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Rüfenacht, Elias; Kamath, Amith; Suter, Yannick; Poel, Robert; Ermiş, Ekin; Scheib, Stefan; Reyes, Mauricio (2023). PyRaDiSe: A Python package for DICOM-RT-based auto-segmentation pipeline construction and DICOM-RT data conversion. Computer methods and programs in biomedicine, 231(107374), p. 107374. Elsevier 10.1016/j.cmpb.2023.107374

Krcek, Reinhardt; Poel, Robert; Hemmatazad, Hossein; Reyes, Mauricio; Ermis, Ekin (17 January 2023). Variations in contouring brain target volumes and Organs at Risk on 3 T vs. 7 T MRI: An intra-rater/inter-rater analysis study. Strahlentherapie und Onkologie, p. 215. Springer

Poel, Robert; Kamath, Amith J.; Willmann, Jonas; Andratschke, Nicolaus; Ermis, Ekin; Aebersold, Daniel M.; Manser, Peter; Reyes, Mauricio (2023). Deep-Learning-Based Dose Predictor for Glioblastoma–Assessing the Sensitivity and Robustness for Dose Awareness in Contouring. Cancers, 15(17) MDPI AG 10.3390/cancers15174226

Kamath, Amith; Poel, Robert; Willmann, Jonas; Andratschke, Nicolaus; Reyes, Mauricio (2023). How Sensitive Are Deep Learning Based Radiotherapy Dose Prediction Models To Variability In Organs At Risk Segmentation? In: 2023 IEEE 20th International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging (ISBI) (pp. 1-4). IEEE 10.1109/ISBI53787.2023.10230559

Rüfenacht, Elias; Poel, Robert; Kamath, Amith; Ermis, Ekin; Scheib, Stefan; Fix, Michael K.; Reyes, Mauricio (2023). Dose Guidance for Radiotherapy-Oriented Deep Learning Segmentation. Lecture notes in computer science, 14228, pp. 525-534. Cham: Springer 10.1007/978-3-031-43996-4_50

Kamath, Amith; Poel, Robert; Willmann, Jonas; Ermis, Ekin; Andratschke, Nicolaus; Reyes, Mauricio (2023). ASTRA: Atomic Surface Transformations for Radiotherapy Quality Assurance. In: 2023 45th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine & Biology Society (EMBC) (pp. 1-4). IEEE 10.1109/EMBC40787.2023.10341062


Poel, Robert; Rüfenacht, Elias; Ermis, Ekin; Müller, Michael; Fix, Michael K; Aebersold, Daniel M; Manser, Peter; Reyes, Mauricio (2022). Impact of random outliers in auto-segmented targets on radiotherapy treatment plans for glioblastoma. Radiation oncology, 17(1), p. 170. BioMed Central 10.1186/s13014-022-02137-9

Henzen, Dominik; Schmidhalter, Daniel; Guyer, Gian; Stenger-Weisser, Anna; Ermiş, Ekin; Poel, Robert; Deml, Moritz Caspar; Fix, Michael Karl; Manser, Peter; Aebersold, Daniel Matthias; Hemmatazad, Hossein (2022). Feasibility of postoperative spine stereotactic body radiation therapy in proximity of carbon and titanium hybrid implants using a robotic radiotherapy device. Radiation oncology, 17(1), p. 94. BioMed Central 10.1186/s13014-022-02058-7


Poel, Robert; Rüfenacht, Elias; Herrmann, Evelyn; Scheib, Stefan; Manser, Peter; Aebersold, Daniel M.; Reyes, Mauricio (2021). The predictive value of segmentation metrics on dosimetry in organs at risk of the brain. Medical image analysis, 73, p. 102161. Elsevier 10.1016/j.media.2021.102161

Ermiş, Ekin; Anschuetz, Lukas; Leiser, Dominic; Poel, Robert; Raabe, Andreas; Manser, Peter; Aebersold, Daniel M.; Caversaccio, Marco; Mantokoudis, Georgios; Abu-Isa, Janine; Wagner, Franca; Herrmann, Evelyn (2021). Vestibular dose correlates with dizziness after radiosurgery for the treatment of vestibular schwannoma. Radiation oncology, 16(1), p. 61. BioMed Central 10.1186/s13014-021-01793-7


Ermis, Ekin; Jungo, Alain; Poel, Robert; Blatti-Moreno, Marcela; Meier, Raphael; Knecht, Urspeter; Aebersold, Daniel M.; Fix, Michael K.; Manser, Peter; Reyes, Mauricio; Herrmann, Evelyn (2020). Fully automated brain resection cavity delineation for radiation target volume definition in glioblastoma patients using deep learning. Radiation oncology, 15(1), p. 100. BioMed Central 10.1186/s13014-020-01553-z

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