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Journal Article

Gäggeler, H.W. (2011). Gas chemical properties of heaviest elements. Radiochimica acta, 99(7-8), pp. 503-513. München: Oldenbourg 10.1524/ract.2011.1857

Ammann, Markus; Stalder, M.; Suter, Marianne; Brunold, Christian; Baltensperger, U.; Jost, D. T.; Türler, A,; Gäggeler, H.W. (1995). Tracing uptake and assimilation of NO2 in spruce needles with 13N. Journal of Experimental Botany, 46(11), pp. 1685-1691. Oxford University Press 10.1093/jxb/46.11.1685

Conference or Workshop Item

Gäggeler, H.W.; Dvorak, J. (2011). Deep inelastic transfer studies at GSI: Historical reminiscences & New developments, Department of Nuclear Physics, Australian National University (ANU), Canberra, Australia, 25.3.2011.

Gäggeler, H.W. (2011). Heavy ion production of heaviest elements and recent achievements in their chemical studies, Institute of Modern Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Lanchou, China, 22.8.2011.

Gäggeler, H.W.; Kratz, J.V.; Schädel, M. (2011). Revival of deep inelastic transfer reactions for production of neutron-rich isotopes of heavy elements, 4th International Conference on the Chemistry and Physics of the Transactinide Elements (TAN'11), Sochi, Russia, 5.-9.11.2011.

Gäggeler, H.W. (2011). Recent achievements in chemical studies of heaviest elements at FLNR in Dubna, XXXII Mazurian Lakes Conference of Nuclear Physics, Piaski, Poland, 11-18.9.2011.

Türler, A.; Eichler, R.; Gäggeler, H.W.; Yakushev, A.; Düllmann, C.E.; Schädel, M.; Dimitriev, S.N.; Kratz, J.V.; Moody, K.J.; Nitsche, H.; Trautmann, N. (2011). Chemical Properties of Element 114, 241st ACS National Meeting & Exposition, 2011, Anaheim, California, USA, 27-31 March, 2011.

Gäggeler, H.W. (2011). Ice core dating, Lecture, Graduate students, Nanjing University, China, 26.9.2011.

Gäggeler, H.W. (2011). Pollution records and climate information deduced from alpine ice cores, Nanjing University, China, 28.9.2011.

Gäggeler, H.W.; Schwikowski, M.; Eichler, A.; Tobler, L.; Olivier, S.; Papina, T. (2011). Isotope and chemical studies of a firn/ice core from Belukha, Russian Altai, Int. Symp. on Changing Cryosphere, Water Availability and Sustainable Development in Central Asia, Urumqi, China, 8.-10.10.2011.

Gäggeler, H.W. (2011). Pollution records and climate information deduced from ice cores from the Andes, Alps, and Altai, Cold and Arid Environmental Research Institute, Lanzhou, China, 13.10.2011.

Gäggeler, H.W. (2011). Pollution records and climate information deduced from ice cores from the Andes, Alps, and Altai, Institute of Tibetan Plateau (ITP) of CAS, Beijing, China, 29.10.2011.

Gäggeler, H.W. (2011). Drei Jahrzehnte Umweltforschung auf alpinen Gletschern, Fachvortrag, Prix de Quervin Verleihung, Naturhistorisches Museum Bern, Switzerland, 3.11.2011.

Mariani, I.; Sigl, M.; Eichler, A.; Gabrieli, J.; Bolius, D.; Barbante, C.; Boutron, C.; Gäggeler, H.W.; Schwikowski, M. (2011). A 1000-year record of Saharan dust from an Alpine ice core, 9th Swiss Geoscience Meeting, ETH Zurich, Switzerland, 11-13 November, 2011.

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