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Cheng, Andrew F; Agrusa, Harrison F; Barbee, Brent W; Meyer, Alex J; Farnham, Tony L; Raducan, Sabina D; Richardson, Derek C; Dotto, Elisabetta; Zinzi, Angelo; Della Corte, Vincenzo; Statler, Thomas S; Chesley, Steven; Naidu, Shantanu P; Hirabayashi, Masatoshi; Li, Jian-Yang; Eggl, Siegfried; Barnouin, Olivier S; Chabot, Nancy L; Chocron, Sidney; Collins, Gareth S; ... (2023). Momentum Transfer from the DART Mission Kinetic Impact on Asteroid Dimorphos. (In Press). Nature communications Nature Publishing Group 10.1038/s41586-023-05878-z

Daly, R Terik; Ernst, Carolyn M; Barnouin, Olivier S; Chabot, Nancy L; Rivkin, Andrew S; Cheng, Andrew F; Adams, Elena Y; Agrusa, Harrison F; Abel, Elisabeth D; Alford, Amy L; Asphaug, Erik I; Atchison, Justin A; Badger, Andrew R; Baki, Paul; Ballouz, Ronald-L; Bekker, Dmitriy L; Bellerose, Julie; Bhaskaran, Shyam; Buratti, Bonnie J; Cambioni, Saverio; ... (2023). Successful Kinetic Impact into an Asteroid for Planetary Defense. (In Press). Nature Springer Nature 10.1038/s41586-023-05810-5

Ballantyne, Harry A.; Jutzi, Martin; Golabek, Gregor J.; Mishra, Lokesh; Cheng, Kar Wai; Rozel, Antoine B.; Tackley, Paul J. (2023). Investigating the feasibility of an impact-induced Martian Dichotomy. Icarus, 392, p. 115395. Elsevier 10.1016/j.icarus.2022.115395


Jutzi, Martin; Raducan, Sabina D; Zhang, Yun; Michel, Patrick; Arakawa, Masahiko (2022). Constraining surface properties of asteroid (162173) Ryugu from numerical simulations of Hayabusa2 mission impact experiment. Nature communications, 13(1), p. 7134. Nature Publishing Group 10.1038/s41467-022-34540-x

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Brož, M.; Ferrais, M.; Vernazza, P.; Ševeček, P.; Jutzi, Martin (2022). Discovery of an asteroid family linked to (22) Kalliope and its moon Linus. Astronomy and astrophysics, 664, A69. EDP Sciences 10.1051/0004-6361/202243628

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Arakawa, Masahiko; Okazaki, Masashi; Nakamura, Masato; Jutzi, Martin; Yasui, Minami; Hasegawa, Sunao (2022). Dispersion and shattering strength of rocky and frozen planetesimals studied by laboratory experiments and numerical simulations. Icarus, 373, p. 114777. Elsevier 10.1016/j.icarus.2021.114777

Raducan, Sabina D; Jutzi, Martin (2022). Global-scale Reshaping and Resurfacing of Asteroids by Small-scale Impacts, with Applications to the DART and Hera Missions. The planetary science journal, 3(6), p. 128. IOP Publishing 10.3847/PSJ/ac67a7

Hirabayashi, Masatoshi; Ferrari, Fabio; Jutzi, Martin; Nakano, Ryota; Raducan, Sabina D.; Sánchez, Paul; Soldini, Stefania; Zhang, Yun; Barnouin, Olivier S.; Richardson, Derek C.; Michel, Patrick; Dotto, Elisabetta; Rossi, Alessandro; Rivkin, Andrew R. (2022). Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART): Structural and Dynamic Interactions between Asteroidal Elements of Binary Asteroid (65803) Didymos. The planetary science journal, 3(6), p. 140. IOP Publishing 10.3847/psj/ac6eff

Luther, Robert; Raducan, Sabina D.; Burger, Christoph; Wünnemann, Kai; Jutzi, Martin; Schäfer, Christoph M.; Koschny, Detlef; Davison, Thomas M.; Collins, Gareth S.; Zhang, Yun; Michel, Patrick (2022). Momentum Enhancement during Kinetic Impacts in the Low-intermediate-strength Regime: Benchmarking and Validation of Impact Shock Physics Codes. The planetary science journal, 3(10), p. 227. IOP Publishing 10.3847/psj/ac8b89

Michel, Patrick; Küppers, Michael; Bagatin, Adriano Campo; Carry, Benoit; Charnoz, Sébastien; Leon, Julia de; Fitzsimmons, Alan; Gordo, Paulo; Green, Simon F.; Hérique, Alain; Jutzi, Martin; Karatekin, Özgür; Kohout, Tomas; Lazzarin, Monica; Murdoch, Naomi; Okada, Tatsuaki; Palomba, Ernesto; Pravec, Petr; Snodgrass, Colin; Tortora, Paolo; ... (2022). The ESA Hera Mission: Detailed Characterization of the DART Impact Outcome and of the Binary Asteroid (65803) Didymos. The planetary science journal, 3(7), p. 160. IOP Publishing 10.3847/psj/ac6f52

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Richardson, Derek C.; Agrusa, Harrison F.; Barbee, Brent; Bottke, William F.; Cheng, Andrew F.; Eggl, Siegfried; Ferrari, Fabio; Hirabayashi, Masatoshi; Karatekin, Özgür; McMahon, Jay; Schwartz, Stephen R.; Ballouz, Ronald-Louis; Bagatin, Adriano Campo; Dotto, Elisabetta; Fahnestock, Eugene G.; Fuentes-Muñoz, Oscar; Gkolias, Ioannis; Hamilton, Douglas P.; Jacobson, Seth A.; Jutzi, Martin; ... (2022). Predictions for the Dynamical States of the Didymos System before and after the Planned DART Impact. The planetary science journal, 3(7), p. 157. IOP Publishing 10.3847/psj/ac76c9

Statler, Thomas S.; Raducan, Sabina D.; Barnouin, Olivier S.; DeCoster, Mallory E.; Chesley, Steven R.; Barbee, Brent; Agrusa, Harrison F.; Cambioni, Saverio; Cheng, Andrew F.; Dotto, Elisabetta; Eggl, Siegfried; Fahnestock, Eugene G.; Ferrari, Fabio; Graninger, Dawn; Herique, Alain; Herreros, Isabel; Hirabayashi, Masatoshi; Ivanovski, Stavro; Jutzi, Martin; Karatekin, Özgür; ... (2022). After DART: Using the First Full-scale Test of a Kinetic Impactor to Inform a Future Planetary Defense Mission. The planetary science journal, 3(10), p. 244. IOP Publishing 10.3847/psj/ac94c1

Stickle, Angela M.; DeCoster, Mallory E.; Burger, Christoph; Caldwell, Wendy K.; Graninger, Dawn; Kumamoto, Kathryn M.; Luther, Robert; Ormö, Jens; Raducan, Sabina; Rainey, Emma; Schäfer, Christoph M.; Walker, James D.; Zhang, Yun; Michel, Patrick; Michael Owen, J.; Barnouin, Olivier; Cheng, Andy F.; Chocron, Sidney; Collins, Gareth S.; Davison, Thomas M.; ... (2022). Effects of Impact and Target Parameters on the Results of a Kinetic Impactor: Predictions for the Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) Mission. The planetary science journal, 3(11), p. 248. IOP Publishing 10.3847/psj/ac91cc


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