Cathomas, Marionna Myrta

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Journal Article

Cathomas, Marionna; Mueller, Flavian; Mertineit, Nando; Baumgartner, Iris; Candinas, Daniel; Berzigotti, Annalisa; Maurer, Martin H; Lachenmayer, Anja (2023). Comparison of transarterial bland embolization and drug-eluting beads transarterial chemoembolization for very early and early hepatocellular carcinoma not amenable for surgery or ablation: a single center retrospective data analysis. Journal of gastrointestinal oncology, 14(5), pp. 2167-2177. AME Publishing 10.21037/jgo-23-261

Cathomas, Marionna; Abitabile, Paolo; Dolanc, Rok; Glaser, Christine; Cathomas, Gieri (2021). Echinococcal hepatic lesion mimicking metastasis from colon cancer: two case reports. BMC surgery, 21(1), p. 150. BioMed Central 10.1186/s12893-021-01150-1

Cathomas, M.; Mertineit, N.; Kim-Fuchs, C.; Lachenmayer, A.; Maurer, M. H. (2020). Value of MRI/CT Image Fusion for Targeting "invisible" Lesions in Stereotactic Microwave Ablation (SMWA) of Malignant Liver Lesions: A Retrospective Analysis. Cardiovascular and interventional radiology, 43(10), pp. 1505-1514. Springer-Verlag 10.1007/s00270-020-02565-8

Khatsilouskaya, Tatsiana; Haltmeier, Tobias; Cathomas, Marionna Myrta; Eberle Schnüriger, Barbara; Candinas, Daniel; Schnüriger, Beat (2017). Thromboembolic Prophylaxis with Heparin in Patients with Blunt Solid Organ Injuries Undergoing Non-operative Treatment. World journal of surgery, 41(5), pp. 1193-1200. Springer 10.1007/s00268-016-3820-7

Cathomas, Marionna Myrta; Schüller, Alexandra; Candinas, Daniel; Inglin, Roman (2015). Severe postoperative wound healing disturbance in a patient with alpha-1-antitrypsin deficiency: the impact of augmentation therapy. International wound journal, 12(5), pp. 601-604. Blackwell Publishing 10.1111/iwj.12419

Conference or Workshop Item

Kölzer, Viktor; Zlobec, Inti; Cathomas, Marionna Myrta; Dirschmid, Klaus; Offner, Felix; Puppa, Giacomo; Tornillo, Luigi; Berger, Martin Dave; Borner, Markus; Dawson, Heather; Hädrich, Marion; Mallaev, Makhmudbek; Schnüriger, Beat; Inderbitzin, Daniel; Lugli, Alessandro (1 September 2014). A multicentre inter-observer study on tumour budding using a 10HPF method in colorectal cancer: a study from the Swiss Association of Gastrointestinal Pathology (SAGIP) (Unpublished). In: European Congress of Pathology 2014. London, UK. 30.08.-03.09.2014.

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