Perl, Gerhild

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Perl, Gerhild (2019). Migration as survival: Withheld stories and the limits of ethnographic knowability (In Press). Migration and Society Berghahn


Perl, Gerhild (4 December 2018). What is lost when we lose somebody? Exploring everyday mourning in the aftermath of a shipwreck. (Unpublished). In: Gastvortrag Universität St. Gallen. St. Gallen. 04.12.2018.

Perl, Gerhild (23 November 2018). 'Research assistants' and the composition of ethnographic text (Unpublished). In: SEG-SSE-SAA Annual Meeting: Knowledge (Trans) Formations in Anthropology.. Zürich, Schweiz. 22.–23.11.2018.

Perl, Gerhild; Strasser, Sabine (2018). Transnational moralities: the politics of ir/responsibility of and against the EU border regime. Identities. Global Studies in Culture and Power, 25(5), pp. 507-523. Taylor & Francis 10.1080/1070289X.2018.1507979

Perl, Gerhild (28 May 2018). Absent Presences: On the im/mobility and imaginaries of the dead and disappeared at the Strait of Gibraltar. (Unpublished). In: Séminaire Mort(s) et migration. Paris.

Perl, Gerhild (2018). Wasser/Water. In: Hildebrand, Sarah; Perl, Gerhild; Rehsmann, Julia; Siegl, Veronika (eds.) hope (pp. 135-175). Basel: Christoph Merian Verlag

Perl, Gerhild (2018). Lethal Borders and the Translocal Politics of ‘Ordinary People’. Anthropological Journal of European Cultures, 27(2), pp. 85-104. Berghahn 10.3167/ajec.2018.270206


Perl, Gerhild (6 October 2017). On the Mediterranean as an event. The after-life of deceased migrants in the Spanish-Moroccan borderlands. (Unpublished). In: Zugehörigkeiten: Affektive, moralische und politische Praxen in einer vernetzten Welt. Berlin.

Perl, Gerhild (2017). Uncertain Belongings: Absent Mourning, Burial, and Post-mortem Repatriations at the External Border of the EU in Spain. In: Hunter, Alistair; Soom Ammann, Eva (eds.) Final Journeys: Migrant End-of-life Care and Rituals in Europe. New York: Taylor and Francis

Perl, Gerhild (9 June 2017). The shipwreck of Rota. Moralities of violent death in the Spanish-Moroccan borderlands (Unpublished). In: Death at the Margins of the State. Bath. 9 - 10 June 2017.


Perl, Gerhild (20 November 2016). Between stasis and movement: Remembering and imagining multilocality in a migrant’s detention centre in Spain. (Unpublished). In: Annual Conference of the American Anthropological Association (AAA). Minneapolis, USA. 16.-20.11.2016.

Huttunen, Laura; Perl, Gerhild (22 July 2016). Panel: Missing persons, unidentified bodies: addressing absences and negotiating identifications (Unpublished). In: 14th Biannual Conference of the European Association of Social Anthropologists (EASA). University of Milano-Bicocca. 20.-23.07.2016.

Strasser, Sabine; Perl, Gerhild (16 April 2016). Transnational Moralities: Death and moral responsibility across the Mediterranean (Unpublished). In: Synthesising Transnationalism: Bridging Concepts and Moving Critique. Wien, Österreich. 16. April 2016.

Perl, Gerhild (2016). Uncertain Belongings. Absent mourning, burial, and post-mortem repatriations at the external border of the EU in Spain. Journal of Intercultural Studies, 37(2), pp. 195-209. Routledge 10.1080/07256868.2016.1141758


Perl, Gerhild (13 November 2015). Restless bodies: Post-mortem mobility in the Spanish-Moroccan borderlands (Unpublished). In: Annual Conference of the Swiss Ethnological Society: Global Capitalism and the Challenge of Well‐Being in the World. University of Bern. 12.-14.11.2015.

Perl, Gerhild (19 June 2015). Uncertain Belongings. Tod, Bestattung und Repatriierung an der EU-Außengrenze in Spanien (Unpublished). In: Das Mittelmeer und der Tod. Mediterrane Mobilität und Sepulkrarkultur. Ruhr University Bochum. 18.-20.05.2015.

Colombini, Jacopo; Hill, Emma; Perl, Gerhild; Stepušaitytė, Vitalija (8 January 2015). Politics of Representation (Unpublished). In: First Edinburgh Conference in Critical Migration and Border Studies – “Politics, Practices, and Discourses of Mobility”. Edinburgh, Schottland. 08.-10.01.2015.

Perl, Gerhild (2015). Versuch einer Antwort. Reflexionen über einen Forschungsaufenthalt an der Grenze. UniPress - Forschung und Wissenschaft an der Universität Bern, 164, pp. 22-24. Abteilung Kommunikation, Universität Bern


Perl, Gerhild (2014). Der Telefonengel®. Versuch über das Sterben. Schreibkraft. Das Feuilletonmagazin(da capo 26) Edition Schreibkraft Graz


Perl, Gerhild (July 2012). La muerte social: Una reflexión sobre la distinción entre la muerte social antes y después de la muerte biológica mediante ejemplos latinoamericanos. (Unpublished). In: 54 International Congress of Americanists: "Building Dialogues in the Americas". Wien. 15.-20.07.2012.


Perl, Gerhild (2011). Unbehagliche Körper. Von Leichen, Toten und Kadavern. Paradigmata. Zeitschrift für Menschen und Diskurse, 3, pp. 48-52. Kulturverein Pangea


Perl, Gerhild; Mitterbauer, Julia (2008). Enemies from the Inside. An exploration into queer, feminist, and anti-nationalist activism in Belgrad. In: Morawek, Katharina (ed.) Are you talking to me? Discussions on Knowledge Prduction, Gender Politics and Feminist Strategies. (pp. 171-179). Wien: Löcker Verlag

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