Radwan, Nadia Susanne

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Journal Article

Radwan, Nadia (2022). Charming Snakes. Taste as Knowledge and the New Narratives of Middle Eastern Orientalist Collections (Submitted). World Art Journal Taylor&Francis

Radwan, Nadia (2022). Review of: Anneka Lenssen; Beautiful Agitation. Modern Painting and Politics in Syria. Journal für Kunstgeschichte, 26(1), pp. 91-98. Schnell & Steiner

Radwan, Nadia Susanne (2021). Review of: Under the Skin: Feminist Art and Art Histories from the Middle East and North Africa Today. Third text : critical perspectives on contemporary art & culture Routledge

Radwan, Nadia (2021). Review of: There Where You Are Not: Selected Writings of Kamal Boullata. College Art Association.reviews College Art Association 10.3202/caa.reviews.2021.21

Radwan, Nadia (2019). Le modèle noir: visite de l’exposition. Journal18 : a journal of eighteenth-century art and culture, 2019, pp. 1-12. Department of Art History, New York University

Radwan, Nadia (2019). Modernismo egipcio y El Cairo como plataforma cultural. Awrãq. Instituto Hispano-Árabe de Cultura : estudios sobre el mundo árabe e islámico contemporáneo(19), pp. 95-100. Instituto Hispano-Arabe de Cultura

Etienne, Noémie; Radwan, Nadia (2018). Introduction. L’art du diorama (1700-2000). Culture et Musée. Muséologie et recherche sur la culture, 32, pp. 11-23. Actes Sud

Radwan, Nadia (2016). Dal Cairo a Roma. Visual Arts and Transcultural Interactions Between Egypt and Italy. Asiatische Studien / Etudes asiatiques AS/EA, 70(4), pp. 1094-1114. de Gruyter 10.1515/asia-2016-0034

Radwan, Nadia Susanne (2016). Creating a New World: The Vanguard of Egyptian Modern Art. al- Rawi: Egypt's heritage review, 8, pp. 24-31.

Radwan, Nadia (2014). Revolution to Revolution: Tracing Egyptian Public Art from Saad Zaghloul to January 25. Cairo Review of Global Affairs, 14, pp. 81-87. The American University in Cairo

Radwan, Nadia (2014). Review of the book Constructing the Image of Muhammad in Europe edited by Avinoam Shalem. Material Culture Review, 79, p. 107. CBU Press

Radwan, Nadia (2011). Les arts visuels de l’Egypte moderne, méthodes de recherches et sources: l’exemple de Mahmud Mukhtar. Quaderns de la Mediterrània, 15, pp. 51-61. Institut Europeu de la Mediterrania

Newspaper or Magazine Article

Radwan, Nadia (2015). Scènes de la vie rurale au Musée agricole du Caire. Qantara, 96, pp. 43-45. Institut du Monde Arabe

Radwan, Nadia (2013). Des égyptiens égyptomanes. Qantara, 87, pp. 30-34. Institut du Monde Arabe

Radwan, Nadia (2012). Le printemps des rues: une création arabe contemporaine en mutation. Moyen Orient, 11, pp. 86-91. Areion Group

Book Section

Hindelang, Laura; Radwan, Nadia (2023). Between Affect and Concept. Nostalgia in Modern and Contemporary Art and Architecture from the Middle East and North Africa. In: Gartmann, Thomas; Urchueguía, Cristina; Ambühl-Baur, Hannah (eds.) Studies in the Arts – Künste, Design und Wissenschaft im Austausch. Studies in the arts: Vol. 2 (pp. 121-138). Bielefeld: transcript

Radwan, Nadia (2022). Modern Visions of Ancient Egypt (Submitted). In: Ferrari, Anna; Weiss, Theo (eds.) Visions of Ancient Egypt. The Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts (SCVA)

Radwan, Nadia (2022). Wool, Clay and Palm: Craft and Primitivism as Paradigms in Contemporary Art, In Craft, edited by Ileana Parvu (Submitted). In: Craft. Dijon: Les presses du réel

Radwan, Nadia Susanne (2021). Invisible Stories: The Other Criteria of Art Criticism in the Middle. In: Wolf, Gerhard; Faietti, Marzia (eds.) Motion: Transformation 2 (pp. 385-389). Bologna: Bononia University Press

Radwan, Nadia (2021). The Uncanny of Everyday Life. In: Surrealism Beyond Borders (pp. 266-270). New York: The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Pollock, Griselda; Radwan, Nadia; Merzaban, Mandy (2020). Foreword. In: Özpinar, Ceren; Kelly, Mary (eds.) Under the Skin: Feminist Art and Art Histories from the Middle East and North Africa Today (ix-x). Oxford: Oxford University Press

Radwan, Nadia (2020). Intimate Spaces and Murmuring Narratives in the Realm of Global Museums (In Press). In: Imesch-Oechslin, Kornelia (ed.) Authenticity and Cultural Translation in the Global City and Community: the Case of the Greater Middle East. Oberhausen: Athena

Radwan, Nadia (2020). Les structures fragiles de l’entre-deux. Susan Hefuna. In: Étienne, Noémie; Brizon, Claire; Lee, Chonja; Wismer, Étienne (eds.) Une Suisse exotique? Regarder l'ailleurs en Suisse au siècle des lumières (pp. 341-342). Dijon: Les Presses du Réel

Radwan, Nadia (2019). Egypt: The Fine Arts. In: Berghaus, Günter (ed.) Handbook of International Futurism. De Gruyter Handbook (pp. 408-422). Berlin/New York: Walter de Gruyter 10.1515/9783110273564-026

Radwan, Nadia (2019). Le Minaret Philippe Suchard: un Orient situé entre modèles transnationaux et savoir-faire locaux. In: Giese, Francine; el-Wakil, Leïla; Varela Braga, Ariane (eds.) Der Orient in der Schweiz. Neo-islamische Architektur und Interieurs des 19. und 20. Jahrhunderts / L’Orient en Suisse. Architecture et intérieurs néo-islamiques des 19e et 20e siècles. Welten des Islams - Worlds of Islam - Mondes de l’Islam: Vol. 10 (pp. 85-102). Berlin: De Gruyter 10.1515/9783110588330-005

Radwan, Nadia (2019). A Portraitist, Orientalist and Macchiaiolo in Egypt: Arturo Zanieri’s Alexandrian Career/Un ritrattista, orientalista e macchiaiolo in Egitto: la carriera alessandrina di Arturo Zanieri. In: Crimi, Federico; Dozzio, Marco (eds.) Arturo Zanieri (1870 -1955). Un orientalista a Maccagno (pp. 9-16). Maccagno: Museo Civico “Parisi-Valle”, Comune di Maccagno

Radwan, Nadia Susanne (2018). How a Ceramic Vase in the Art Salon Changed Artistic Discourse in Egypt. In: Von Maltzahn, Nadia; Bellan, Monique (eds.) The Art Salon in the Arab Region: The Politics of Taste Making. Beiruter Texte und Studien: Vol. 132 (pp. 113-131). Beirut: Orient-Institut Beirut

Radwan, Nadia (2018). The Arts and Craftsmanship. In: El-Wakil, Leïla (ed.) Hassan Fathy: An Architectural Life (pp. 104-123). Cairo: The American University in Cairo Press

Radwan, Nadia Susanne (2018). The Kunsthalle in Motion: Between Local Site, Space of Transit, and Global Platform. In: Schneemann, Peter J. (ed.) Localizing the Contemporary. The Kunsthalle Bern as a Model (pp. 223-236). Zurich: JRP/Ringier

Radwan, Nadia (2017). Ideal Nudes and Iconic Bodies in the works of the Egyptian Pioneers. In: Esanu, Octavian (ed.) The Arab Nude: The Artist as Awakener (pp. 71-85). London: Routledge

Radwan, Nadia (2017). Between Diana and Isis: Egypt's ‘renaissance’ and the neo-pharaonic style (1920s-1930s). In: L’Egypte en ses miroirs: Art, architecture et critique, à demeure et au-delà (XIXe-XXe siècles). Paris: InVisu (CNRS-INHA)

Radwan, Nadia (2016). Inji Efflatoun: Multiple Idioms of an Egyptian New Woman (Submitted). In: Focus on Inji Efflatoun. Doha: Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art

Radwan, Nadia (2013). Les arts et l’artisanat. In: el-Wakil, Leïla (ed.) Hassan Fathy dans son temps (pp. 104-123). Gollion; Paris: Infolio


Naef, Silvia; Nerfin, Pauline; Radwan, Nadia (eds.) (2018). D’une rive à l’autre: patrimoines croisés. Mélanges en l’honneur de Leïla el-Wakil. Geneva: Slatkine

Étienne, Noémie; Radwan, Nadia (eds.) (2018). L’art du diorama (1700-2000). Culture & musées. Université d'Avignon

Radwan, Nadia (2017). Les Modernes d'Egypte: Une Renaissance transnationale des Beaux-Arts et des Arts Appliqués. Middle East, Social and Cultural Studies / Etudes culturelles et sociales sur le Moyen-Orient. Bern: Peter Lang 10.3726/b12120

Conference or Workshop Item

Radwan, Nadia Susanne (3 December 2022). Shifting Art Constellations and the Non-Aligned Movement in Egypt (In Press). In: From Alexandria to Tokyo: Art, Colonialism and Entangled Histories. Tokyo: Mori Art Museum

Radwan, Nadia Susanne (22 February 2022). Mahmoud Moukhtar, Mohamed Naghi, les modernes d'Egypte. Trajectoires et réseaux transméditerrannéens à Paris au début du XXe siècle (Unpublished). In: L'Ecole des Modernités. Institut Giacometti, Paris. 22 February 2022.

Radwan, Nadia Susanne; Burnand, Céline (17 November 2021). Rencontre avec Céline Burnand, artiste, et Nadia Radwan, historienne de l’art - Photoforum Pasquart (Unpublished). In: Rencontre avec Céline Burnand, artiste, et Nadia Radwan, historienne de l’art - Photoforum Pasquart. Photoforum Pasquart, Biel. 17 November 2021.

Schäuble, Michaela; Radwan, Nadia Susanne; Sweers, Britta (21 October 2021). Podiumsdiskussion: Wie wissenschaftlich muss künstlerische Forschung sein? Wie künstlerisch darf eine Dissertation sein? (Unpublished). In: SINTA-Modul , GSAH Walter Benjamin Kolleg. Universität Bern 21.10.2021. 21.10.2021.

Radwan, Nadia Susanne (7 October 2021). New Narratives of Egyptian Modernism: State of the Art (Unpublished). In: Summer School: Las artes plásticas en el mundo árabe actual. Universidad International de Andalusia, Sevilla. 7 October 2021.

Radwan, Nadia Susanne (22 September 2021). Genealogies of Craft and Modernism in Feminist Art Histories from the Arab World (Unpublished). In: AWARE Webinar - Archives of Women Artists, Research and Exhibitions. Online. 22.09.2021.

Radwan, Nadia Susanne (21 May 2021). Des histoires décoloniales de l’abstraction. Archives croisées (Unpublished). In: Séminaire ARVIMM : L’art abstrait, paris et les artistes du Maghreb et Moyen-Orient ». Paris (online). 21.05.2021.

Radwan, Nadia Susanne (16 April 2021). Orientalist Collections in the Middle East. Taste as Knowledge and Shifting Narratives (Unpublished). In: Challenging Orientalism: New questions of perception and reception. Association for Art History (AAH) 2021 Annual Conference. Friday 16 April 2021.

Radwan, Nadia Susanne (November 2019). Un ‘petit Louvre’ sur les rives du Nil. Transferts culturels, beaux-arts et arts appliqués en Égypte (Unpublished). In: Journées d’études CUSO France et Nord de l’Afrique au XIXème siècle. Université de Lausanne. 8 November.

Radwan, Nadia Susanne (13 September 2019). Keynote: Concealed Visibilities. Sameness and Resistance in Contemporary Art (Unpublished). In: Workshop NO Rhetoric(s). Versions and Subversions of Resistance in Contemporary Art. University of Bern. September 13 - 14, 2019.

Radwan, Nadia Susanne (September 2019). Decolonizing the Archive. On the Uses of Primary Documents from the Arab World (Unpublished). In: Global Art History and the Documentary Turn : Theory, Method, Archives. NYU Abu Dhabi. 21-22 September.

Radwan, Nadia Susanne (September 2019). Invisible stories: The other criteria of art criticism in the Middle East (Unpublished). In: The Ghost in the Machine. The Disappearance of Artists, Critics, Viewers ?. CIHA Florence 2019 – Motion: Transformation. 5 September 2019.

Radwan, Nadia Susanne (February 2019). Au-delà du signe: généalogies esthétiques et politiques de l’abstraction au Moyen-Orient (Unpublished). In: Séminaire de recherche InVisu. Institut national d'histoire de l'art, Paris. 12 février.

Radwan, Nadia Susanne (2019). Table Ronde - Les Rendez-vous de l’Histoire de l’Institut du monde arabe (Unpublished). In: Le nu dans le monde arabe. Institut du monde arabe. 12 avril.

Radwan, Nadia Susanne (20 September 2018). Le Minaret Philippe Suchard: un Orient situé entre modèles transnationaux et savoir-faire locaux (Unpublished). In: Der Orient in der Schweiz. Neo-islamische Architektur und Interieurs im 19. und 20. Jahrhundert International Conference. University of Zürich. 20.09.2018.

Radwan, Nadia Susanne (September 2018). "The Arab Apocalypse": Art, Abstraction and Activism in the Middle East (Unpublished). In: Etel Adnan Symposium: "The Arab Apocalypse" Art, Abstraction & Activism in the Middle East. Zentrum Paul Klee, Bern. 27.09.2018 – 28.09.2018.

Radwan, Nadia Susanne (5 December 2017). Fragmented Landscapes in Middle Eastern Modern and Contemporary Art (Unpublished). In: LandSchaften (by Prof. Christine Göttler and Prof. Peter J. Schneemann). Universität Bern. 05.12.2017.

Radwan, Nadia Susanne (29 November 2017). Globaliser l'art contemporain du Moyen-Orient : nouvelles pratiques curatoriales aux Emirats Arabes Unis (Unpublished). In: Cycle de conférences Centres et Périphéries. Université de Fribourg. 29.11.2017.

Radwan, Nadia Susanne (5 October 2017). Women in the Art & Liberty Group: Inji Efflatoun (Unpublished). In: Vortrag: Women in the Art & Liberty Group: Inji Efflatoun. K20, Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen. 05.10.2017.

Radwan, Nadia Susanne (October 2017). The Venice Biennale as a cultural platform for (re-)presenting Egyptian Modernism (Unpublished). In: International Conference Venice Biennale and the Arab World. Venice: Ca' Foscari University. 19-20.10.2017.

Radwan, Nadia (2017). “Imagined Bodies in Egyptian Modern Art” (Unpublished). In: CAA Annual Conference. New York. 16.02.2017.

Radwan, Nadia Susanne (2017). The Venice Biennale as a cultural platform for (re-)presenting Egyptian Modernism (Unpublished). In: International Conference Venice Biennale and the Arab World. Venice: Ca’ Foscari University. 2017.

Radwan, Nadia (9 November 2016). The Suchard « Minaret »: When Local Craftsmanship meets Orientalist Fantasy (Unpublished). In: From East to West: Transmitting Islamic Aesthetics in European Architecture Institutskolloquium. University of Zurich. 09.11.2016.

Radwan, Nadia Susanne; von Maltzahn, Nadia; Bellan, Monique (19 March 2016). The Art Salon in the Middle East: Migration of Institutional Patronage and its Challenges (organizer and panel director) (Unpublished). In: XIIIth Conference of the Italian Society for Middle Eastern Studies (SeSaMO). Catania, Italien. 19. März. 2016.

Radwan, Nadia (2016). Cairo’s Art Salons: Patronage, Taste and Cultural Practices in Egypt (1920s-1930) (Unpublished). In: XIIIth Conference of the Italian Society for Middle Eastern Studies (SeSaMO). Catania. 17.-19.03.2016.

Radwan, Nadia (2016). “Modernisme et avant-gardes artistiques en Egypte: trajectoires, espaces et réseaux transculturels” (Unpublished). In: Colloque international. Art et Liberté (1938-1948) et modernité en Egypte : au-delà du discours postcolonial. Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris. 25.11.2016.

Radwan, Nadia (2016). “Ici et Ailleurs: Pratiques curatoriales et critique d’art aux Emirats Arabes Unis” (Unpublished). In: Actualité de la recherche. University of Geneva. 04.05.2016.

Radwan, Nadia; Etienne Schuler, Noémie (2016). “Seeing Through: The Materiality of Dioramas (1600-2010)” (Unpublished). In: International Conference: “Seeing Through: The Materiality of Dioramas (1600-2010)”. University of Bern. 01.-02.12.2016.

Radwan, Nadia (2016). The Aesthetics of Exile (Unpublished). In: The Aesthetics of Exile. Coopérations Ressources Urbaines, Geneva. 12.11.2016.

Radwan, Nadia Susanne (27 October 2015). 'Other Criteria': Art criticism in the Middle East (Unpublished). In: The Art of Critique: History, Theory and Practice. Universität Bern, Schweiz. 27. Okt. 2015.

Radwan, Nadia Susanne; Naef, Silvia; Taylor, Woodman (8 April 2015). Unveiling Arab Modernities: The Collection of the Sharjah Art Museum (Art Talk and Public Discussion) (Unpublished). In: Unveiling Arab Modernities: The Collection of the Sharjah Art Museum. Sharjah Art Museum, UAE. 08. April 2015.

Radwan, Nadia Susanne (April 2015). Negotiating Modernities and the Contemporary in Visual Culture (organizer and chair) (Unpublished). In: International Conference. Re-Locating Middle East Studies: New Geographies of Discourse. The American University in Dubai. 16.-18. April 2015.

Radwan, Nadia (2015). Al-Funun Al-Jamila? Reframing Artistic Geographies in Egypt at the Turn of the 20th Century (Unpublished). In: BRISMES/AUD International ConferenceRe-Locating Middle East Studies: New Geographies of Discourse. Dubai. 16.-18.04.2015.

Radwan, Nadia (2014). From Atelier to Marsam: The transformation in the Practice of Visual Arts in Egypt at the Beginning of the 20th Century (Unpublished). In: MESA Annual Conference. Washington DC. 25.11.2014.

Radwan, Nadia (2013). Le pharaonisme, reflet d’une modernité artistique (Unpublished). In: Colloque international L’Egypte en ses miroirs. Art, architecture et critique à demeure et au-delà XIXe – XXe siècles. Institut National d’Histoire de l’Art, Paris. 27.06.2013.


Radwan, Nadia (2022). Concealed visibilities. Aesthetics of Resistance in Global Modernism (Unpublished). (Habilitation, Institut für Kunstgeschichte, Phil. Hist.)

Radwan, Nadia (2013). Une renaissance des Beaux-Arts et des Arts appliqués en Egypte. Synthèses, ambivalences et définitions d’une nation imaginée (1908 – 1938) (Unpublished). (Dissertation, University of Geneva, Département d'histoire de l'art)

Journal or Series

Naef, Silvia; Radwan, Nadia (eds.) (2021). Manazir Journal, 3. Bern Open Publishing (BOP)

Naef, Silvia; Radwan, Nadia (eds.) (2019). The Arab Apocalypse: Art, Abstraction and Activism in the Middle East, 2019(1). Manazir

Radwan, Nadia (ed.) (2017). Middle East Journal of Culture and Communication, 10. Brill

Audiovisual Material & Event

Radwan, Nadia Susanne; Kreil, Aymon; Madra, Beral (2016). Aissa Deebi: "Esthetics of Exile" [Performance or Exhibition]. In: Coopérations Ressources Urbaines.


Hindelang, Laura; Radwan, Nadia (2021). Nostalgia and Belonging in Art and Architecture from the MENA Region: Essay Collection. In: Hindelang, Laura; Radwan, Nadia (eds.), Manazir Blog. Manazir

Radwan, Nadia; Abboud, Christine (2021). Shafic Abboud : Archives d’un peintre, archives d’un père, une expérience à la croisée des mémoires et des documents. In: Manazir: Swiss Platform for the Study of Visual Arts, Architecture and Heritage in the MENA Region. Online: Manazir

Schneemann, Peter Johannes; Radwan, Nadia Susanne (June 2019). Videoportrait: Ausgezeichnete Lehre der Phil.-Hist. Fakultät. In: Lehrveranstaltungsevaluation FS 2019. Universität Bern

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