Fazio, Giovanni G.; MacEwen, Howard A. (eds.) Space Telescopes and Instrumentation 2014: Optical, Infrared, and Millimeter Wave. Montréal, Quebec, Canada. 10.1117/12.2055858

Peck, Alison B.; Benn, Chris R.; Seaman, Robert L.; Kuntzer, Thibault; Fortier, Andrea; Benz, Willy (August 2014). SALSA: a tool to estimate the stray light contamination for low-Earth orbit observatories. SPIE Astronomical Telescopes + Instrumentation, 9149, 91490W. SPIE 10.1117/12.2055829

Oschmann, Jacobus M.; Clampin, Mark; Fazio, Giovanni G.; MacEwen, Howard A.; Fortier, Andrea; Beck, Thomas; Benz, Willy; Broeg, Christopher; Cessa, Virginie; Ehrenreich, David; Thomas, Nicolas (2014). CHEOPS: a space telescope for ultra-high precision photometry of exoplanet transits. Proceedings SPIE, 9143, 91432J. 10.1117/12.2056687


Alibert, Yann; Carron, Frédéric; Fortier, Andrea; Pfyffer, Samuel Moses; Benz, Willy; Mordasini, Christoph; Swoboda, David (2013). Theoretical models of planetary system formation: mass vs. semi-major axis. Astronomy and astrophysics, 558(A109), A109. EDP Sciences 10.1051/0004-6361/201321690

Fortier, Andrea; Alibert, Yann; Carron, F.; Benz, Willy; Dittkrist, K.-M. (2013). Planet formation models: the interplay with the planetesimal disc. Astronomy and astrophysics, 549, A44. EDP Sciences 10.1051/0004-6361/201220241


Guilera, O.M.; Fortier, A.; Brunini, A.; Benvenuto, O.G. (2011). Simultaneous formation of solar system giant planets. Astronomy and astrophysics, 532, A142. Les Ulis: EDP Sciences 10.1051/0004-6361/201015731


Fernández-Lajús, Eduardo; Miguel, Yamila; Fortier, Andrea; Di Sisto, Romina P. (2010). Monitoring and analyzing exoplanetary transits from Argentina. Proceedings of the International Astronomical Union, 6(S276), pp. 416-417. Cambridge University Press 10.1017/S174392131102059X

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