Reisch, Thomas

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Brüdern, Juliane; Stähli, Annabarbara; Gysin-Maillart, Anja; Michel, Konrad; Reisch, Thomas; Jobes, David A.; Brodbeck, Jeannette (2018). Reasons for Living and Dying in Suicide Attempters: A Two-year Prospective Study. BMC psychiatry, 18(1), pp. 1-9. BioMed Central 10.1186/s12888-018-1814-8

Gauthier, Saskia; Reisch, Thomas; Bartsch, Christine (2014). Self-burning – A rare suicide method in switzerland and other industrialised nations – A review. Burns, 40(8), pp. 1720-1726. Elsevier 10.1016/j.burns.2014.02.007

Gauthier, Saskia; Mausbach, Julian; Reisch, Thomas; Bartsch, Christine (2014). Suicide tourism: a pilot study on the swiss phenomenon. Journal of medical ethics, 41(8), pp. 611-617. BMJ Publishing Group 10.1136/medethics-2014-102091

Carli, Vladimir; Mandelli, Laura; Zaninotto, Leonardo; Iosue, Miriam; Hadlaczky, Gergo; Wasserman, Danuta; Hegerl, Ulrich; Värnik, Airi; Reisch, Thomas; Pfuhlmann, Bruno; Maloney, Julia; Schmidtke, Armin; Serretti, Alessandro; Sarchiapone, Marco (2014). Serious suicidal behaviors: socio-demographic and clinical features in a multinational, multicenter sample. Nordic journal of psychiatry, 68(1), pp. 44-52. Informa Healthcare 10.3109/08039488.2013.767934

Steck, Nicole; Junker, Christoph; Maessen, Maud; Reisch, Thomas; Zwahlen, Marcel; Egger, Matthias (2014). Suicide assisted by right-to-die associations: a population based cohort study. International journal of epidemiology, 43(2), pp. 614-622. Oxford University Press 10.1093/ije/dyu010

Kupferschmid, Stephan; Gysin-Maillart, Anja; Bühler, Salome; Steffen, Timur; Michel, Konrad; Schimmelmann, Benno G.; Reisch, Thomas (2013). Gender differences in methods of suicide attempts and prevalence of previous suicide attempts. Zeitschrift für Kinder- und Jugendpsychiatrie und Psychotherapie, 41(6), pp. 401-405. Bern: Huber 10.1024/1422-4917/a000256

Steck, Nicole; Egger, Matthias; Maessen, Maud; Reisch, Thomas; Zwahlen, Marcel (2013). Euthanasia and assisted suicide in selected European countries and US states: systematic literature review. Medical Care, 51(10), pp. 938-944. Lippincott Williams & Wilkins 10.1097/MLR.0b013e3182a0f427

Reisch, Thomas; Steffen, Timur; Habenstein, Astrid; Tschacher, Wolfgang (2013). Change in suicide rates in Switzerland before and after firearm restriction resulting from the 2003 “Army XXI” reform. American journal of psychiatry, 170(9), pp. 977-984. American Psychiatric Association 10.1176/appi.ajp.2013.12091256

Habenstein, Astrid; Reisch, Thomas; Michel, Konrad (2013). Brain regions associated with psychological pain. Brain imaging and behavior, 7(3), pp. 243-244. Springer 10.1007/s11682-013-9229-0

Värnik, Airi; Sisask, Merike; Värnik, Peeter; Wu, Jing; Kõlves, Kairi; Arensman, Ella; Maxwell, Margareth; Reisch, Thomas; Gusmão, Ricardo; van Audenhove, Chantal; Scheerder, Gert; van der Feltz-Cornelis, Christina M; Coffey, Claire; Kopp, Maria; Szekely, Andras; Roskar, Saska; Hegerl, Ulrich (2011). Drug suicide: a sex-equal cause of death in 16 European countries. BMC public health, 11(1), p. 61. London: BioMed Central 10.1186/1471-2458-11-61

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