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Dubach, Patrick; Michailidou, Efterpi; Waser, Manuel; Friedrich, Hergen; Huth, Markus; Caversaccio, Marco (2024). Prevention of nostril lacerations in endonasal drilling procedures by use of a conventional protective ear speculum. (In Press). American journal of otolaryngology, 45(4), p. 104319. Elsevier 10.1016/j.amjoto.2024.104319


Matosevic, Lilia; Friedrich, Hergen; Negoias, Simona; Dür, Cilgia; Caversaccio, Marco; Dubach, Patrick (2023). Taste Alteration in External Auditory Canal Cholesteatoma: Indicator of Impending N VII Affection. ORL, 85(4), pp. 177-185. Karger 10.1159/000527886


Janner, Simone F. M.; Dubach, Patrick; Suter, Valérie G. A.; Caversaccio, Marco D.; Buser, Daniel; Bornstein, Michael M. (2020). Sinus floor elevation or referral for further diagnosis and therapy: A comparison of maxillary sinus assessment by ENT specialists and dentists using cone beam computed tomography. Clinical oral implants research, 31(5), pp. 463-475. Wiley-Blackwell 10.1111/clr.13582


Dähn, Jörg; Anschütz, Lukas Peter; Konishi, Masaya; Sayles, Mark; Caversaccio, Marco; Dubach, Patrick (2017). Endoscopic Ear Surgery for External Auditory Canal Cholesteatoma. Otology & neurotology, 38(5), e34-e40. Lippincott Williams & Wilkins 10.1097/MAO.0000000000001386


Glaser, Bernhard; Schellenberg, Tobias; Koch, Lucas; Hofer, Mathias; Modemann, Susanne; Dubach, Patrick; Neumuth, Thomas (2016). Design and evaluation of an interactive training system for scrub nurses. International Journal of Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery, 11(8), pp. 1527-1536. Springer 10.1007/s11548-016-1356-9

Parmentier, Laurent Philippe Simon; Cusini, Alexia; Müller, Norbert; Zangger, Haroun; Hartley, Mary-Anne; Desponds, Chantal; Castiglioni, Patrik; Dubach, Patrick; Ronet, Catherine; Beverley, Stephen M; Fasel, Nicolas (2016). Severe Cutaneous Leishmaniasis in a Human Immunodeficiency Virus Patient Coinfected with Leishmania braziliensis and Its Endosymbiotic Virus. The American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, 94(4), pp. 840-843. American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene 10.4269/ajtmh.15-0803


Barakchieva, Mariana Mitkova; Wimmer, Wilhelm; Dubach, Patrick; Arnold, Andreas Michael; Caversaccio, Marco; Gerber, Nicolas (2015). Surgical planning tool for bonebridge implantation using topographic bone thickness maps. International Journal of Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery, 10(S1), S97-S98. Springer Berlin Heidelberg

Fricker, Michael Peter; Dubach, Patrick; Helbling, Arthur; Diamantis, E; Villiger, Peter; Novak, Urban (2015). Not all facial swellings are angioedemas! Journal of investigational allergology & clinical immunology, 25(2), pp. 146-147. Esmon Publicidad


Schaer, Andreas C; Keel, Marius J B; Dubach, Patrick; Greif, Robert; Luyet, Cédric; Theiler, Lorenz (2014). Mucosal Erosion of the Cricoid Cartilage After the Use of an i-Gel Supraglottic Airway Device in a Patient with Diffuse Idiopathic Skeletal Hyperostosis. A & A case reports, 3(4), pp. 45-47. Lippincott Williams & Wilkins 10.1213/XAA.0000000000000049

Wimmer, Wilhelm; Gerber, Nicolas; Guignard, Jérémie; Dubach, Patrick; Kompis, Martin; Weber, Stefan; Caversaccio, Marco (2014). Topographic bone thickness maps for Bonebridge implantations. European archives of oto-rhino-laryngology, 272(7), pp. 1651-1658. Springer 10.1007/s00405-014-2976-8

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Dubach, Patrick; Caversaccio, Marco; Weber, Stefan; Strauss, G (2014). Otoendoscopic Visualization of Tympanoscopic Landmarks for Middle Ear Interventions and Robot Assisted Direct Cochler Access. Biomedical Engineering / Biomedizinische Technik, 59(s1), pp. 486-489. De Gruyter 10.1515/bmt-2014-5007


Bell, Brett; Dubach, Patrick; Heimgartner, Samuel; Lueth, Tim C.; Strauss, Gero; Weber, Stefan; Caversaccio, Marco (2013). Technological Advances in Rhinology and Anterior Skull Base Surgery. In: Georgalas, Christos; Fokkens, Wytske J. (eds.) Rhinology and Skull Base Surgery (pp. 585-605). Stuttgart - New York: Thieme

Mantokoudis, Georgios; Dähler, Claudia; Dubach, Patrick; Kompis, Martin; Caversaccio, Marco; Senn, Pascal (2013). Internet video telephony allows speech reading by deaf individuals and improves speech perception by cochlear implant users. PLoS ONE, 8(1), e54770. Public Library of Science 10.1371/journal.pone.0054770


Frei, Marc; Dubach, Patrick; Reichart, Peter A; Schmitt, Anja M; Mueller-Garamvölgyi, Esther; Bornstein, Michael M (2012). Diffuse swelling of the buccal mucosa and palate as first and only manifestation of an extranodal non-Hodgkin 'double-hit' lymphoma: report of a case. Oral and maxillofacial surgery, 16(1), pp. 69-74. Berlin: Springer-Verlag 10.1007/s10006-010-0254-5

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Janner, Simone F M; Caversaccio, Marco D; Dubach, Patrick; Sendi, Pedram; Buser, Daniel; Bornstein, Michael M (2011). Characteristics and dimensions of the Schneiderian membrane: a radiographic analysis using cone beam computed tomography in patients referred for dental implant surgery in the posterior maxilla. Clinical oral implants research, 22(12), pp. 1446-53. Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell 10.1111/j.1600-0501.2010.02140.x

Weder, S; Landis, B N; Banz, Y; Caversaccio, M; Dubach, P (2011). Paediatric traffic accident and obstructive sleep apnoea by antrochoanal polyps: case report and literature review. International journal of pediatric otorhinolaryngology, 75(11), pp. 1359-63. Amsterdam: Elsevier 10.1016/j.ijporl.2011.07.028

Dubach, Patrick; Caversaccio, Marco (2011). Images in clinical medicine. Amalgam tattoo. New England journal of medicine NEJM, 364(15), e29. Waltham, Mass.: Massachusetts Medical Society MMS 10.1056/NEJMicm1011669

Mantokoudis, G; Vischer, M; Dubach, P; Kompis, M; Eberhard, E Seifert; Senn, P (2011). Assessment of speech perception and communication skills in adolescents with cochlear implants for pre- and peri-lingual deafness. B-ENT, 7(4), pp. 251-9.


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Dubach, Patrick; Mantokoudis, Georgios; Caversaccio, Marco (2010). Ear canal cholesteatoma: meta-analysis of clinical characteristics with update on classification, staging and treatment. Current opinion in otolaryngology & head and neck surgery, 18(5), pp. 369-76. Philadelphia, Pa.: Current Science 10.1097/MOO.0b013e32833da84e

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Dubach, P; Dähn, J; Guggisberg, A; Schroth, G; Greusing, B (2010). [Spontaneous dural arterio-venous fistula at the cavernous sinus: detected by decompensation following endoscopic sinus surgery]. HNO, 58(1), 63-4, 66. Heidelberg: Springer-Verlag 10.1007/s00106-008-1864-1


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Dubach, Patrick; Aebi, Christoph; Caversaccio, Marco (2008). Late-onset posttraumatic septal hematoma and abscess formation in a six-year-old Tamil girl--case report and literature review. Rhinology, 46(4), pp. 342-4. Leiden, NL: International Rhinologic Society

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Dubach, P; Nuyens, M; Paredes, B; Kappeler, A; Stauffer, E; Zbären, P (2006). Expression of Matrix Metalloproteinases in T1a Laryngeal Carcinoma. Schweizerisches Medizin-Forum SMF / Swiss medical forum / Forum médical suisse FMS(29), pp. 37-39. Basel: EMH Editores Medicorum Helveticorum

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