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Journal Article

Claviez, Thomas (2019). Where Are Jacques and Ernesto When You Need Them? Rancière and Laclau on Populism, Experts and Contingency. Philosophy & social criticism, 45(9-10), pp. 1132-1143. Sage 10.1177/0191453719872295

Claviez, Thomas (2019). Melville, Whitman, and metonymy: towards a new poetics of community. Textual Practice, 33(10), pp. 1767-1785. Taylor and Francis 10.1080/0950236X.2019.1665927

Straub, Julia (2014). Melodrama and Narrative Fiction: Towards a Typology. Anglia - journal of English philology / Zeitschrift für englische Philologie, 132(2), pp. 225-241. De Gruyter 10.1515/ang-2014-0027

Straub, Julia; Rippl, Gabriele (2014). Introduction: Melodrama: Staging Emotions in the Anglophone World. Anglia - journal of English philology / Zeitschrift für englische Philologie, 132(2), pp. 217-224. De Gruyter 10.1515/ang-2014-0026

Book Section

Claviez, Thomas (2020). Dead or alive: Blues and the question of authenticity. In: Blues in the 21st Century: Myth, Self-Expression and Trans-Culturalism. Series in Music (pp. 115-126). Wilmington, Del., USA: Vernon Press

Straub, Julia Regina (2019). Surveillance in Jennifer Egan's Novels of the Information Age. In: Wasihun, Betiel (ed.) Narrating Surveillance: Überwachen erzählen. Literatur - Kultur - Theorie: Vol. 28 (pp. 111-128). Baden-Baden: Ergon-Verlag

Claviez, Thomas (2019). Walt Whitman: Metonymy, Contingency, and the Democracy of it All. In: Walt Whitman Revisited: On the Occasion of his 200th Birthday. Mainzer Studien zur Amerikanistik: Vol. 73 (pp. 139-162). Berlin: Peter Lang

Claviez, Thomas (2018). Dramen der An(v)erkennung: Kritische Theorie als Literaturgeschichte. In: Festl, Michael G.; Schweighauser, Philipp (eds.) Literatur und Philosophie: Subjektivität, Fremdheit, Demokratie (pp. 21-50). Paderborn: Wilhelm Fink

Straub, Julia (2017). Virtual Museums in Early America: Transatlantic Magazine Culture and Cultural Memory. In: Bautz, Annika; Gray, Kathryn (eds.) Transatlantic Literature and Transitivity, 1780-1850 (pp. 149-170). London: Routledge

Straub, Julia (2016). Nineteenth-Century Literature and Photography. In: Rippl, Gabriele (ed.) Handbook Intermediality: Literature – Image – Sound – Music. (pp. 156-172). Berlin und New York: DeGruyter

Claviez, Thomas (2016). Introduction. In: Claviez, Thomas (ed.) The Common Growl: Toward a Poetics of Precarious Community. Commonalities (pp. 1-14). New York: Fordham University Press

Claviez, Thomas (2016). A Metonymic Community? Toward a Poetics of Contingency. In: Claviez, Thomas (ed.) The Common Growl: Toward a Poetics of Precarious Community (pp. 39-56). New York: Fordham University Press

Claviez, Thomas (2015). Krise, Kritik, Kontingenz: Prolegomena zu einer neuen Poetik der Gemeinschaft. In: Friedrich, Janette; Thomä, Dieter; Festl, Michael; Grosser, Florian; Hügli, Anton (eds.) Über Krise und Kritik – Crise et critique. Studia philosophica. Jahrbuch der Schweizerischen Philosophischen Gesellschaft. Annuaire de la société suisse de philosophie: Vol. 74 (pp. 107-120). Basel: Schwabe AG

Claviez, Thomas (2015). Presentation of Terence Cave. In: Cave, Terence (ed.) Far Other Worlds, and Other Seas. The Annual Balzan Lecture: Vol. 6 (pp. 15-21). Florenz: Leo. S. Olschki


Claviez, Thomas (ed.) (2016). The Common Growl: Toward a Poetics of Precarious Community. Commonalities. New York: Fordham University Press

Conference or Workshop Item

Claviez, Thomas (29 October 2019). Is Art Resistant? Some Thoughts On/After Rancière (Unpublished). In: Aesthetics and Critique. Université de Fribourg. 29.-30. Oktober 2019.

Straub, Julia Regina (24 September 2019). „The Value of Hashtags and Goodreads: Theorizing the Canon in Digital Culture.” (Unpublished). In: Anglistentag 2019. Leipzig. 24.09.19.

Claviez, Thomas (10 May 2019). Some remarks on the Metonymic Society (Unpublished). In: Constructing and Contesting Community. Universität Bern. 9. - 10. Mai 2019.

Claviez, Thomas (8 December 2018). Alterity, Contingency, and the Difference of it All (Unpublished). In: Alterity Revisited. Universität Luzern, Schweiz. 8.-9. Dezember 2018.

Claviez, Thomas (24 November 2018). Dead or Alive? Blues and the Question of Authenticity (Unpublished). In: Blues in the 21st Century. University of Catania, Italien. 23.-24. November 2018.

Kuske, Eva (25 October 2018). Hands-on vowel analysis of Guam English (Unpublished). In: Guest Lecture presented in Seminar "Sounding out English Phonology". Universität Bern, Schweiz. 25.10.2018.

Claviez, Thomas (July 2017). Cosmopolitanism and World Literature (Unpublished). In: IWL Institute of World Literature. University of Copenhagen, Denmark. 3-26 July.

Straub, Julia (6 May 2017). Beyond the Paradox. (Unpublished). In: Authenticity Workshop.

Straub, Julia (4 March 2017). “The Memory Work of Early American Anthologies.” (Unpublished). In: Biennial Conference of the Society of Early Americanists. Tulsa. März 2017.

Claviez, Thomas (2017). The assemblage as Metonymic Community (Unpublished). In: American Philosophical Forum. Louisiana State University.

Claviez, Thomas (2017). Dramas of Misrecognition: Critical Theory and Literary History (Unpublished). In: Sociology and Political Philosophy. Charles University, Prague.

Marchi, Viola (20 November 2016). An Introduction to Biopolitics (Unpublished). In: Guest Lecture. Hochschule der Künste Bern. 20. November 2016.

Marchi, Viola (18 November 2016). Of Wordly Gods, Wise Strangers, and Proprietary Bodies: Social Contract Theory and the Question of Community (Unpublished). In: Theory and Practice of Authenticity. University of Bern. 17.-19. November 2016.

Claviez, Thomas (7 November 2016). A Critique of Authenticity (Unpublished). In: Theory and Practice of Authenticity in Global Cultural Production. Bern, Schweiz. 05.-07.11.2016.

Kopaitich, Ryan James (November 2016). Authentic Surfaces (Unpublished). In: Theory and Prectice of Authenticity in Global Cultural Production.

Marchi, Viola (15 June 2016). Out of Control: The 'Common' Challenge to Biopower (Unpublished). In: SLSA Annual Conference "Control". Stockholm University. 14.-17. Juni 2016.

Claviez, Thomas (11 April 2016). Reading the American Assemblage as Metonymic Community (Unpublished). In: American Philosophical Forum. Key West. 11.04.2016.

Claviez, Thomas (5 April 2016). The Road not Taken: Environmental Ethics, Reciprocity, and Non-Negative Non-Agency (Unpublished). In: Colloquium. Rice University, Houston, Texas, U.S.A.. 05.04.2016.

Straub, Julia (1 March 2016). Welcome Speech (Unpublished). In: Biennial Conference of the Swiss Association for North American Studies. University of Bern. 04.-05.11.2016.

Claviez, Thomas (25 February 2016). The Road not Taken: Environmental Ethics, Reciprocity, and Non-Negative Non-Agency (Unpublished). In: Philosophisches Colloquium. University of Bern. 25.02.2016.

Claviez, Thomas (November 2015). A Critique of Authenticity and Recognition (Unpublished). In: Authenticity and Cultural Translation in the Global City and Community. Universität Lausanne. 12.-14.11.2015.

Kopaitich, Ryan James (November 2015). An Introduction to Speculative Realism (Unpublished). In: An Introduction to Speculative Realism. Hochschule für Kunst Bern. November 2015.

Claviez, Thomas (16 October 2015). Dramas of Recognition: Philosophy as Literary History (Unpublished). In: Literature and Philosophy. International Workshop at the University of St. Gallen. St. Gallen, Schweiz. 16.-17.10.2015.

Kopaitich, Ryan James (July 2015). The Analytic, the Continental, and the Literary: Theory on the Cusp of Two Traditions (Unpublished). In: Emmanuel Levinas: Across the Generations. West Lafayette, USA. 27.-30.07.2015.

Kopaitich, Ryan James (12 June 2015). The Literary Infinitesimal (Unpublished). In: SLSAeu: Control. Malta. 12.06.2015.

Claviez, Thomas (May 2015). Dramas of Recognition: Philosophy as Literary History (Unpublished). In: Philosophy and Social Criticism. Prag. 27.-29.05.2015.

Kopaitich, Ryan James (March 2015). Hip-Hop as Literary Community: Intimacy and Language (Unpublished). In: UniBern CSLS Ringvorlesung. Bern. March 2015.

Kopaitich, Ryan James (February 2015). Language, Reference, and the New Community in Contemporary Literature (Unpublished). In: IASH Winter School. Schlöss Münchenwiler. Febrary 2015.

Claviez, Thomas (2015). Environmental Ethics, Responsibility, and the Problem of Agency (Unpublished). In: Kolloquium. Universität Düsseldorf.

Marchi, Viola (22 November 2014). Ethics, Interrupted: Levinas‘s  Moral Philosophy and the Problem of Community (Unpublished). In: Biannual Conference of the Swiss Association for North-American Studies. University of Basel. 21.-22.11.2014.

Straub, Julia (22 October 2014). Towards a New Conversational Philosophy: Perspectives from Contemporary Literature (Unpublished). In: SANAS 2014 Biannual Conference: Literature, Ethics, Morality: American Studies Perspectives. Basel. 22.11.2014.

Marchi, Viola (19 October 2014). Ethics, Interrupted: Community and Impersonality in Levinas (Unpublished). In: The Speculative Community: New Concepts in Post-Identitarian Thought II.. University of Bern. 18.-19.10.2014.

Marchi, Viola (5 June 2014). Fictions of Agency: Impersonality, Contingency, and Responsibility in Paul Auster’s Leviathan (Unpublished). In: Life, in Theory. 8th Meeting of the European Society for Literature, Science, and the Arts. Università di Torino and Università del Piemonte Orientale. 03.-06.06.2014.

Straub, Julia (4 June 2014). The Transatlantic Dante in the Nineteenth Century (Unpublished). In: Transatlantic Research Day. Plymouth. 04.07.2014.

Straub, Julia (April 2014). Translating Cultural Authority: Reflections on the Transatlantic Reception of Dante in the Nineteenth Century (Unpublished). In: Traveling Traditions: Nineteenth-Century Negotiations of Cultural Concepts in Transatlantic Intellectual Networks. Halle. 17.-19.04.2014.

Straub, Julia (17 January 2014). Intermediality and Contemporary Canadian Poetry (Unpublished). In: Gastvortrag Universität Trier. Trier. 17.01.2014.

Marchi, Viola (1 December 2013). What Comes Before the Subject? Approaching the Question in Reverse (Unpublished). In: Extra-Subjectivity: New Concepts in Post-Identitarian Thought. University of Bern. 01.12.2013.

Marchi, Viola (2 November 2013). Postmodern Literature and the Ethics of the Impersonal (Unpublished). In: PhD Colloquium "Comparatism and Interdisciplinarity". Schloss Münchenwiler, Murten. 01.-03.11.2013.

Marchi, Viola (7 June 2013). Radical Otherness and Global Readership: The Native American Author as Mediator (Unpublished). In: Arts With(out) Borders: Rethinking Methodologies of Art and Culture in the Global Context. University of Bern. 06.-08.06.2013..


Marchi, Viola (2019). Fuori Loco: Community and the Impropriety of the Common (Unpublished). (Dissertation, English Department, Philosophisch-historische Fakultät)

Kopaitich, Ryan James (2018). Radical Intimacy: Context and Community (Submitted). (Dissertation, Department of English, Philosophisch-Historische Fakultät)

Journal or Series

Rippl, Gabriele; Straub, Julia (eds.) (2014). Melodrama: Staging Emotions in the Anglophone World, 1770-2000. Special Issue of Anglia, 132(2). De Gruyter

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