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Ripellino, Paolo; Lascano, Agustina Maria; Scheidegger, Olivier; Schilg-Hafer, Lenka; Schreiner, Bettina; Tsouni, Pinelopi; Vicino, Alex; Peyer, Anne-Kathrin; Humm, Andrea Maria; Décard, Bernhard; Pianezzi, Enea; Zezza, Giulia; Sparasci, Davide; Hundsberger, Thomas; Dietmann, Anelia; Jung, Hans; Kuntzer, Thierry; Wilder-Smith, Einar; Martinetti-Lucchini, Gladys; Petrini, Orlando; ... (2024). Neuropathies related to hepatitis E virus infection: A prospective, matched case-control study. European journal of neurology, 31(1), e16030. Wiley 10.1111/ene.16030

Kaufmann, Elisa M; Krause, Sven; Geisshuesler, Lukas; Scheidegger, Olivier; Häberlin, Andreas; Niederhauser, Thomas (2023). Feasibility of transesophageal phrenic nerve stimulation. Biomedical engineering online, 22(1), p. 5. BioMed Central 10.1186/s12938-023-01071-5

Dietmann, Anelia; Blanquet, Marisa; Rösler, Kai Michael; Scheidegger, Olivier (2023). Effects of high resistance muscle training on corticospinal output during motor fatigue assessed by transcranial magnetic stimulation. Frontiers in physiology, 14, p. 1125974. Frontiers Research Foundation 10.3389/fphys.2023.1125974

Dietmann, Anelia; von Martial, Rascha; Scheidegger, Olivier (2022). Spontaneous ischemic neuropathy of the sciatic nerve due to arterial occlusion - a rare cause of acute neuropathy not to be missed, a report of two cases. BMC neurology, 22(1), p. 410. BioMed Central 10.1186/s12883-022-02944-3

Locher, Noah; Wagner, Benedikt; Balsiger, Fabian; Scheidegger, Olivier (2022). Quantitative water T2 relaxometry in the early detection of neuromuscular diseases: a retrospective biopsy-controlled analysis. European radiology, 32(11), pp. 7910-7917. Springer 10.1007/s00330-022-08862-9

Pilotto, Federica; Schmitz, Alexander; Maharjan, Niran; Diab, Rim; Odriozola, Adolfo; Tripathi, Priyanka; Yamoah, Alfred; Scheidegger, Olivier; Oestmann, Angelina; Dennys, Cassandra N; Sinha Ray, Shrestha; Rodrigo, Rochelle; Kolb, Stephen; Aronica, Eleonora; Di Santo, Stefano; Widmer, Hans Rudolf; Charlet-Berguerand, Nicolas; Selvaraj, Bhuvaneish T; Chandran, Siddharthan; Meyer, Kathrin; ... (2022). PolyGA targets the ER stress-adaptive response by impairing GRP75 function at the MAM in C9ORF72-ALS/FTD. Acta neuropathologica, 144(5), pp. 939-966. Springer-Verlag 10.1007/s00401-022-02494-5

Balsiger, Fabian; Wagner, Benedikt; Jende, Johann M E; Marty, Benjamin; Bendszus, Martin; Scheidegger, Olivier; Kurz, Felix T (2022). Methodologies and MR Parameters in Quantitative Magnetic Resonance Neurography: A Scoping Review Protocol. Methods and protocols, 5(3) MDPI AG 10.3390/mps5030039

Valenzuela, Waldo; Balsiger, Fabian; Wiest, Roland; Scheidegger, Olivier (2022). Medical-Blocks: A Platform for Exploration, Management, Analysis, and Sharing of Data in Biomedical Research. JMIR formative research, 6(4), e32287. JMIR Publications 10.2196/32287

Dietmann, Anelia; Colin-Benoit, Eugénie; Tinkhauser, Gerd; Meinel, Thomas Raphael; Scheidegger, Olivier (2022). Pearls & Oy-sters: Bilateral Mononeuropathic Neuralgic Amyotrophy Triggered by Bartonella henselae Infection Responsive to Immunoglobulin. Neurology, 98(14), pp. 597-600. American Academy of Neurology 10.1212/WNL.0000000000200014

Dietmann, Anelia; Ripellino, Paolo; Humm, Andrea M.; Hundsberger, Thomas; Schreiner, Bettina; Théaudin, Marie; Scheidegger, Olivier (2022). Hot Topics on COVID-19 and Its Possible Association with Guillain-Barré Syndrome. Clinical and translational neuroscience, 6(1), p. 7. MDPI 10.3390/ctn6010007

Luijten, Linda W G; Leonhard, Sonja E; van der Eijk, Annemiek A; Doets, Alex Y; Appeltshauser, Luise; Arends, Samuel; Attarian, Shahram; Benedetti, Luana; Briani, Chiara; Casasnovas, Carlos; Castellani, Francesca; Dardiotis, Efthimios; Echaniz-Laguna, Andoni; Garssen, Marcel P J; Harbo, Thomas; Huizinga, Ruth; Humm, Andrea M; Jellema, Korné; van der Kooi, Anneke J; Kuitwaard, Krista; ... (2021). Guillain-Barré syndrome after SARS-CoV-2 infection in an international prospective cohort study. Brain : a journal of neurology, 144(11), pp. 3392-3404. Oxford University Press 10.1093/brain/awab279

Jungo, Alain; Scheidegger, Olivier; Reyes, Mauricio; Balsiger, Fabian (2021). pymia: A Python package for data handling and evaluation in deep learning-based medical image analysis. Computer methods and programs in biomedicine, 198, p. 105796. Elsevier 10.1016/j.cmpb.2020.105796

Nguyen, Lien; Laboissonniere, Lauren A; Guo, Shu; Pilotto, Federica; Scheidegger, Olivier; Oestmann, Angelina; Hammond, Jennetta W; Li, Herman; Hyysalo, Anu; Peltola, Roosa; Pattamatta, Amrutha; Zu, Tao; Voutilainen, Merja H; Gelbard, Harris A; Saxena, Smita; Ranum, Laura P W (2020). Survival and Motor Phenotypes in FVB C9-500 ALS/FTD BAC Transgenic Mice Reproduced by Multiple Labs. Neuron, 108(4), 784-796.e3. Cell Press 10.1016/j.neuron.2020.09.009

Balsiger, Fabian; Jungo, Alain; Scheidegger, Olivier; Carlier, Pierre G; Reyes, Mauricio; Marty, Benjamin (2020). Spatially regularized parametric map reconstruction for fast magnetic resonance fingerprinting. Medical image analysis, 64(101741), p. 101741. Elsevier 10.1016/

Blanquet, Marisa; Scheidegger, Olivier (2020). [Neurological Evaluation of Neuropathic Pain]. Therapeutische Umschau, 77(6), pp. 246-251. Hogrefe 10.1024/0040-5930/a001186

Barp, Andrea; Laforet, Pascal; Bello, Luca; Tasca, Giorgio; Vissing, John; Monforte, Mauro; Ricci, Enzo; Choumert, Ariane; Stojkovic, Tanya; Malfatti, Edoardo; Pegoraro, Elena; Semplicini, Claudio; Stramare, Roberto; Scheidegger, Oliver; Haberlova, Jana; Straub, Volker; Marini-Bettolo, Chiara; Løkken, Nicoline; Diaz-Manera, Jordi; Urtizberea, Jon A; ... (2020). European muscle MRI study in limb girdle muscular dystrophy type R1/2A (LGMDR1/LGMD2A). Journal of neurology, 267(1), pp. 45-56. Springer-Medizin-Verlag 10.1007/s00415-019-09539-y

Anso, Juan; Dür, Cilgia; Apelt, Mareike; Venail, Frederic; Scheidegger, Oliver; Seidel, Kathleen; Rohrbach, Helene; Forterre, Franck; Dettmer, Matthias S.; Zlobec, Inti; Weber, Klaus; Matulic, Marco; Zoka-Assadi, Masoud; Huth, Markus; Caversaccio, Marco; Weber, Stefan (2019). Prospective Validation of Facial Nerve Monitoring to Prevent Nerve Damage During Robotic Drilling. Frontiers in Surgery, 6(58), p. 58. Frontiers 10.3389/fsurg.2019.00058

Caversaccio, Marco; Wimmer, Wilhelm; Anso, Juan; Mantokoudis, Georgios; Gerber, Nicolas; Rathgeb, Christoph Martin; Schneider, Daniel; Hermann, Jan; Wagner, Franca; Scheidegger, Olivier; Huth, Markus; Anschütz, Lukas Peter; Kompis, Martin; Williamson, Tom; Bell, Brett; Gerber, Kate; Weber, Stefan (2019). Robotic middle ear access for cochlear implantation: first in man. PLoS ONE, 14(8), e0220543. Public Library of Science 10.1101/19000711

Schefold, Joerg C.; Messmer, Anna S.; Wenger, Stefanie; Müller, Lionel; von Haehling, Stephan; Doehner, Wolfram; McPhee, Jamie S; Fux, Michaela; Rösler, Kai M; Scheidegger, Olivier; Olariu, Radu; Z'Graggen, Werner; Rezzi, Serge; Grathwohl, Dominik; Konz, Tobias; Takala, Jukka; Cuenoud, Bernard; Jakob, Stephan M. (2019). Nutrient pattern analysis in critically ill patients using Omics technology (NAChO) - Study protocol for a prospective observational study. Medicine, 98(1), e13937. Lippincott Williams & Wilkins 10.1097/MD.0000000000013937

Strijkers, Gustav J; Araujo, Ericky C A; Azzabou, Noura; Bendahan, David; Blamire, Andrew; Burakiewicz, Jedrek; Carlier, Pierre G; Damon, Bruce; Deligianni, Xeni; Froeling, Martijn; Heerschap, Arend; Hollingsworth, Kieren G; Hooijmans, Melissa T; Karampinos, Dimitrios C; Loudos, George; Madelin, Guillaume; Marty, Benjamin; Nagel, Armin M; Nederveen, Aart J; Nelissen, Jules L; ... (2019). Exploration of New Contrasts, Targets, and MR Imaging and Spectroscopy Techniques for Neuromuscular Disease - A Workshop Report of Working Group 3 of the Biomedicine and Molecular Biosciences COST Action BM1304 MYO-MRI. Journal of neuromuscular diseases, 6(1), pp. 1-30. IOS Press 10.3233/JND-180333

Balsiger, Fabian; Scheidegger, Oliver; Carlier, Pierre; Marty, Benjamin; Reyes, Mauricio (2019). On the Spatial and Temporal Influence for the Reconstruction of Magnetic Resonance Fingerprinting. Proceedings of machine learning research, pp. 27-38. JMLR

Scheidegger, Olivier; Leupold, Daniela; Sauter, Rafael; Findling, Oliver; Rösler, Kai Michael; Hundsberger, Thomas (2018). 36-Months follow-up assessment after cessation and resuming of enzyme replacement therapy in late onset Pompe disease: data from the Swiss Pompe Registry. Journal of neurology, 265(12), pp. 2783-2788. Springer-Medizin-Verlag 10.1007/s00415-018-9065-7

Scheidegger, Olivier; Kamber, Nicole; Rösler, Kai Michael (2018). Estimation of voluntary elicited motor neuron discharge using a peripheral nerve collision technique at different contraction strengths. Clinical neurophysiology, 129(8), pp. 1579-1587. Elsevier 10.1016/j.clinph.2018.04.751

Anso, Juan; Scheidegger, Olivier; Wimmer, Wilhelm; Gerber, Kate; Gerber, Nicolas; Schneider, Daniel; Hermann, Jan; Rathgeb, Christoph Martin; Dür, Cilgia; Rösler, Kai Michael; Mantokoudis, Georgios; Caversaccio, Marco; Weber, Stefan (2018). Neuromonitoring During Robotic Cochlear Implantation: Initial Clinical Experience. Annals of biomedical engineering, 46(10), pp. 1568-1581. Springer 10.1007/s10439-018-2094-7

Balsiger, Fabian; Steindel, Carolin; Arn, Mirjam; Wagner, Benedikt; Grunder, Lorenz Nicolas; El-Koussy, Marwan; Valenzuela, Waldo Enrique; Reyes, Mauricio; Scheidegger, Olivier (2018). Segmentation of Peripheral Nerves From Magnetic Resonance Neurography: A Fully-Automatic, Deep Learning-Based Approach. Frontiers in neurology, 9(777), p. 777. Frontiers Media S.A. 10.3389/fneur.2018.00777

Weber, Stefan; Gerber, Kate; Wimmer, Wilhelm; Williamson, Tom; Gerber, Nicolas; Anso, Juan; Bell, Brett; Feldmann, Arne Niklas; Rathgeb, Christoph Martin; Matulic, Marco Benjamin; Stebinger, Manuel; Schneider, Daniel; Mantokoudis, Georgios; Scheidegger, Olivier; Wagner, Franca; Kompis, Martin; Caversaccio, Marco (2017). Instrument flight to the inner ear. Science robotics, 2(4), pp. 1-12. American Association for the Advancement of Science 10.1126/scirobotics.aal4916

Caversaccio, Marco; Gerber, Kate; Wimmer, Wilhelm; Williamson, Tom; Anso, Juan; Mantokoudis, Georgios; Gerber, Nicolas; Rathgeb, Christoph Martin; Feldmann, Arne Niklas; Wagner, Franca; Scheidegger, Olivier; Kompis, Martin; Weisstanner, Christian; Zoka Assadi, Masoud; Rösler, Kai Michael; Bitterli, Lukas Peter; Huth, Markus; Weber, Stefan (2017). Robotic cochlear implantation: surgical procedure and first clinical experience. Acta oto-laryngologica, 137(4), pp. 447-454. Informa Healthcare 10.1080/00016489.2017.1278573

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Carlier, Pierre G.; Marty, Benjamin; Scheidegger, Olivier; Loureiro de Sousa, Paulo; Baudin, Pierre-Yves; Snezhko, Eduard; Vlodavets, Dmitry (2016). Skeletal Muscle Quantitative Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Spectroscopy as an Outcome Measure for Clinical Trials. Journal of neuromuscular diseases, 3(1), pp. 1-28. IOS Press 10.3233/JND-160145

Rösler, Kai Michael; Scheidegger, Olivier (2015). Myositides : What is the current situation? Zeitschrift für Rheumatologie, 74(6), pp. 496-506. Springer-Medizin-Verlag 10.1007/s00393-014-1547-0

Scheidegger, Olivier; Wingeier, Kevin; Stefan, Dan; Graveron-Demilly, Danielle; van Ormondt, Dirk; Wiest, Roland; Slotboom, Johannes (2013). Optimized quantitative magnetic resonance spectroscopy for clinical routine. Magnetic resonance in medicine, 70(1), pp. 25-32. New York, N.Y.: Wiley-Liss 10.1002/mrm.24455

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Scheidegger, O; Kamm, Cp; Humpert, Sj; Rösler, Km (2012). Corticospinal output during muscular fatigue differs in multiple sclerosis patients compared to healthy controls. Multiple sclerosis journal, 18(10), pp. 1500-6. London: Sage 10.1177/1352458512438722

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Book Section

Balsiger, Fabian; Jungo, Alain; Scheidegger, Olivier; Marty, Benjamin; Reyes, Mauricio (2020). Learning Bloch Simulations for MR Fingerprinting by Invertible Neural Networks. In: Deeba, Farah; Johnson, Patricia; Würfl, Tobias; Ye, Jong Chul (eds.) Machine Learning for Medical Image Reconstruction. Lecture Notes in Computer Science: Vol. 12450 (pp. 60-69). Cham: Springer 10.1007/978-3-030-61598-7_6

Balsiger, Fabian; Shridhar Konar, Amaresha; Chikop, Shivaprasad; Chandran, Vimal; Scheidegger, Olivier; Geethanath, Sairam; Reyes, Mauricio (2018). Magnetic Resonance Fingerprinting Reconstruction via Spatiotemporal Convolutional Neural Networks. In: Machine Learning for Medical Image Reconstruction. Lecture Notes in Computer Science: Vol. 11074 (pp. 39-46). Cham: Springer International Publishing 10.1007/978-3-030-00129-2_5

Conference or Workshop Item

Hess, Hanspeter; Herren, Michael; Gerber, Nicolas; Scheidegger, Olivier; Schär, Michael; Daneshvar, Keivan; Zumstein, Matthias A.; Gerber, Kate (11 June 2022). Automatic quantification of fatty infiltration of the supraspinatus from MRI. In: CAOS 2022: The 21st Annual Meeting of the International Society for Computer Assisted Orthopaedic Surgery. 10.29007/xq8m

Gavaghan, Kate; Dür, Cilgia; Scheidegger, Olivier; Rathgeb, Christoph; Weder, Stefan; Bitterli, Lukas; Wagner, Franca; Weber, Stefan; Caversaccio, Marco; Gerber, Nicolas (May 2016). Ex-vivo Evaluation of a Chorda Tympani Prediction Model for Minimally Invasive Cochlear Implantation (Unpublished). In: 14th International Conference On Cochlear Implants And Other Implantable Technologies.

Rathgeb, Christoph; Gerber, Kate; Dür, Cilgia; Scheidegger, Olivier; Williamson, Tom; Anschütz, Lukas; Caversaccio, Marco; Weber, Stefan; Gerber, Nicolas (2016). Ex-vivo evaluation of a chorda tympani prediction model for minimally invasive cochlear implantation. International Journal of Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery, 11(S1), pp. 76-77. Heidelberg: Springer

Gavaghan, Kate; Rathgeb, Christoph; Dür, Cilgia; Scheidegger, Olivier; Williamson, Tom; Anschütz, Lukas; Caversaccio, Marco; Weber, Stefan; Gerber, Nicolas (2016). Modelling of the Chorda Tympani for Minimally Invasive Cochlear Implantation. In: CURAC 2016 : 15. Jahrestagung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Computer- und Roboterassistierte Chirurgie. 29.09.-01.10.2016.

Journal or Series

Kurz, Felix Tobias; Scheidegger, Olivier; Evans, Matthew Craig (eds.) (2022). Peripheral Nerve Imaging. Frontiers 10.3389/978-2-88976-574-4

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