Kammerer, Marlene

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Kammerer, Marlene; Ingold, Karin (2023). Actors and issues in climate change policy: The maturation of a policy discourse in the national and international context. Social networks, 75, pp. 65-77. Elsevier 10.1016/j.socnet.2021.08.005


Castro, Paula; Kammerer, Marlene (2021). The Institutionalization of a Cleavage: How Differential Treatment Affects State Behavior in the Climate Negotiations. International studies quarterly, 65(3), pp. 683-698. Oxford University Press 10.1093/isq/sqab045

Kammerer, Marlene; Wagner, Paul; Gronow, Antti; Ylä-Anttila, Tuomas; Fisher, Dana R.; Sun-Jin, Yun (2021). What Explains Collaboration in High and Low Conflict Contexts? Comparing Climate Change Policy Networks in Four Countries. Policy studies journal, 49(4), pp. 1065-1086. Wiley 10.1111/psj.12422

Kammerer, Marlene; Ingold, Karin; Dupuis, Johann (2021). Switzerland: International commitments and domestic drawbacks. In: Wurzel, Rüdiger K.W.; Andersen, Mikael Skou; Tobin, Paul (eds.) Climate Governance Across the Globe: Pioneers, Leaders, and Followers. Routledge Research in Comparative Politics (pp. 235-256). Abingdon, Oxon: Routledge


Zeigermann, Ulrike; Kammerer, Marlene; Böcher, Michael (25 November 2020). Coordinating climate change mitigation policies in rural Germany: A comparative policy network analysis of 32 districts in two Laender. In: ECPR General Conference 2020. Virtual Event. 24.08-28.08.2020.

Kammerer, Marlene; Crameri, Fadri (24 April 2020). Klimapolitik in den Medien: Akteure, Themen und Koalitionen. Universität Zürich

Kammerer, Marlene; Crameri, Fadri; Ingold, Karin (2020). Das Klima und die EU: Eine Diskursperspektive auf die deutsche und schweizerische Klimapolitik. In: Careja, Romana; Emmenegger, Patrick; Giger, Nathalie (eds.) The European Social Model under Pressure – Liber Amicorum in Honour of Klaus Armingeon (pp. 599-623). Wiesbaden: Springer 10.1007/978-3-658-27043-8_34

Kammerer, Marlene; Ingold, Karin (2020). Focusing Events, Public Attention, and Belief Conflict: The Impact of Climate Summits on National Policy Discourses (Unpublished)


Castro, Paula; Kammerer, Marlene (22 October 2019). Inside and outside the climate negotiations: Contrasting networks of conference diplomacy reporting and media perception (Unpublished). In: WTI Brown Bag Seminar. Bern. 22.10.2019.

Ingold, Karin; Varone, Frédéric; Kammerer, Marlene; Metz, Florence; Kammermann, Lorenz; Strotz, Chantal (2019). Are responses to official consultations and stakeholder surveys reliable guides to policy actors’ positions? Policy and politics, 48(2), pp. 193-222. Policy Press 10.1332/030557319X15613699478503

Ingold, Karin; Kammerer, Marlene (12 September 2019). Swiss Climate Policy: decision-making in a federalist state (Unpublished). In: Climate Change and Federative Governance: Canadian Roundtable. Montreal (Canada). 12.09.2019.

Kammerer, Marlene; Ingold, Karin (6 September 2019). The Impact of Climate Summits on National Policymaking – A Longitudinal Discourse Analysis of Swiss Climate Policy (Unpublished). In: 13th General Conference of ECPR. Breslau (Poland). 04.09.-07.09.2019.

Kammerer, Marlene; Castro, Paula (10 April 2019). It is Not as Bad as it Looks: Comparing Countries' Cooperation on Climate Change Inside and Outside the UNFCCC Negotiations (Unpublished). In: ECPR Joint Session, Workshop "Networked Environmental Politics: New Approaches to New Challenges". Université catholique de Louvain, Mons, Belgium. 08.04.-12.04.2019.

Ingold, Karin; Kammerer, Marlene; Crameri, Fadri (15 February 2019). Same, same but different? A discourse perspective on the climate policy agenda in Switzerland before and after the Paris Agreement (Unpublished). In: Annual Conference of the Swiss Political Science Association (SPSA) & Dreiländertagung. Zürich. 14.02.-16.02.2019.


Kammerer, Marlene; Namhata, Chandreyee (2018). What drives the adoption of climate change mitigation policy? A dynamic network approach to policy diffusion. Policy sciences, 51(4), pp. 477-513. Springer 10.1007/s11077-018-9332-6

Kammerer, Marlene; Wagner, Paul; Gronow, Antti; Ylä-Anttila, Tuomas (23 August 2018). Collaboration to mitigate climate change – Does the institutional context matter? A comparative study of Finland, South Korea, Switzerland, and the United States (Unpublished). In: ECPR General Conference 2018. Hamburg, Germany. 22.08.2018-25.08.2018.

Castro, Paula; Kammerer, Marlene (23 August 2018). The politicization of the climate: How and why has the Annex I – non-Annex I division affected negotiations under the climate change regime? (Unpublished). In: ECPR General Conference 2018. Hamburg, Germany. 22.08.2018-25.08.2018.

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