Andres, Robert H.

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Andereggen, Lukas; Frey, Janine; Andres, Robert H.; Luedi, Markus M.; Widmer, Hans Rudolf; Beck, Jürgen; Mariani, Luigi; Christ, Emanuel (2021). Persistent bone impairment despite long-term control of hyperprolactinemia and hypogonadism in men and women with prolactinomas. Scientific reports, 11(1), p. 5122. Springer Nature 10.1038/s41598-021-84606-x

Andereggen, Lukas; Frey, Janine; Andres, Robert H.; Luedi, Markus M.; Gralla, Jan; Schubert, Gerrit A.; Beck, Jürgen; Mariani, Luigi; Christ, Emanuel (2021). Impact of primary medical or surgical therapy on prolactinoma patients’ BMI and metabolic profile over the long-term. Journal of clinical & translational endocrinology, 24, p. 100258. Elsevier 10.1016/j.jcte.2021.100258

Andres, Robert H.; Ducray, Angélique; Andereggen, Lukas; Hohl, Tabea; Schlattner, Uwe; Wallimann, Theo; Widmer, Hans Rudolf (2016). The effects of creatine supplementation on striatal neural progenitor cells depend on developmental stage. Amino acids, 48(8), pp. 1913-1927. Springer 10.1007/s00726-016-2238-8

Rummel, Christian; Zubler, Christoph; Schroth, Gerhard; Gralla, Jan; Hsieh, Kety; Abela, Eugenio; Hauf, Martinus; Meier, Niklaus; Verma, Rajeev K.; Andres, Robert H.; Nirkko, Arto C.; Wiest, Roland (2014). Monitoring cerebral oxygenation during balloon occlusion with multichannel NIRS. Journal of cerebral blood flow and metabolism, 34(2), pp. 347-356. Nature Publishing Group 10.1038/jcbfm.2013.207

Mosher, Kira I.; Andres, Robert H.; Fukuhara, Takeshi; Bieri, Gregor; Hasegawa-Moriyama, Maiko; He, Yingbo; Guzman, Raphael; Wyss-Coray, Tony (2012). Neural progenitor cells regulate microglia functions and activity. Nature neuroscience, 15(11), pp. 1485-1487. New York, N.Y.: Nature America 10.1038/nn.3233

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