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Gonçalves, Kellie (November 2022). The Discourse of Van Life: A Multimodal Analysis. (Unpublished). In: Urbane und rurale Räume: Ein transphilologischer Dialog. University of Bern.

Gonçalves, Kellie; Lanza, Elizabeth (September 2022). Expanding the LL: Familyscapes, multilingualism, and family language policy (Unpublished). In: Linguistic Landscape Workshop. University of Hamburg. 7-9 September.

Gonçalves, Kellie (June 2022). Multilingual writing and social class: a case study of supermarket products in Switzerland June 2022 (Unpublished). In: Multilingual Writing. Inter-University Center Dubrovnik.

Gonçalves, Kellie (March 2022). Yogascapes (Unpublished). In: Sociolinguistics Seminar Series. University of Reading, England (Zoom).

Gonçalves, Kellie (February 2022). From Economic Migration to Lifestyle Mobilities: exploring the discourses of movement. (Unpublished). In: Migration Linguistics Winter School. Tokyo University of Foreign Studies (Zoom).

Gonçalves, Kellie (2022). Street art as “street fetish” – a new signifier of social class? The case of Brazil’s “Beverley Hills”. Social semiotics, 32(4), pp. 525-544. Taylor & Francis 10.1080/10350330.2022.2114729

Gonçalves, Kellie; Milani, Tommaso M. (2022). Street art/art in the street – semiotics, politics, economy. Social semiotics, 32(4), pp. 425-443. Taylor & Francis 10.1080/10350330.2022.2114724

Gonçalves, Kellie (2022). “I think I need her more than she needs me”: An Intersectional Approach to Privilege, Marginalization and Power Asymmetries within a Brazilian Domestic Labor Context. Journal of Postcolonial Linguistics, 7, pp. 13-31.

Gonçalves, Kellie (2022). Urban Variationist Sociolinguistics. In: Busse, Beatrix; Warnke, Ingo H. (eds.) Handbuch Sprache Im Urbanen Raum. Handbücher Sprachwissen (HSW): Vol. 20 (pp. 33-51). Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter 10.1515/9783110296334-002

Gonçalves, Kellie; Milani, Tommaso M. (eds.) (2022). Social Semiotics, 32(4). Taylor & Francis


Gonçalves, Kellie (7 September 2021). The political economy of place - Investigating how 'artistic dividends' and 'USPs' are used in gentrification processes: case studies from Brooklyn (Unpublished). In: Linguistic Landscape: The Political Economy of Language and Space (PhD Workshop). The University of Göthenburg, Sweden (Online). 6.-8. September 2021.

Gonçalves, Kellie (2 September 2021). Yogascapes: Embodied Practice and the Political Economy of Place (Unpublished). In: Linguistic Landscape. The University of Göthenburg, Sweden (Online). 1. - 3. September 2021.

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Gonçalves, Kellie (8 June 2021). Namaste: investigating the stylization of bikram yoga as a contemporary global practice (Unpublished). In: Sociolinguistic Symposium 23: Social semiotics of style: Unsettling oral, written & visual discourse. The University of Hong Kong, China (Online). 07.-10.06.2021.

Gonçalves, Kellie (2021). Grassroots diffusion of English in a ‘blue-collar’ workplace: the case of a multilingual cleaning company in New Jersey, USA. In: Meierkord, Christiane; Schneider, Edgar W. (eds.) The Global Growth of English at the Grassroots. Edinburgh scholarship online (pp. 186-208). Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press

Jaworski, Adam; Gonçalves, Kellie (2021). “High Culture at Street Level” Oslo's Ibsen Sitat and the Ethos of Egalitarian Nationalism. In: Blackwood, Robert; Røyneland, Unn (eds.) Spaces of Multilingualism (pp. 135-164). New York: Routledge 10.4324/9781003125839-11


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Gonçalves, Kellie (2020). Managing people with language: language policy, planning and practice in multilingual blue-collar workplaces. Language policy, 19(3), pp. 327-338. New York: Springer 10.1007/s10993-020-09553-1

Gonçalves, Kellie (2020). “What the fuck is this for a language, this cannot be Deutsch?” language ideologies, policies, and semiotic practices of a kitchen crew in a hotel restaurant. Language policy, 19(3), pp. 417-441. New York: Springer 10.1007/s10993-020-09558-w


Thurlow, Crispin; Gonçalves, Kellie (2019). Introduction: X-SCAPES: New horizons in linguistic landscapes. Linguistic landscape, 5(2), pp. 111-114. Benjamins

Thurlow, Crispin; Gonçalves, Kellie (eds.) (2019). X-Scapes. New horizons in Linguistic Landscapes, 5(2). John Benjamins


Gonçalves, Kellie (2018). YO! or OY? - say what? Creative place-making through a metrolingual artifact in Dumbo, Brooklyn. International Journal of Multilingualism, 16(1), pp. 42-58. Routledge 10.1080/14790718.2018.1500259

Gonçalves, Kellie (2018). Young Adulthood (In Press). In: The Cambridge Handbook of Bilingualism. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press

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Gonçalves, Kellie; Schluter, Anne (2017). “Please do not leave any notes for the cleaning lady, as many do not speak English fluently”: policy, power and language brokering in a multilingual workplace. Language policy, 16(3), pp. 241-265. Springer 10.1007/s10993-016-9406-2


Gonçalves, Kellie (June 2016). “Stay and Play”: investigating the semiotic landscapes of DUMBO, Brooklyn (Unpublished). In: Sociolinguistics Symposium 21 Panel: Creativity and play in the multilingual/multimodal semiotic landscape. Murcia, Spain. 15.06.2016.

Gonçalves, Kellie (2016). Urban Variational Sociolinguistics. In: Busse, Beatrix; Warnke, Ingo H. (eds.) The Handbook of Language in Urban Space / Sprache im urbanen Raum. Handbücher Sprachwissen: Vol. 20. Berlin/Boston: Mouton de Gruyter


Gonçalves, Kellie (November 2015). Global tourists, transient ‘locals’ and mobile ‘voices’ in Queenstown, New Zealand: Contesting official language policies through semiotic landscapes and the commodification of place (Unpublished). In: Communication in the Country of Babel: Language ideological Debates and Contact Varieties. University of Bern. 11.-12.11.2015.

Gonçalves, Kellie; Schluter, A (October 2015). Bridging Cultures through Polycentricity in a U.S.-Based Cleaning Company. (Unpublished). In: The International Association of World Englishes. Boğaziçi University, Istanbul, Turkey. 08.-10.10.2015.

Gonçalves, Kellie (October 2015). Hispanics speak! Translanguaging and other transcultural practices in navigating Newark’s urban landscape among Portuguese, Brazilian and Spanish-speaking domestics (Unpublished). In: Transcultural Urban Spaces: Where language meets geography. University of Bern. 16.-17.10.2015.

Gonçalves, Kellie; Schluter, A (June 2015). Polycentricity and the Prestige of Portuguese among Migrant Workers in a New Jersey, U.S.-Based Cleaning Company (Unpublished). In: The Sociolinguistics of Globalization Conference. Hong Kong, China. 03.-06.06.2015.

Gonçalves, Kellie; Schluter, A (May 2015). Portuguese as a Lingua Franca in a New Jersey-Based Cleaning Company (Unpublished). In: 10th International Symposium on Bilingualism. Rutgers University, New Jersey, USA. 20-24.05.2015.

Gonçalves, Kellie (2015). The Pedagogical Implications of ELF in A Domestic Migrant Workplace. In: Bowles, Hugo; Cogo, Alessia (eds.) International Perspectives on English as a Lingua Franca. Pedagogical Insights (pp. 136-158). New York: Palgrave Macmillan

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Goncalves, Kellie (2010). Negotiating Identities in Intercultural Couples' Conversations, Sprachenzentrum der Universität & der ETH Zürich, Language Center of the University of Zürich and The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zürich, June 2010.

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Goncalves, Kellie (2010). "He was so arrogant about that, he'd say 'oh just Christ, learn the Swiss German, it's so stupid to be learning high German'": Language attitudes and ideologies within intercultural couples in Switzerland, International Conference on Pluricentric Languages: Linguistic Variation and Sociocognitive Dimensions, Catholic University of Portugal, Braga, Portugal, September 2010.

Goncalves, Kellie (2010). Adventure playgrounds: a comparative analysis of the discourses of Interlaken's landscape through guidebooks, tourists and locals. The Language of Landscapes, 30th Annual Conference of the Poetics and Linguistics Association PALA, University of Genoa, Italy, July 2010.

Goncalves, Kellie (2010). "It's so much more comfortable to speak the local language than to speak high German when English is your first language": Language practices within intercultural couples in a multilingual setting, Bloomsbury Round Table on Communication, Cognition & Culture: The multiple faces of multilingualism, University of London and Birbeck College, London, UK, June 2010.

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Goncalves, Kellie (2010). "What the hell would I be doing speaking high German to him now when he doesn't even like high German?" Doing Swiss and the (un)successful journey of integration among intercultural couples in Interlaken, 4th International Seminar Series AILA Research Network "Language and Migration" Language, Migration and Labour, University of Fribourg, Switzerland, Januar 2010.


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Goncalves, Kellie (2008). Language contact in a diglossic region: language choices and ideologies among Anglophones and German-speaking Swiss, Geolinguistics in the 21st Century Conference, Baruch College CUNY, New York, USA, September 2008.

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