Aschauer, Ulrich Johannes

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Liu, Jung-Ching; Li, Chao; Hess, Richard; Chen, Hongyan; Drechsel, Carl; Zhou, Ping; Häner, Robert; Aschauer, Ulrich; Glatzel, Thilo; Decurtins, Silvio; Loss, Daniel; Klinovaja, Jelena; Liu, Shi-Xia; Wulfhekel, Wulf; Meyer, Ernst; Pawlak, Rémy (27 October 2023). Gate-tunable topological superconductivity in a supramolecular electron spin lattice (Cornell University). arXiv 10.48550/arxiv.2310.18134

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Zhou, Ping; Aschauer, Ulrich; Feurer, Thomas; Häner, Robert; Liu, Shi-Xia (10 September 2021). Photo-induced Charge Transfer in Azapyrene-Tetrathiafulvalene Triads (Unpublished). In: SCS Fall Meeting 2021.

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